Hyke and Byke Zion 2 Person Backpacking Tent – With A Secret

Let’s take a look at a scion two-person tent for the folks at hiking bike and it’s pretty cool tents got some pretty cool features and one of them believe it or not, I’ll hold it in my hand. You want to see what that is stay tuned, because that’s what’s coming up next here on survival on purpose, welcome back to survival on purpose your home for information and gear reviews related to camping survival in general preparedness for regular folks.

My name is Brian thanks for joining me, so you may know that I’m a Scoutmaster as such, I feel pretty good a bit of camping and I’m pretty familiar with a lot of different kind of tents and stuff. I personally use a hammock, usually when I’m camping, but sometimes you just can’t use the hammock. If you go to film on, if you’ve been a filmography going to film on, you might know, but you can’t take a hammock there, a lot of place.

There are no trees and plus they’re really concerned about the damage that hammock, straps and rope do to trees when a lot of people are using using the same area. So tints are important. A lot of place. You just can’t use hammock, so it’s really cold weather. You can’t blah blah blah, I’m rambling on about the advantages of having versus tents, and that’s not what this article is about. So the folks at hiking biking kind enough to send me one of their Zion to person tent.

So I showed you, you may not be familiar to hiking bike, but they’re manufactures free, high-quality camping gear they’re, actually one of the top sellers of down sleeping bags on Amazon in the last couple of years and we’ve come out this line of tents several months back, They’ve actually coming out with you see, this was like a really bright, yellow color to the tenant stuff. It’s kind of green they’re coming out with a few other colors and fabric options in the next coming months, so stay tuned for that, but pretty cool tent there.

This is one of those that can actually set up in several different configurations. I’ll show you to set up the kind of fast feet and maybe doing a little bit of overdubbing in the old survival on purpose studio here and talk about what’s going on. So let me just show you how this thing sets up. Give you a little bit of setup on this. I decided to set it up, as I would in terrain. So, basically, you said: look this kit comes with a up the footprint and everything is included.

It’s got the footprint, it’s got, the rain fly, it’s got eight point five millimeter aluminum pole gives these nice aluminum stakes got like fluorescent, marked guidelines, it comes with the gear storage loft, it comes with the footprint it comes with. The comes with the bag comes with a really nice poles and it’s like a one pole set up. So what I did was I set up the fly first. So that’s what that’s what you probably want to do if it’s raining when you’re setting up, and sometimes that happens, especially in the Boy Scouts, then you set the tent up underneath and your tent stays pretty dry and you don’t have to worry about rain.

Getting inside your tent while you’re setting up the fly, so you set the fly up. First, keep the tent the bag and then go ahead, set the tent up under the flight. Everything stays drier that way, it’s just a little a little trick, but it also gives the option. You really want to go. Ultralight you’re, not it’s not bug season. You can leave the tent at home and just set up the rain fly itself as a as a shelter to keep the rain off of you and you don’t have to carry the weight of the tent.

So it’s got several different weight options. Instead of me going over all that right now, I’ll put it in the description to this article below you’ll be linked to their websites, going to have all that information to steam, check their website or Amazon or have the price on them will be links in the Description so anyway, this cut to death. Show you how this thing sets up and I’ll do my kind of overdub fancy narration in the more wrap this thing up.

Okay, this is the highly professional voice-over portion of the article, and you can see they came in a nice little sack. What I’m going to do is put out the ground cloth. First then open up the poles. This tent features a single pole, design where everything is basically connected by shock cords. It’s got hubs in the center. I just want to put each of the poles into the corner of the footprint and I’ve got a little metal grommets and the poles just stick in the grommets.

Basically, then, in this case, when you get the rain fly out first unfold it out where it’s over the right place, you can see one on the pole across the top. That’s going to go on last there’s little pockets and the rain fly to catch that. But the ends of the poles have a long enough kind of a ferrule on them to catch all the grommets that you need to need to poke them. In so polka mean that’s a nice um technical term for tent set up.

Basically, just you want to put the top little little wing pole there out to kind of spread it out. You put it in the pockets. You can see me crawl around in there and you’ve got everything in the connected to the poles. Let’s go ahead, open up. The flap, so you can kind of see what I’m doing here, it’s kind of hard to tell on camera. But finally, we going to take the ten out, I’m going to put it inside and basically lift up the corners and just put the ends of the poles.

In the grommets on the corners of the tent so basically got all three. Both the footprint the rain fly on the tent stacked on the bottom of the tent poles. Then this just has clips that you clip it to the pole frame, so it’s kind of self-supporting. Once you get everything clipped up, then just fasten the top spreader bar to the tent and you’re pretty much good to go. You can see it comes with some very nice tent stakes.

I always set it up. First, it’s a little easier and then stake it out. You can do it either way once you get it all staked out and just kind of put tension on it, then it’s pretty much where you need it. It also has. It comes with like some little vents on either end with a little stiffeners. It’s kind of hold it out to give you a little bit of a little bit of a dormer effect there and then stake out.

The vestibule has a vestibule on both sides, along with doors on both sides, and it also comes with a pretty nice little cord that has its own tensioners with it. So you can, you can tie out the rain fly and really get it spread out. Even a little further see the tensioners there sort of, and then i’m basically you pull those out if you, if you want to, gives you a little more ventilation underneath the rain fly and kind of mr.

Pres it out a little more and you can use them Or not, but once those are done, the tent is pretty much done. Okay, so that was how the set up is. I like the fact that it’s a one call set up, so you don’t have to fiddle with a bunch of poles and if you don’t, you know how to lose the poles. Hopefully, you know you’re just going to actually the first time I went camping with my wife, we had the big old canvas tent.

I set it up and there was a pole missing. I wound up having to cut a branch off of a green branch whittled down a pole and craft. The pole. There was at least get us through the weekend. It rained on us took the tent down yeah. The pole was under the tent. So another story all entirely but bottom line. This is a one pole set up everything shockcord together, as you saw it’s pretty cool setup. I like the way that works.

I like the fact that it has YKK zippers I like to kind of glow in the dark lines and mornings and other glow of the dark features on it kind of helps. You find it at night when you’re in a flashlight going. I really like the aluminum tent stakes and I guess I’ll go ahead and tape this the secret thing that I really like I’ve never seen before it was called a pusher. It’s just a little aluminum disc with it where they hold in the middle of it.

It fits the top of these tent stakes allows you to push them in if you’ve never had to deal with that. These things can get pretty sharp you’re trying to push them in your hand, it really hurts. Sometimes you can find a rock to hit them with. Sometimes you can’t this thing: this planes works. It is absolutely it’s almost worth the cost of admission right there. For me, I this is, I don’t know who thought of this, but I wish I had thought of it.

It’s a really cool idea weighs hardly anything, and yet it just works, and also it’s got enough of the broom here you can kind of catch it and you can pull them out with it too, so that little secret a secret weapon. There is pretty cool. I, like the fact that it comes with a footprint, comes with a gear loft. It’s got four corner pockets. It’s got a bathtub floor, it’s um, you know it’s not super super ultra light tent, but it’s also it’s pretty decent for around the five five and a half pound range for the whole setup, and you got several different options.

If you want to go, lighter or go, you know with a kind of a scale down configuration, so I like it, it’s big enough. You sit up in it. It’s just a two doors entry. So if you got two people who you’re not climbing over each other, it’s just a very nice tent. So I think we’ve established it’s a pretty cool tent. It’s got some pretty cool features. One thing is really important about tents. The purpose for this whole shelter thing here is to keep you from getting wet if it rains pretty much so with that in mind, since it’s not raining yet, it looks like it’s going to, but I want to go ahead and wrap this up.

We’re going to do a Hollywood thing and manufacture a little rain. So, let’s see what happens, what do you think was that a decent test, let’s see if it’s dry inside okay, so we’re going to go, go ghetto with the camera and go hand hill here, let’s see we can figure out here. So obviously we got some water on the drain flat zipper. There look inside see if we got any water in your here, I’m thinking it’s probably pretty good.

I don’t see any any any water inside it’s completely completely bone dry, yeah, so pretty good there. So we’re just leave it up for a couple days, so there you go it’s a pretty dry inside there, so we’ll call that one pretty decent okay. Well, that’s the hiking box. Ayah on two-person team from the folks at hiking bike got South is a pretty good choice for a tent. I kind of like the bright fluorescent color, but they’re coming out with some other colors, so stay tuned to see what those look like again, thanks to the folks at hockey bike for sending me this all showed you as always thanks for reading survival on purpose, I Put out a brand new article, every Friday and every Saturday, very often random articles so out the week you check out a new one by clicking right over here and if you’re not subscribed to the blog.

Please click down on the corner right. There subscribe click that little bell icon thing. When you do, you can get notified. When I put out those random articles can be putting out more camping articles this year, camping gear, backpacking gear stuff, I hope so be sure to stay tuned. For that thanks so much for the support. Once again, my name is Brian you’re. Reading survival on purpose remember: survival is not an accident, so be prepared.

I’ll see you next time.

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