Vango Mirage 200 Backpacking Tent Review

Today, we’ve got pitch behind me: the vengo mirage 200. This sits in there sort of adventure tent range, and so it’s recommended for daily usage or just sort of lightweight adventure camping. It’s quite a small sort of lightweight tent comes in at 3 kilos and it’s part of their premier range. So the premier range means that the fabric quality they use is quite high, so you’ve got a 70 denier, polyester fly sheet and a 5000 millimeter hydrostatic heads and tell them the waterproofing it’s way up there.

It’s also got fully taped seams so, where you’ve got these little holes running through, where the seams are sort of combining they’re, all taped underneath so keeping the water out – and you can see when I just push my hand across the actual fabric. It just all falls off and doesn’t go through the actual fabric, so the main sort of design of this tent is designed in a semi geodesic structure, so you’ll see where there’s lots of poles crossing.

So, for instance, here it all supports its own sort of structure. So when the wind is blowing, it’s just supporting itself, so lots of lots of pole crossing points, so the strongest tent you’re going to get geodesic sort of second strongest. This is the semi did. Is it you also notice? It’s got this Gothic archway porch. So the idea behind that is, it’s slightly bent into the top, and that gives a little bit more strength when you’re pushing it in through the top, so the whole whole tent just gives it a bit more strength.

You’ll also see that the poles are all made of aluminium again keeping down the weight. So, like I said earlier, comes in at 3 kilos and also the pack size can afford to be a lot smaller, because I’ve got the with fiberglass poles. You have big Farrell’s on them and they take up quite a lot of space, so you can’t have 2 million because of the weight, whereas these just fold into each other and sort of pack down to about that size.

So you can see the bag itself pack size is fairly small. You’ll also notice new for the sort of last year. Actually is these packs that make it really really easily easy to pack into so it’s top loading pack straight into there and then do that up and then you’ve got the compression straps around the side, so really easy to pack away really easy to put up as Well, it’s all color-coded, so you’ll see that this pole little tab here is blue.

This one here is red and the other side is is, is blue. The two poles are exactly the same length across each other and then this pole at the front there, which is the different size, is red colored in the middle, so you’ll have a red section in the middle. So it’s really simple and easy to pitch. Okay, so you’ve got multi usage door, so this folds up from one side sort of zips down and then you can do the same on the other side as well and throw that up.

So you’ve got full ventilation through both sides or you can have one up. One down both down so that works pretty well and then you’ve got this storage area in the front which comes with a ground sheet, then the eventing, as well just in the front there and down the back and on both sides. So we’re just going to jump in the tent now and how to have a look at the sort of size you get in there. So sooner so, actually in terms of length, you’ve got quite a lot of space, probably an extra sort of 50 50 centimeters, pretty from where I am, and I’m sort of 5 foot 8.

So so even someone 6 foots not going to be struggling with sort of size in here and then as well. You’ve got four two-man, actually sort of an extra arm to it. So I’d say: there’s something like comparing something like the banshee. You’ve got a lot more room in here than that, and then you’ve got the storage out the front plenty of sort of ventilation in the inner tent as well hanging points. One thing you’re missing at the back.

I know you’ve got some of the front, so you’ve got plenty of pockets. So for your storage little hanging light point but all-in-all I mean in terms of space. I’d say this is out of a lot of the adventure tents. It has got a lot of room for a two-man tent okay. So in summary, I think the mirage 200 is great tent for adventure, camping, int of activity, camping units, it’s three kala kilos, which is pretty lightweight for the space you’re, actually getting in the storage space.

In terms of the shape as well you’re getting great structurals sort of stability through it with it supporting itself in lots of different points where the poles cross. So I think, for things like expeditions, you know, like you know, going away to the Moors and Dartmoor camping for 10 tours div, which is what it’s recommend if I think it really suits the build, fits the bill, but in terms of sort of floor plan and Any extra details, if you want some more details, go onto our web site www.

Kpbs.Org/news/evening, the exact dimensions only sort of roughly gave them when I was lying in there and also, if you want to go on our YouTube blog, you can see it maybe compare some of The other tents that we’ve done, reviews on there are plenty on there. You subscribe to our YouTube, blog and you’ll, get updates if we do do any more sort of adventure reviews, but other than that, I hope you’ve enjoyed the review and thanks very much for reading have a good day.

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By Tim Broken

I am an avid camper and love to wright about various camping trips and other stuff. Check out my blog to learn more about me.

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