OEX Phoxx 2 – Budget Backpacking Hiking and Wild Camping Tent Review

I know I’m going to be ten crazy at the moment it seems to be my new obsession today. The 10 I’m going to talk about is the re x, fox 2 Fox Fox, with the pH now. This was 50 quid in go outdoors with the discount card, so I fifty quid it’s got to be worth a try. It’s quite a tiny package. You’ve also got loops on the side, so you can easily strap it to the outside of your bag.

No, it’s um, it’s a two-man tent and it’s a bit like their band sheet in design and I’ve got these scales. It says it weighs 2.1 and the packaging see exactly what it says with the scales 2.11 so yeah, it does say a lot of the times you see what they weigh and when you actually weigh on they’re different, but this is 2.1 bang on. So so now, let’s see how easy it is banging off. It says that the flysheet is waterproof to 5,000 millimeters.

The ground sheet is 2,000 millimetres and the inner is made of a breathable polyester material on the ground sheet, make sure they go through there as well, and then to the side. Okay into the pigs. It comes with they’re, quite heavy and they’re quite flimsy. So you can always swap them out if you wanted to change, but you spike even more the second ten I own now with two doors. So it’s quite easy to get it up but see that’s the inner sheet.

That’s gone up first, so in the rain. It’s not, I do now for the fly sheet. There’s clips on here, keeping the balance sheet and a fly sheet together, just the main pegging done on this side. So it gives you quite a nicer size vestibule in a minute, I’m not going to bother pegging everything, but you can see you’ve got the air vent guy ropes to give it extra support in the wind. You’ve got your twin vestibules over side, so you’ve got plenty of room for school in twin zips, with a zip on the inside, and the outside seems to be sagging a bit.

So it’s quite claustrophobic bits of material where you could hang a torch off of. It’s quite moschini a lot of mesh, so probably not a winter tent, but I think for the summer it would be fine, you know, is a little bit heavier than most tents. I’ll show you how the weight compares to the van Gogh van chi, which is you know, the other version of this tent. If you like, van Gogh’s version of this tent but yeah I’ll, be looking forward to trying this out at some point, probably wait until the summer or at least the spring, so my verdict – it is what it is for 50 quid, not bad, ten, two kilograms.

It’s not too heavy, it’s not too bad. It’s fairly easy to pull up, but it was a fine day and it wasn’t there wasn’t any wind, it’s not like the Banshee, where you can flow up the two skins together. This looks like the only way to put the tent up is to put the ground sheet and inner up first. Possibly that does let it down, but then it’s for the money. If your backpack on a budget, that’s a great little boy get down to go outdoors.

Now spend a fiver on your discount card and you could have that one for 50 quid at the moment, so that was another 10th review. Just the first look I’ll get out on company one night now I suppose the only thing left to do is to see how easy it packs away the tube suck again, so don’t get frustrated packing. This hasn’t gone down to compact II. I’m warming my way in there there you go so then it’s like you’ve walked poof bags and then there you go another budget tent, the oex Fox to Fox Fox, and I look forward to getting out and giving that try soon.

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I know that I keep mentioning Spunks, but I like these pumpkin seeds and you should try them too! They are just great for camping and other fun activities. The video below is a little bit of a look into the shop that makes Spunks.


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Hiking, backpacking, cycling, camping are all quite popular here in the south of France. We are on the Mediterranean and the Pyrennes separate us from Spain. There are great chateaux everywhere and if you keep walking you will find them.

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