Gear Review – Nature Hike Opalus 3 – An Affordable 4 Season Backpacking Tent

As you know, just recently, we went on a backpacking trip with a four season, three person tent, and it seems like right now. This is the only review article that’s going to be out on YouTube regarding this tent. I tried looking it up, but I couldn’t find any other reviews. I did see like a promotional article, but there’s really no one else that made a article on this and I think it’s because they just are releasing this tent.

Let me have the pleasure of sharing this experience and information with you guys now. I do want to mention that nature hike did send this tent over to me for free for review, but they did not pay me in any other way, besides sending me over this tent, so I will give you my full honest review, based on my initial experience With the tent, I also one of the schools that that I will be doing a continual review on this tent, as I do want to test this out in the snow and hopefully it snow storm as well.

Now some of you have mentioned online backpacking article. This tent does resemble some other tent. You may have seen the design is very similar to the gila berg, not much GT 10 or the four season tent biphale Raven, which are their endurance forces in tents. Now, for the sake of this review, because of the similarity in design, I will be making some comparisons with the Healy bergna much GT just so.

We get an idea of the similarities and differences in the materials from this tent compared to the gila burg. One now the Opus 3 or the Healy, bergna Mott GT or the knowledge 3 GT are both three-person tents. So what we found so far is that we were able to each put a sleeping pad down and still have room on either side to put our backpacks in as well, but the materials are slightly different now for the nature hike, oh plus, 3/10.

The fabric is a 20d silicone coated nylon fabric. Now the curl on 1800 is a 40 d high tenacity, ripstop nylon. Now, for something like the he lyric tent, it’s about almost 9 pounds, it’s 8 pounds and 13 ounces or 4 kilograms, whereas the opus is 6 and a half pounds now, according to nature hike. The poles are 7001 aluminum poles and these are not DAC poles. So compared to the 7,000 won aluminum, I do have a set of dak holes that I that came with my Marmot Thor for season tent.

You will notice that the diameter on the nature, high poles, are slightly smaller. What I did like about the nature hike poles compared to the environment door poles, is that the amount of pole material that overlaps is actually greater in the nature ID poles, which means more of the poles, will overlap into each other. We did have the typical condensation that you’ll notice during slightly cold weather, backpacking trips, as you can tell there, was a lot of little mud, splashing and that was all throughout the tent.

And it’s because the rain fly, though, is slightly elevated and it did rain kind of hard last night and because it rained pretty hard it just kind of splashed up to the sides. We do have a hook right here. This is what we hung our Lantern last night. One of my graphs about this tent that could use some improvement is maybe adding some more pockets, as you can tell there’s one here, there’s one on the other side here and then this pocket here is used to just when you roll up the the door to Your stuff inside so with that said those are the only pockets in this tent.

I would recommend to nature hike, adding a few more pockets if possible, the tent did hold up well. Last night, we are pretty dry in here. I am going to test this tent in the winter time in the snow and hopefully a snow storm and a very windy condition as well to be able to see how that holds up. I do have my concern about the poles, but I guess we’ll find out in that test now. Currently, if you look on Amazon at the time of this review, this tent is priced at 250 US dollars.

Now, if you compare that with the ID of the fjällräven or the Healy Berg, of course, it’s going to be a quarter of the price. The design is almost identical to those tents. Now, this being a double wall, tent, usually a four-season tents, don’t have this much mesh on the top side, but what I’ve noticed with nature hike is that they do accommodate for more ventilation. So this is all mesh on the top half of the tent.

The rain fly is all covered with ventilation, on either side of tencel. That and and this end now, the tent did come with a footprint. Now. The other cool thing about this tent is that the inner tent has already been installed and hooked in to the outer rain fly. So if you do need to pitch this tent, while it’s raining outside you can without getting the inner tent wet now the material is to the nylon.

I believe it’s 20 D I’ll put the specs on the screen, but you can definitely tell that it is much more thinner, so it could potentially tear easily. Now the zipper is not YKK does have these straps just like in the other 19 nature, hike, tents for zipping up and down only time will tell through a long term testing. I do plan to bring this into a snow blizzard in a few months to test it in the snow camp now.

One design I do like about this is that there are zippers that you can zip down this way so that from the vestibule you can just unzip it up this way now I would have liked to see it go the other way around where the zip goes Down this way, so that you can just reach out from the inner tent within a few inches and just kind of zip it up that way, but this still it’s pretty decent. Now, as I mentioned before, the difference in materials do add to the ability for the price to be much lower when we did experience this tent in our trip, it did hold up just fine in that rainy weather and I have yet to see it perform in A snowy, true forces and condition which I am looking forward to doing in hopefully next month now, since this is a four season tent, I will be getting snow stakes for the backpacking trip into the snow.

Now this tent design is not a free standing tent. So you will need to camp or backpack into a campsite where you can hammer stakes into the ground. Without that ability the tent will not be able to stand on its own. You do need to have a place to stake out the guide lines to keep it taut. If you are camping in a place where the ground is just rocks, I would not recommend this time for that situation, but if you can find a place where you can plant the stakes into the ground firmly, then this would definitely be a great system to use.

Now, tents like these are best used when they are fully staked out with all the guidelines, because you need that constant tension all around the tent. I didn’t notice that, because I did not guy out some points of the tent, there was some sagging on the roof. Also, as you can tell, there was plenty of space in this tent. We had enough room for two people, I’m five-eleven and I was able to just lay inside with plenty of foot room as well as sit up, but you know sitting up in a tent.

You would have to be towards about the middle. If you go towards the wall, then you start to duck a little bit, so we were able to put our sleeping bags in the middle and then on each side of us. We were able to put our backpacking gear, our backpacks and whatnot. Now, if you were to ask me who I would recommend this tent to based on my initial experience, I would say someone who is definitely budget minded who does not want to spend over a thousand dollars for a tent of this design, as well as, if you’re.

Looking for a huge vestibule area, now my backpack with plenty of tents in the rain to know that for the price, this tent is actually pretty good, I mean it would probably be for what you’re paying for you can use it in three seasons and it’ll, be Great now for the snow, the fourth season in the winter that is yet to be seen, I am planning on creating a whole article just to have that test on it, but for the time being I’ll leave a link in the description regards to this.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave it in the box below now I have a few other gear items from that backpacking trip I plan on reviewing and releasing some articles on. So, if you’re interested in that, please feel free to subscribe. Also, I am going to do a follow-up article on this tent in a snow and snow storm. So if you are interested in that, please feel free or scrip subscribe as well, and as always I want to thank you all for reading.

Take care and I’ll see you next time.

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By Tim Broken

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