20 Make ahead camp meals

Ah, the main reason why I am talking to you today, because I wanted to talk about camping, do you like kidding, I don’t but I used to when I was like 20, but not anymore, and guess what my husband thinks is the best thing or so. If your mom, who is like me for us to go by your husband to go camping all, maybe you actually love camping, you know with kids, you sort of kind of have to worry about food, and is there everybody if there is a bad weather? What if there is no less time that you can go to so how about today, I’ll show I’ll share with you some of the ways how you can make some meals ahead of time before you actually go to you know, get off your driveway get to the Camp and you know actually have the tent on, and I really hope that you’ll read your subscriber and you love in it, and if you do, please don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and it’s not for you waiting for guys.

We have some really really really cool stuff going down here. Okay, so let’s get okay so guys. I recently publish this pause of go make. I have new Mackenzie and at least a variety of different options that available to those of us who are not proficient of cooking on. You know on a campfire, so I have some of my best weeks right here and you got ta wait for until they and because I’ll share some of their favorite.

I think a really, really cool ideas. You know products that can make the camping, easy and also we’ll share. One of these special recipes that have been mom will observe the love okay, so the first one. This one is form for the love of Christ, calm and it’s a healthy banana bread muffins. How cool is that I mean this, is the easiest breakfast ever you don’t have to worry about scrambled eggs. You make the muscles ahead of time.

You bring them with, and the whole family is very happy in the morning and you don’t have to actually do much about it. Well, at least well when you’re on the camp and don’t worry guys, I’m going to put all the links in a description that you’ll also don’t you know, don’t try to take the notes I’ll, have it all so you’ll just scroll down it’s going to be there. Okay, this one is by alright hold with oh, my god.

What is it called as home with the Ellington’s? So I don’t think I’ll be doing this for the Kim. However, they have a really really great recipe of the granola and think about it. That granel is not a really good option if you are out and about so, is really easy to make your own granola. That would actually keep you fuller longer, comparing to the kernels that you buy at the store, and this one is honey almond granola.

It is the next one salad. Yes, it’s pretty well again, I’m going to keep this in a cold, but you know when it comes to cold dishes. The salads are the best and actually, if you think about look at the ingredient, that is pasta here, and there is also a you know. If you just take a couple cams of have uh, you know corn and peas and get some cheese and sprinkle it on you know, bacon bacon is perfectly fine outside you can get yourself a salad in matter of minutes.

Okay, this is another really really great. Are options for the snack or any time only the car, the car drive? This is alone bacon of device, those of the vast, the ones that you don’t have to wait and it’s a peanut butter oatmeal. But you can eat a little bold like that, and you just have them handy and those that I think of great, especially between the meals, because the kids are going to be able to slide look at how delicious it looks, so they will get hungry more.

You know faster than when they are at home; they give them one of these bowls and it’s full of really really good stuff. Okay, another breakfast option make a cookie and make a cranberry and coconut cookie autumn cookie any kind of food. You probably not the chocolate. If you’re going into the someplace warm – but that’s, I think, is a really great way to save yourself. These turn is a s’mores bar, which you know we all get to know.

The kids really love the s’mores, but even if you’re not really planning to do the s’mores. This is your second bag. Make this more string with long bars. Another alternative of the pallet – and this one is is this is by savory to calm and it’s the keynote salad ice cream. The best thing you can do here once again making love and that’s what she did here. She needs quinoa and then you can be practically all of the stuff.

You know the beans you can have from the camp the core they can hear from the cans. This is not as much but see what else you have see. What else you think we’ll be? Okay mix it up until you got another excellent salad like this is guys. This is a restaurant closed salads, but when you’re in a camp, it’s even better life, I’m going to have to scroll up to see this one, because I really like this idea, like with the greasy cut or with the crust cut off.

Okay, don’t worry, I’m mispronouncing things, but I will put the correct links in the description: okay, those are remnants with croissants hot sandwiches and they extremely easy. We do stuff like that, then credibly cool and easy to do so. You put the mustard on the croissant and value as cheese and ham in your album in the foil and from there you could, you know you can store it in the fridge and when the time comes you just put it you warm it up.

You put it in a microwave or you of probably enough to put it in a fire just for a bit, and you will have the perfect. You know have a swiss melt, perfect dinner anytime, and this is a mesh to peter delete or not. You can actually make a mesh the data ahead of going to the camp and we’re there. Okay. Now, let’s get to my favorite one rusty, this is and the big man’s world it’s a protein level scale me again.

So let’s talk simplicity. Let’s really go into take simplicity, okay, the fabric you like pull it annexed, put it in a container, and here you have it um. This is another unusual one. This one is by energy. Go eat, calm in a tiny roasting, but it’s what she’s awesome. She’s roasting chickpeas, my god guys. This is a chick peas that you can deal with honey and they’re going to be sweet, and it looks like a very interesting crunchy, snack, okay and now my absolutely favorite one, especially for any mom who has to do with the children, especially outside, especially in the Places where you can adjust buckle them in or zip them in and close the door and just take a break for second well.

Here is l and charges. This one is called. Can he get? It is called scrotal car because it means the flow mason jar body. Tropical fruit seller, yes, but Miss Elaine or flavor and saber calm. She thought about in who’s what we’re going through. So what she did she created. I get ultimately a fruit salad that she put in a mason jar and to make it extra special. She aided this. Mr. Gideon called Lima selling liquor yeah girl.

This is the table. This is the kind of drink I want to have when I’m outside, hopefully not fighting mosquito. I also wanted to share some really interesting ideas that I found on Amazon. It’s not something I wish. I had the last time we were camping. This is a sex port, heavy duty over the fire grill, you remember, we were talking about the little croissants in spoil those family would be perfect to put on top of this, you don’t really want to throw it in a fire, but this would be good work.

Great for putting you know, pots and pans on okay. This is a marshmallow roaster stick, so yes, remember those s’mores uh. It looks like a baby. It has really good ratings. Yes, I think this is this would be I sleep in my house because it looks like a really yeah. Look at that. Okay, I am now. Yes, I have a my every mom now also calm, I’ll stir food comes the dishes. Well, this is a portable think.

We get to yeah, we get towards the dishes, but hey it’s better to have something like than not seventeen-year-old so which one was your favorite. I think it’s really really cool. So once again, please tell us Ellen be low-wage below which one of the graphic, if you really liked – and hopefully maybe one day we’ll make you felt in a while – and he that big fat subscribe button, if you haven’t already done so until next time, bye

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