Secret Maui Waterfall Hike: Hiking 13 Crossings Trail – The Detourist Guide To Travel – Maui | Ep 13

It’s a river hike breed cross back and forth over the river. Very much been told it’s even more than 13 crossings, but guess it all depends on how many times you decide to cross. So we got decent weather, we’ll see how it goes. It’s probably going to be pretty wet. Exactly three minutes see you when Laura and I first met 10 years ago we weren’t hikers, which is strange because we were both born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, where hiking is basically a cult.

It’s not a full-blown religion. We both really like the concept of being outside so hiking. It always seemed like a solid idea, but for some reason, probably just laziness. We never mustered up the juice to get out there and actually go hiking together. We would do road trips and every now and again we’d roll into a national or state park for some camping, but we never actually hopped on any trails.

Sometime during 2014, we went on our first official hike together on a trip up to Lonely Island in the northeast corner of the San Juan archipelago. The hike was called the Lummi Peak Trail. We wound our way up through a dense, evergreen forest at a tortoise pace, because we were both not prepared for the ass-kicking 1600 feet of elevation game. We finally made our way to the top the woods opened up to a legitimate Vista, with incredible views of the whole San Juan Islands.

Well, that hike was neither one of our favorites. It was our first hike together and it was the beginning of a new way for us to connect with each other outside. Since then, we’ve done a lot of hiking all over the world. Some of my favorites we’ve done so far. The enchantments in the North Cascades el torcal, in southern Spain, Yosemite in Northern California, and all of the amazing Red Rock parks we trekked around in Arizona and Utah.

It’s interesting is that an Oliver hiking we’ve never encountered such lush jungle, intense humidity and shirt. Drenching heat, like we’ve, experienced here in Maui: it’s wild, not wild, like it’s cool but wild like it’s really wild, so we’re here, chillin in the middle of the river, taking some photos, pretty delve location, Flores decided she’s just going to jump right in the river. Instead of trying to walk across the slippery ass rocks, so a bit of advice, it’s super muddy and super slick floor is super uncomfortable trying to jump across the rocks, they’re, so slick so she’s just walking through the water.

I’r probably going to be doing the same thing myself here in a second, so be prepared to get your feet wet it’s going for it. Do you think about it? While we were reading reviews for this hike, one woman said it was the best hike that she’s ever been on and that she broke her leg and I can understand why she broke her leg. When I was trying to be careful and not get wet crossing the river I felt like I was for sure, going to eat so making the decision just to step in the river and not care that my hiking boots are full of water.

Definitely the way to go yep one of the things. I don’t like about Maui that no matter where you go out in nature about every 10 minutes, a helicopter flies by with a bunch of dudes and floral shirts up there in it. It’s not very peaceful got yelled at the other day for flying my drone at a park. I was like there’s been like a hundred helicopters that flown by. Why aren’t you yelling at them? The 13 crossings trail is located in the West Maui Forest Reserve.

Most guides say it’s about a four mile round trip hike up to the Falls, but there’s several Forks in the river. If you’re looking for ways to make the trip longer, the hike itself is pretty lightly trafficked, which is nice, considering its neighboring hike abajo. A ridge trail can get pretty hectic some days since it’s a likely traffic hike, though the actual trail itself is often very narrow. So you’ll be lightweight bushwhacking a bit and rubbing up against plenty of wet foilage, as you slosh your way to the falls.

One dope feature of this hike – that’s not often reported, is the big bamboo forest that you get to hike there about midway through the trail. It does require a bit of scrambling and some decent bobbing and leaping to get through, but it’s well worth it also it’s worth mentioning that the trail lies within an area of Maui that gets a ton of rainfall, heavy rains upstream to mean flash floods that sweep Down the river and take people out, it’s a must that you check the weather before you.

Do the hike and do not do the trail. There’s heavy rains in the forecast – trust, that’s pretty rad, I didn’t know neither is bamboo here, but it was crack. This bad ass, like a fall on bamboo forest. Thank you. Yeah. The universe is an enormous place. The fact is, quite literally infinite, or so the smart people say so, whatever strange series of events that landed you here reading lucky episode, 13 of our show.

I just want to say that it’s pretty dope – and I want to say thank you for being here, because you could literally be anywhere else in the entire infinite universe other than here, and yet here we are, the show has been a long time coming for me. I first picked up a camera in middle school to fill my friends and I shredding or having our skateboards those shitty skate articles were the first films that I ever created.

As I grew up in got older. I never really stopped seeing things through the lens of that camera. I was always drawn to rad photography, films and documentaries, but never really thought I could seriously do any of it since I had no equipment and no actual training as life went on and I got more and more into music. I spent all of my creative energy making, playing and listening to songs after years of making music with my friends and traveling around playing shows all across the west of the United States.

I finally picked up a camera again around 2010 to shoot some music stuff. It was a Canon, t2i, nothing fancy, but it was a great camera for me to relearn on. With help from my buddy Joe, we made a couple silly music articles and it was a great learning experience for me. What really came out of me picking up that camera, though it was photography, I had never really used the camera for photography up until that point.

It had always been a article camera or my mom’s point-and-shoot in my hands. The only plus is spending eight hours a day driving in a van from show to show playing music with. My friends is that I was able to learn that camera, pretty quick from then on. I’ve been slowly getting better at better at both photography and articlegraphy. Over the past few years, I’ve turned my fun side project into a legit business.

I’ve created content for a ton of different people from musicians and bands to small businesses to engagement, shoots, but mostly what I get to do is lifestyle product photography for a bunch of rad outdoor gear and clothing companies that I love. So, just like this hike, it’s been a long and winding path to get here and even though it’s not over yet it’s always good to remember, to stop and be stoked that we’re here in the first place, um I was just walking behind Alex and I looked Down and I was like – oh no looks like ginger or I thought that looks like ginger and then I was like wait a minute.

That’s probably Ginger’s stock too. They dug them up and it’s ginger, and I was just wanting some ginger okay. I know it looks kind of wack, but look. Oh my god. It smells so good. I know I don’t know how do you harvest ginger, y’all, okay, fresh ginger, cool? Okay, now my hands are super muddy. After consulting with some other hikers there’s a river splits. It goes that way very good. That way, we know right up here.

Dead ends at a little waterfall, so we’re going to go check that out and then maybe we’ll report back. To be honest, I never actually counted how many times across a river, but I know for sure it was more than any other hike. We’ve ever done at this point. In the trail, we’re getting good and ready to see some waterfalls scrambling around all day on slippery rocks and muddy trail was starting to get a bit tiring and we were ready for some payoff.

On the last stretch. We actually ended up just walking in the river for a bit to avoid the messy trail, so we hopped over the river for the last time before the Falls, the sound of the pounding water started to drown everything else out, yep drown. So we turned the corner in the waterfall, came into view. We both got super stoked and also pretty soaked since I’m basically a little boy at heart. I saw a trail leading up the side of the Falls and I had to go and check it out.

Once I got up to the top of the first rock, I saw some ropes dangling on the wall on the other side of the river, and it looked like there was a way to climb up to the top of the falls again little kids. So I of course climbed up that sketchy as well. Once I got all the way up there, I discovered that there is a big, beautiful secluded pool up top with another huge waterfall up there as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of it on film because my batteries died on my GoPro and you can’t really see it from down below climbing back down.

The wall was a bit sketchy, but it was nothing that I couldn’t handle and everything turned out. Fine sorry for scaring you mother, we just made it to the fork of the river and we went to the right because a couple people told us that there’s a waterfall that you can’t get to so we walked up to it and our legs climbed up it And then found out that the SD card on the GoPro is full so climb back down now we’re going to take the other pork and see about the other waterfall, that’s up that way and then decide which way we like all right off.

We go after taking a little break to refuel and drink some water. We decided that, even though we’re already pretty tired and weren’t sure what was at the end of the other fork in the river we’re going to go check it out. Anyways, the first Fork and waterfall had gotten us pretty stoked and we didn’t want to come back. Wondering what was back there last part of the trail was pretty much a free-for-all.

Path was basically non-existent. Mostly we just traversed back and forth across the river following whatever path seemed easiest. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to navigate through, though no fear of getting lost. The whole thing runs through a canyon, so you basically just keep going forward and you’re good. We just wanted to do a little recap. We ran out of SD card on both cameras, and so we couldn’t really do a recap at the end, but yeah it was an awesome night.

My takeaway is that it’s fun try to go when it’s in drive for a few days, if possible. It’s just kind of wet on this side of the mountains anyways, but it was really muddy. So we prepared to have money. Shoes get your feet wet once I kind of accepted that I was just going to be in the water and befalling the name doing better. So yeah it would be very dangerous to try to like pop the rocks the whole time, because they’re so slick that you basically just you’re better off from the start, just walking right through the water.

It’s way less dangerous and way more fun. Actually because then you can just like drop right through all the all the crossings, so yeah. The only thing that’s worth mentioning is the end of the hike like we showed you it splits off either side has a waterfall. If you have time go to both like we did and if you only could go to one but probably say go to the left, it’s a bit cooler. It is a little bit longer, though, so, if you’re really trying to get in and out the one to the right is a little bit shorter.

There are some mosquitoes, but it wasn’t too bad. You are prone to getting fit that might bring some bug spray. We got away without using unique, but yeah. There definitely are some out there. Also it’s worth mentioning that we drive by this hike every day and it’s like three minutes from my house and there’s broken glass all over the ground and people definitely get their stolen there. So don’t leave anything in your car that you care about if you’re in a rental car like it’s cheap or a Mustang or forth a little like Nissan or Toyotas that are clearly rental cars, don’t leave anything in there.

You will get your car broken. Your stolen. Does not sing so definitely don’t do this like with that you care about in your car, leave it at the hotel or wherever you’re staying yeah. If you can go, midweek midday, do it, we we got there at noon and we spent three or four hours on the trail and yeah. We stopped maybe four or five minutes and yeah. Everyone was super chill. So one couple: did it with a baby strapped to the front it would not recommend is so dangerous.

I was like on Anthony it’s crawling. I almost ate so many times. I think that’s it overall, great time. We got some really good photos there. It was great, it was pretty cool down in there, so if it was a really hot day, that would be a great hike yeah thanks for checking it out, thanks for reading, make sure to subscribe and drop some comments. If you have any questions or anything, you want to know about the height that we didn’t answer, leave a comment and we’ll try to get back to you and again, thanks for checking it out.


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Yes, the San Juan’s are incredible, especially in summer when it’s drier and warmer. I never hiked there, but did do 50 miles along the Olympic Peninsula many years ago.
Aside from some pretty glaring grammatical errors, it was a very good piece you wrote.

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