Yurt Camping and Hiking in Cloudland Canyon, Georgia

I haven’t quite gone in the woods yet, but where I’ll camp – and this will actually I shouldn’t even say – camping, because I’m at one of the campsites in the you know, Georgia, state parks, but one of the things they actually have here. That’s really nice is you. Can rent a yurt? So that’s what I’ve done for the past for the next two days.

I think usually, these stones go for around the price of a hotel. I mean like a hundred bucks a night but there’s a Memorial weekend or week special. So we took advantage of that so anyway, I’ve got all your high tech stuff got a spigot for water, going to let a fire it rained recently here. So you know you know, some of this wood is pretty crappy. I was sort of hacking some up, but Sara want to get some dry firewood.

You got to buy it at the Visitor Center or whatever, but you know there’s nothing wrong with taking the lazy route on your vacation. Anyway, let me show you what the your looks like these aren’t necessarily that common in different parks, but a bunch of Georgia parks have them they’re, just really nice. They can go anywhere from depending on the park from 60 to 100 bucks a night, so they got windows.

You can take off doors, they’re blocked with like to have particular passcode that you put on aconitine and inside such a pretty much. It’s like really high-quality, everything’s. Very nice wood got to futons. This is a futon got a bunk bed. They do have a heater over here. They do have a couple electrical outlets here and there so that’s nice to have. I don’t have my computer or anything because you know a sort of defeats purpose of coming on vacation even got a ceiling light.

In fact, these things they get pretty warm. When we first came in the fan, wasn’t on and the windows weren’t open notice, you can might not be able to see it, but there’s a plastic stuff. You can take off the window, so it’s sort of open. So that’s that and then the yurts are actually in a kind of village, so I think they’re around ten of them in cloud Canyon, that’s where we are – and you know, there’s a road that goes around the Connecticut that connects all of them and then there’s actually Like some kind of like I guess I don’t know, if you can see it, yeah there’s some kind of like kid play place over there, but you know just the case.

So there’s a trail if you actually go out back, so we haven’t actually stayed a night. We’re still moving stuff in from the car because there are brought a lot of stuff but whatever. So. If you look out back, there’s actually one of the trails that you can go on and cloud canyon, you probably can’t see it but yeah. I think it loops around, so we’re probably going to take it either time tonight or tomorrow.

It’s let’s see what time it is. It’s not even 5:00 yet, but it’s a little dark, it’s just cloudy! You know was supposed to be. You know a little they’re supposed to be rain over these couple days, but you know living in Arizona so long. Every time it rains you just you just learn to savor it. You just learn to enjoy it so anyway, that’s the basics, I’ll update later just cuz. Why not yes! So this is a Daniel Creek! I think, and the Overlook it’s right nearby here, I’m not quite sure how far but yeah it did you well.

I have this, so you want me to take some pictures for you all right hold on you’re trying to look on the map. What is this, but I think that Cherokee Falls are not quite sir, and it could be another one further down. What is that? It was two hemlock called, hopefully we’ll get a better view north it hard to see but there’s, I guess, Hemlock balls, but I think there’s a look out further on them. The Cherokee Falls we look out and that’s where we came from.

Actually, we came from the other side of the river, been a while trails a lot longer than I thought it was so it’s going to be pretty short, but it’s actually relatively rigorous, considering all the up someone’s ego to go through here’s their default. I hope you could see it that much way down the hemlock cold with the viewpoint there’s some other people on the trail today I don’t know if you can see, but there’s some drove on there with stalker.

Briefly yeah we’ll be down there in a couple minutes. All right, so we’ve come longer than I thought it was going to be so sitting. Gulps is out that way. I think it’s around 2 miles to the trailhead past that bridge we’re not going to go there, we’re going to go to a hemlock pole and check this out and then, of course, main trailhead. That’s where we came from all the way up there and a bunch other curve, literally money today, if one would expect the more cold what about its own there, you know how they got down there.

Actually, I guess you see how they got down there. Maybe I’ll figure it out, it’s done and only to go GG. You know what didn’t look so bad coming down, but now, when the fun begins all right, I got it all right. So it’s about one o’clock on day two, we just finished sort of a hike. Here’s a map of the whole camp, but we started at the Europe’s right here and we walked. You know up. This bridge builder’ Falls up to this bridge and it’s only like maybe two or three miles trail time, it’s a little bonding, but in love I thought this is going to be easy hike, considering how small it was.

But it’s actually a pleasure to look at the guide. It was one of the more strenuous hikes so now we’re. I think right here we sort of went out and we were too lazy to come back. So we just came here and to get some more water and stuff like that. So now I’m sort of waiting on Cera and we’re going to walk back. So all right. Here’s the main trailhead, sir! All the normies get off to hug their cars, but we’re too cool for that.

Aren’t we isn’t that right, yeah zoomed in follow my feet. There you go alright, it is some kind of bullet or call back in yep and here’s the Echo Canyon iceberg and we were down there, lay down there all the way down there and it hurt. It did hurt that wasn’t that bad he’s lying! Oh it’s great! I’r feeling great feeling pretty high energy right now see you see this rock formation over here. Why not, are you sure, you’re ready for it? Okay? Well, let’s do it anyway.

As you see, this episode looks so different. I don’t know it’s different if you scratch the graphic, we were thinkin it. Even. Thank you. Thank you, sir. All right yeah come and will be that bad. Well, we can cut through here anyway. You know, it’ll save us some time. The trail wasn’t really that long up to possibly yeah. No, no, that’s what I mean even that it wasn’t that long. You know, of course, half of its going to be descending, even though half of its going to be climbing, but whatever the actual rails.

Here, that’s sort of strange another thing can’t game worth: crap. Well, all right back at the yurt Sara’s, actually taking a shower, so I’m just sort of playing around here got a fire started again. We actually had one earlier. We make some burgers now, I’m letting some water boil throughly for Sara for her tea or something like that. I don’t know how this like boiling water. I think I’m going to throw this little because last night we had to cook it on the propane grill because ends up.

You know everything was too wet to get a good good enough. Fire started so thankfully Sara’s dad hooked us up with some propane and propane accessories. So I’m actually I keep this backup, basically broth, then we’re going to throw baby stuff in there. I don’t know if you’d call it broth, but it’s some kind of bass anyway. So this is burning pretty nicely. It took us a while actually to get this thing started, but um yeah looks all right now.



By Tim Broken

I am an avid camper and love to wright about various camping trips and other stuff. Check out my blog to learn more about me.

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