MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Backpacking Tent Review

So the folks at MSR were kind enough to send me one of their hubba hubba NX to person backpacking tents. So I can show it to you and we are here in the survival on purpose, high-tech outdoor studio. I’m going to take a look at that right. Now, if we can get itContinue reading “MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Backpacking Tent Review”

GearJunkie’s Best Tents of 2019

You choose the best tents for 2019. So if you’re here, you’re probably shopping for a tent and I’m going to let you know right away that one tent does not fit all people so we’re going to break it down into a couple categories that will make it easier for you to select. SoContinue reading “GearJunkie’s Best Tents of 2019”

Top 10 Ultralight Tents for Backpack Camping (Reliable Buying Guide)

Getting a lighter model is an immediate opportunity to reduce the overall loads. If then, the best ultralight chance worth something every premium product fortune tea, modern materials have allowed to produce high quality items at affordable prices and made ultralight shelters a new gold standard for backpacking. In this episode, we’ll show you theContinue reading “Top 10 Ultralight Tents for Backpack Camping (Reliable Buying Guide)”


The Zoet 2 tent is perfect for backpackers, seeking spacious comfort and excellent breathability, all in a lightweight design at just one point: nine, seven kilograms, four pounds: six ounces, it’s significantly lighter than other leading tents of similar size, making it easy to carry into the backcountry. This three season tent features a roomyContinue reading “TOP 5 BEST BACKPACKING TENTS 2020 (MSR GEAR)”

What Backpacking Tent Is The Best To Buy?!

Hopefully, you’ve got some kind of better level of education and understanding that might help. You know how to choose the right tent for the backpacking trips, the backpacking style, that you primarily focus on and all of that so here on the table, I have got several different options and I really wanted toContinue reading “What Backpacking Tent Is The Best To Buy?!”

Best Selling Backpacking Tent on Amazon – ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Review

This is the outdoor gear review and it is time to review the number one best-selling backpacking tent on Amazon. This is the Alps mountaineering, Lynx, one person tent. To be honest, this is actually the second best-selling backpacking tent the first one. Is this pop-up tent? That’s actually not for backpacking. So that beingContinue reading “Best Selling Backpacking Tent on Amazon – ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Review”

Eggs, SPAM & Rice Breakfast ~ Camp Cooking #1

No una noches la raíz, salva, mis, cinco packs, sí, papá; ah, ah, ok, para ver, a los jóvenes vienes sin; sitio; ok, [, Música, ], sí, dio, igual, 5, sí; no, no [, Música ]. Ah, he entrado dije qué es realizado dudas, porque, está, bastante, Spunks taste great in salads and soups! Also, theyContinue reading “Eggs, SPAM & Rice Breakfast ~ Camp Cooking #1”


I just woke up from a little spike out tent and I drove all day yesterday. I went from you know 500 feet all the way. Now we climbed elevation to we’re. Nine thousand three hundred feet right now and we’re at a big National Forest up here in Colorado, and we are going toContinue reading “LIVING ALONE IN MOUNTAINS FOR A WEEK | Building Base Camp!”

Coldest Night Of My Life! | WOODS CAMPING with NO TENT

If you missed the last article, we were, we were fishing, we were camping, we were adventurous, we weren’t sure really what was going to happen and now we’re here. Now we’re here at the stages of actually going going to sleep. I felt this was very film early because I’ve never done this before.Continue reading “Coldest Night Of My Life! | WOODS CAMPING with NO TENT”

River Truck Camping for Winter Trout

My fishing freaks welcome back to the blog welcome to the HQ where so many of these articles begin here. There are so many boats in here right now, y’all, let’s go one, two, three, four: five: six! Seven, eight, if you want to count kayaks, there’s like another 12 krispies collector. I’Ve moved itContinue reading “River Truck Camping for Winter Trout”

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