State Parks in Washington State Are Ideal Intriguing Options for Travelers

There are things to do while visiting Seattle, Washington that are inexpensive or either free. Many of the free things to do around Seattle are outdoor activities. Since of the extraordinary views and magnificent surroundings in and around the area, it makes perfect sense that several of these would be checking out the many state parks in the area.

Not all state parks are free to visit but listed below, you will find information on some. If you are a huge fan of nature and the outdoors, this must get your blood pumping. Keep in mind to bring along all the fun devices that make the outdoors fun.

Firstly there is Deception Pass State Park. This park has seawater, freshwater, outdoor camping, trekking, boating, magnificent views, and a couple of locations with play area devices for the children. There are many activities appropriate and available for the island: hiking, horseback riding, boating, fishing, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, clamming, crabbing, bird watching, mountain cycling, and simply seeing the terrific scenery that nature provided.

Next, there is Fort Worden State Park. Fort Warden is a state park in 1955 and stays a popular park and convention. Camping centers are opened on the park year-round. There is a crazy amount to do to keep visitors hectic, pleased, and captivated.

Fort Flagler State Park, like Fort Worden, originally protected the entrance into the Puget Sound. Also, like Fort Worden, Fort Flagler became a fantastic state park in 1955. Fort Flagler still has a couple of the original military facilities that tell the proud history. The seawater around the three sides is terrific. While there are many resemblances between Fort Worden and Fort Flagler, the latter is open for campers for part of the year. Day visitors are permitted year-round, nevertheless. It is the spectacular view of the Sound and the surrounding mountains. However, that makes this park so incredible. I hope you have the possibility to go.

Finally, there is Lime Kiln Point State Park. This park is a 36-acre piece of land that is just for day use. The park sits on the western side of San Juan Island and is an excellent location to watch Orca whales. In addition to enjoying the whales, you can go hiking, trip the lighthouse, and enjoy seeing numerous other wildlife here as well. Diving is possible here but highly unsafe as the currents are not forgiving. The lighthouse still serves as a navigational help for ships in the Haro Strait. Since of the lighthouse and the possibility of seeing whales while visiting, while this specific park offers fewer facilities, it remains my favorite merely. The months of June and July are the very best for whale watching; however, any time throughout May throughout September, whale finding remains possible.


How To Build A Bushcraft Fire No Fuss In The Heavy Rain And Fireball

It’s about always being prepared. You might find yourself in these sort of like conditions after you’ve just experienced two months worth of Sun. This little trick for today is how to start a fire in the pouring down rain when you’ve basically got wet wood and, as you can see, little branches like so which usually help you to create a fire are all absolutely soaking wet through with just a couple Of ingredients for the fire or the fire, making read this, and you might see something you’ve not seen before what we’ve got all these smoke on the moisture, publish the player, that’s going to be walking the road, I’m feeding it and keep that up a level where You want another topic: we’re going to keep at a level where so I’ll continue chopping, these little logs into finer pieces.

Oh baby, okay, okay, just give you a little situation going camp with you everything’s under the tarp. We pod you they’re keeping nice and dry and warm so I’ll start to put some stones around that and then we can cook off it and just keep it at a nice level. Let’s make up, let’s not get carried away, big isn’t always better. I better move the ABS underwear on baby Nikki’s got a decent pile of what they’re all nice to taken out of the wet weather he’s D, but some of it and D must it using the back of the silky, saw they’re doing a fine job.

I’ve got some water on the boil and sound for cooking very very soon. These are the ingredients. I used a wooden cutting curl feathers, I’ve been curled and this has been dipped in paraffin. So that’s a sure way of didn’t it go in, but they can be. Temperamental actually depends on whether the paraffins sort like evaporated. Then we’ve got the makeup pad, scrape that and then you’ll get like a fluff, so that’ll catch a spark very very easily, and then I also used of a petrol block.

So these are doused in salt like paraffin as well and they’re commonly used in the army. The military to get a little fire going so then the ingredients guys very quick, very easy, very simple, especially when you’re in these type of conditions, where it’s very wet, has been very windy. Very dank and you want to get a fire going quickly with the least amount of force. It’s still raining and raining out, but yeah.

We have to obsess slightly different twists to making a fire, but there you go, a fire is a fire. We’ve got one. We’ve got some water on the goal there and little bhaji, she’s nice and warm and enjoying this fire. So that’s well goodbye from me. Let’s go back from here! See you later see you later guys. You took care, remember, be prepared, see on the next one ciao for now Bhaiji big comfy. You can’t be there, but they can’t be in puppy seats, yeah happy there aren’t you go nice and warm coming to you from out in the bush.

We have what’s called fireball cinnamon whisky – oh man, thighs nice is just a super fan, fan Nikki. Oh you can see it looks like a sample Bob. It’s a sample bottle in the sense of for beer and the Brewers, not for anything else, but that is absolutely outstanding. You can see the fireball inside certainly warmth of the cockles. We’ve got steaks on the go: we’ve got rice, brown, rice, whole grain, rice, they’re, cooking.

In the pot we’ve got this fireball cinnamon whisky over from Canada that just warms off the heart and warms up the soul that it complements a nice night out in the forest with friends. It’s fantastic guys. I highly recommend it. One man deserves a smooth, tasty, cinnamony type of drink like this at the end of a hard day slog and a hard day’s better bushcraft in the field. As you can see guys the fireball it lives, it holds a fire within fireball cinnamon whisky, a real man’s drink, coming to you from Holtz’s brewery, the greatest brewery, possibly in the north.

What bad is about consume liquor of a lifetime? A real man’s drink, Joseph Holtz, you’ve picked a little on there. Let me tell you,



Fire Lay The Proper Construction and Ignition after a Night of Rain

What I thought we’d do today is: we would go back and put another article on our basic survival series: basic survival knowledge series on how to build a proper fire leg, how to build a proper bird nest or tinder bundle, and how to ignite that and coax It into flame one of the things that I truly believe is that you have to practice skills continuously so that you can maintain ownership, lots of survival, type skills or sustainability.

Type skills are perishable skills. They have to be practiced on a continual basis and dirt time is the only way to do that and there’s one thing about fire. That is absolutely true, and that is that usually your fire is going to be the hardest to start and the hardest to maintain. When you absolutely need it, and if you think about that, it’s true, so the more we make fires in the more ways we use to make our fires with different materials with different ignition sources, with different types of fire, lays all of those things in different weather Conditions especially go to owning that skill, and if you own that skill and it becomes muscle memory, it’s much easier for you in an emergency scenario – stay with me we’re going to get started so we’ve gone out.

We’ve collected these two larger branches. I’ve also collected a large pile of smaller sticks and put them in my pack, as you can see here, what we want to do with these smaller sticks after we get them out of our pack and onto the ground. Is we really want to categorize? These sticks to begin with, to say which ones are going to be initial kindling and which ones are going to be fuel and if any of them are a possibility to be used as a tinder resource or if there’s tinder resources available on them and the main Reason I collected these two tulip: poplar branches is to process my tender, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to categorize the sticks.

First break up the larger tulip poplar that will let the bark come off of that tulip poplar as I process it. I can strip it off, so we’re going to create our fuel pile and our kindling pile and we will process our tinder or our bird’s nest after the fact and you’ll see that start to come apart as we process this wood so stay with me. Okay, so in my mind, when I am getting, my fire lay ready, and these small sticks like this are pretty much just going to be the lower part of my fire delay to keep my fire off the ground because they’re too small to really do a lot With as far as the length goes, where they were broken off, sticks like this that are around the size of pencils or smaller, are going to be my kindling.

So I want to separate those as best I can from the rust and put those in an individual pile and that one right there is kind of pushing the upper limit of what I would call kindling anything bigger than that is going to become fuel and the Key to a good fire is to make sure that you put your components on the fire around the fire in the fire when you build it, so that your smallest material of your most combustible material, because it’s smaller in diameter, it’s going to combust sooner.

That’s like trying to hold a cigarette lighter on a match, the opposite end, not the match head in, but think about a match or a small pencil and hold your flame over that pencil and see how long it takes for that to catch fire. Then do the same thing with the stick. The size of your thumb and you’ll find out if both sticks are the same from the same material that someone the size of the pencil will catch fire more readily because it’s smaller it takes less time to heat.

That up so things like this are going to become a fuel source, and I don’t want these things to be too long. But I don’t want me to be too short, which is why I put most of these in this pile because they were what I would consider to short and I’ll continue to process this stuff down, and you can see there’s a tulip poplar right there. I can tell by the stringy bark that this is tulip poplar and if I were worried about that, I would take that off.

But I’m not worried about it because I’ve got some bigger pieces. If I were trying to conserve bird nest material or something like that or I was short on bird nest material, then I would worry about collecting that stuff up. Once I get my stuff categorized into piles, I want to look and see what I’ve really got, but I haven’t process my two branches down yet so I have a long ways to go for me. Generally speaking, I’d like to have my tinder pile and my fuel pile pretty much equal to begin with, and then my sustainability fuel, which I would consider things bigger than my thumb, is going to be my smallest pile in the beginning, and I work up to that.

As I go so now, we have our fire leg base here of small sticks. We have a pile of pencil, size and smaller sticks here we have something bigger than pencil size here and we need more of this. So now we’re going to get our tulip poplar branches and we will begin to process them down by coming up here to the end and breaking off these smaller sticks and putting them into respective piles in the respective links.

Just like this, and as we break this down, you can see this bark that’s coming off. This is going to become our bird nest material. So any of this dried bark, this really fine, hairy bark that comes off of here. This is what I want to put in my bird nest, pile and I’ll put that over here off to the side on a stump. I won’t worry about getting too ridiculous with it, because I have a big branch of this stuff, but as I go, you can see that stuff is going to break off as I go and as it breaks off that’s when I’m going to collect it and pile It up whether it’s a big piece right there, so we’ll grab that and we’ll collect it up.

Okay, so now, let’s evaluate this bark that we have anything that looks like it might be damp, I’m going to set it in one pile away from the rest, because it’s not going to be as highly combustible, but it will absolutely burn as soon as I get Open flame to it, so if it doesn’t look bone-dry like this and it’s got a different color to it, then I’m going to set it aside and I’m going to keep the stuff.

That’s bone dry like this, and this is what I’m going to start the process for my bird nest and the way I’m going to do that is I’m just going to start turning it over in my hands just like this, and what that’s going to do is That’s going to break all the outer bark off in that outer bark well, generally speaking, fall onto the stump and can be wiped off and out of our way and it’ll take a little while to get all of the inner bark out of this.

So we’ll just continue to shred this and work it in our hands until all of the inner bark or most of the inner bark is gone, and we can just wipe that into a pile of small pieces and get rid of it. Now we don’t have to be as critical with this bird nest if we’re not trying to ignite it by ember. If we’re satisfied that we have dry enough material, that it will ignite with our fair cerium, rot alone, we don’t have to be as critical as far as how fine this material has to be.

What we do want is a lot of fine fibers like this, that are sticking up in the air to catch our sparks that we do want. So we still have to be cognizant, at least of that, and if there’s some outer bark left in there, that’s not going to matter either with the ferrocerium rod fire now we’re starting to get less of the bark here and we’re starting to get more fine fibers. Those fine fibers are what I’m going to strike in the end with my ferrocerium rod in the middle of my tinder bundle, which is what this is or bird nest, depending on how you want to term it.

It’s not really a bird nest because we’re not using an ember we’re going to strike into it with our feral rod, and this stuff right here is what we’re going to strike. So we’re going to set this aside on our haversack, getting rid of the dust and continue to process now. One thing – that’s very important for us to understand in this process is that the size of our tinder bundle or the size of our twig bundle or the size of our bird nest, depending on how we are igniting.

This fire is the amount of time we’re going to have a pure flame to ignite our kindling and our fuel and make a sustainable fire, so the bigger this is and the more dense the material as far as burn ability goes. If it’s dry grass, it’s going to burn up very quickly inter barks burn slower, so we want to be cognizant of that as well, because it’s going to dictate how long we really have to get our fire going.

Okay, so now we’ve got to make our initial fire lay. What we want to do is we want to take. The smallest sticks that we have first, and we want to kind of make a teepee like this, so that we can take advantage of the updraft effect of our flames on our heat, so that that updraft will come through here and heat always is going to rise. And so will our flame and we want it to be able to have plenty of places to get to so we’re going to build this in kind of a teepee fashion, giving ourself a place to put our tinder bundle, but we’ll be able to pull this down Over the top, when we’re done and I’ll show you what I mean by that after we get our tender bundle left, but this just needs to be random doesn’t have to be stacked in any particular fashion, but you want to make sure that it can breathe.

So you don’t want to put so many sticks on here that there is nowhere to have airflow. Then I’m going to take some of the smaller sticks that I’ve got my big pile and start working them in on the outside. Then I’ll get a few a little bit bigger and then work them around the outside okay, so once we’ve got those sticks on our a-frame or our teepee, whatever you want to call this, all we’re going to do now is we’re just going to make sure we’ve Got a good place for our tinder bundle.

We slide it in there. It’s not going to knock everything down because we’ll pull this over the top. When we get our bundle in here, but we won’t add any more fuel to this fire until the flames are above. The current level of fuel and that’s what’s important to understand otherwise, we’ll smother the fire we have to provide Heat, we have to provide oxygen or air flow and we have to provide fuel now.

At this point, I’m just going to take my tinder bundle, not that small fuzz that I’m going to light with my Ferro rod, but just my tinder bundle or my bird nest, whatever you want to call it and stick it in my fire leg. Just like this spread it out a little bit, so they can flame him up, and I want to create a little pocket right here and that pocket is where I’m going. To put this small highly combustible material, and I want to give it plenty of airspace fluff.

It out a little bit and expose plenty of fine hairs. Now right here to the side, I have my wetter, bark and my fuel, so this water bark I’m just going to kind of take it and rough it up a little bit. I’r not even worried about making this perfect, because this is going to be fuel, then I’m going to add – and it’s going to be my emergency fuel, because I know it’s going to be highly combustible compared to the fuel in case my fire starts to go out Or something goes wrong, I’m going to keep this by as an emergency to put on my fire a little lot of time.

If I have to once I know my fire is sustainable, then I can use it or I can save it to dry out for the next fire, depending on whether I have to use it or not. I’ll set that off to the side and my fuel pile is here: okay, now at this point, I’m ready to ignite my fire, but what’s important to understand, is the proper use of this ferrocerium rod. A lot of people make the mistake of taking their knife and pushing it away from the rod like this, and what that does is it makes you push your knife into your tinder bundle, or your fire lay and blows everything apart.

What you really want to do is you want to anchor that knife somewhere close to your ignitable material or the material that you plan to combust, find yourself something good, that you can rest your hand on. That’s not going to move, get your thumb tuck in there. Real good, then you want to pull the Ferro rod toward you like this, hold the knife study and pull the feral rod toward you. You now I could be on the ground blowing my guts out right now to give this thing air flow, but if I’m wearing a wide brim hat, I got that licked.

I don’t have to worry about it. I always want to add oxygen or air from below the fire at the base of the fire, not on top directly down on top of the fire. I got a good thick tinder pile in there. It’s going to take it a while to burn, and that’s good, because that’s going to give me plenty of time for those flames to ignite my Kinley. Remember what I said the size of that tinder bundle is going to dictate how long you have of open flame to get combustion effected on the stuff that you’ve got piled on top of it, like your tinder bundle like your kindling once I’ve got that burning, pretty Good I’m going to go ahead and pull that down just like that over the top, where I can still push fire or push air in from the base down here.

Once I get flames up into the canopy of that teepee. Now I can just let the fire do the work once I have flames above the fuel now I can add some bigger pieces of fuel on there spread them out like this, so I’m not closing the oxygen off to the fire and again let the fire do. The work alright folks, i’m dave cameron, pathfinder school. I appreciate you joining mater for this quick back to the basic lesson on how to build a proper fire leg, collect the proper materials, build a proper tinder, tight bundle, ignite that bundle and airflow to the bottom.

Your fire to get a sustainable fire. This fire has been burning for less than five minutes and it’s plenty sustainable. That’s. What you need to understand is how to make a quick, sustainable fire will save your life. I appreciate your views. I appreciate your support. I thank you for everything you do for me for my school, for my family i’ll be back to another article soon, as I can thanks guys, you



How To Build An Elevated Survival Fire To Cook In A Flood

It's a type of thing that you would use if there's been heavy rain in a swampy, boggy type area where you need to raise the fire off the ground, so you can do a bit of cooking. So at the side, there's going to be a little working area, little working space and as far as I'm aware, I don't think this has been shown before on YouTube.

But I just want to show you this today, so you've got an idea of what to do. If you're ever in a situation where you need to build a fire off the ground, so stick with us guys, let's get cracking so the lights a little bit funky, but I'm going to try and do what I can given the type of light lighting conditions that We've got the the cloud is very thick of them all and that's why it's as dark as it is.

So I don't think there's going to be snow today, but the temperatures just above minus so today the equipment I've got with me is the old force acts. This is the 18 inch model with a 1 and 3/4 pound head, so shaft is 18 inch and I've got the silky big boy, and I've also got this silky gun boy as well. So some of the things I'm going to need to look for first are straight Y sticks. Basically, I need round about six of them.

Two of them need to be extended, so I'm going to put a piece of timber across to hang food on. So that's going to be above the fire and then I'm going to need a load of straight logs and a couple of cross beams as well to get it all working together if you've ever been in a swamp or you've visited a flooded area, you'll often see Trees that have fallen and laid down or floating and you'll often find branches that are above the water and they're the time for branches that you need to take as the iris to Deadwood from this spruce, I'm taking the branches or the limbs from the top half These top limbs have been exposed to the air, so any rain – that's happened over the past few days.

The air and the wind will have tried those branches out. All the branches below they'll be picking up moisture from the ground, so they'll be wet, so spite the dead pine. I can harvest this utilize it for the crossbeams and some of the logs that I'm going to need to make the worktop before felling. The tree. I checked out the bark in the bag was coming off, revealing the cambium layer. This is an indication of the trees, dead or dying.

You could see this later on. In the day when I was processing the fire water. By the way, as you can see, the backs coming off the backs just peeling off that's one of the signs. You know it's dead, it's a dead piece of water, I'm doing a rough measurement of around two and a half feet. The silky big fire. Just over 30 inches in full length, which is just over 200 feet, I used about 16 pieces at its length, and this is something you've got to keep in mind when you're thinking about the size of your workspace and besides the fire information, the bigger the workspace, The greater the fire, the more energy you could have expended much at this point, I'm just dressing the water getting off any sharp, thorns or bits that sticking out – and I start to reveal the heartwood for this particular limb.

Now it's often mistaken for fat wood, but the bright orange part you can see now it's actually the heart and the lighter part is the SAP port and just underneath the bark you have the cambium layer beautiful. This fact, what's been harvested from Scots pine, that's been lay here for at least two to three years, it's dry and it smells more like paraffin or turpentine going to fire on that in a minute.

So the idea guys is to put the stakes in the ground and then we're going to put a crossbeam and then we're going to rest these logs the rest these logs across the two cross beams. So for that I need Super Bowl ground. This grounding. Isn't that suitable, because there's a something there? Maybe this might be all right right, put that under there just to level it off. Now we start placing this the piece of logs logged on top just to make a flat surface.

I work it to the fish as well right, so this is where we're going to put the fire, and this is going to be the work surface. So I could do is getting a couple more logs just to be on the safe side, but you may be thinking. How is it going to put a fire on there? Will it burn through? Wouldn't it make sense that heat oxygen fuel it's just going to catch fire. Well, we need to cover this area here, give it a protective layer so that when the the heat hits some of the surface, it won't be hot enough to actually burn the wood.

Nice and sharp so yeah, all the the barkoff. You can make yourself a little few curls if you wish, just for the fun of it now, for the next part, you're going to need some sort of digging tool to to dig up some soil. That's what I'm going to need now proper soil, not Duff, because Dolph, what that will do is it won't protect the would need proper soil clay soil. If you can, it's only dig down, get myself some decent soil and then cover the areas where the fire is going to lay.

First of all, I put some moss down, so the I should be fine. Now we can place the know can place this soil. On top, so I'm going to find some soil here, so we use that this perfect carve it. Oh yeah, odd stuff, see the dog there. Oh deep, it goes, but this is what's going to stop the fire from burning through the air, the water. So I collect a load of this, but, as you can see now, we've made the base there.

That's going to be good enough to hold our fire right now. We've got that the based on it's time to collect some wood for the fire. They get some food on the go once I clean this beautiful Spade. Is it a spade or a shovel trick? Question. Do you know the answer speed? You dig the shovel, you move, that's how I understand it guys if you know anything, different, leave a comment below. Let me know your views.

This is definitely a shovel. Come Spade type thing dig and move nicely, tucked away Johnny down there. Yet so I've got my little twigs there already. All. I would prepared managed to find some perch so we'll see what we can get together with that get prepared properly. This is the new altar force. Now, if I'm using very sharp, I've got to say which is good what you need right. It comes with its own Ferro rod.

Let's get this she's much more virtue on there get its fire going with not the much light left it's the moment in time. So one needs to build this fire up. Ido yeah! Don't let me down that very good. Let's put that on there there you go one fire happy days happy days, guys, let's see how this works out, I got ta be controlled to a certain degree, so got ta manage it. What I'll do I think? That's not too bad in it now.

Let's just see how this works: if it all goes up in flames, then one might look a fool, but it's certainly worth giving a go, can also get a brew on this. Is the titanium titanium frying pan I've got. I can do some eggs on that. Oh yeah, that we've done in two ticks nice there's many different practical uses for this one. If you're like me and you get a bit old and you you don't want to be bending down all the time well, this is great.

I can spread some of this. So long that all we want basically is coals hot coals. So I'm going to give my titanium frying, pan they're, going to just to be on the safe side, get a brillo mask Tommy, bending memory, just managing that fire we're starting to settle boys and girls starting to sizzle. As you can see, it's not it's still in one piece I'll get by jinuk she likes to make hot soup. This isn't the best method, I think for cookie Baker.

Cuz stop! Here it's going to remain on uncooked, so I may have to revert to sticking them in the frying pan underneath there I'm not sure we can see that guys, but I'm concerned it ain't burning. I'r going to put this bacon cheers guys, that's tasty, so nice to get out every now and again, the bacon is just cooking, black pudding is done and the eggs are just right now. Did you read my last article won't play this well, what to Kin? The downfall beautiful mystical place and it's somewhere where I go every year, that's a bit of a pilgrimage thing.

After Christmas and New Year, just to burn off the break in the new year so you'll be enjoyed. It was a good walk, you're. Looking at roundabouts 16k bad on what that is in miles 10 miles, then I have my awesome to either I set off at. I think it was 11 o'clock, actual football um on the path the Pennine way and got back for about our five. So I've done a fair bit of filming, as you saw in the article, a lot of filming with the drone and the lighting was terrible.

Lighting was terrible and it has been pretty dull over the past few days. So I just hope this. The lighting on this article turns out better anyway enough jibber-jabber, it's time for me in the bhaji to chow down that's if this raised fire hasn't completely burnt down at the time that I've been talking to you so anyway, guys any suggestions that you have any comments About this article, anything anything that you think well, maybe you could have done that differently or adaptations or whatever it may be.

You. Let me know inbox me or comment in the comment section bye guys now. The main purpose – frost, Big Ear today or for me being here me and the bad G, guys boynton, the bacon point, the bacon, that's not too bad, but guys you get the point, don't you as soon as I've finished here Ian this lovely lunch or late lunch? Well inspector, would you much so once we peel back a protective layer, we'll see whether it's scratched any of them, and then they still give us an indication of how many times you could actually use this type of fire? How many times you could actually use this type of system sort of say cuz, they know don't.

You know, could probably keep on doing this as long as you look after money's defiant and you create you, keep on and putting your fresh bed down. That's slightly moist, not too much, because that what that will do is it'll draw the moisture up. The failure will suck up the moisture you'll end up putting the fire out, so you want it dancort damp, but not sudden. We've not used one bits of paracord college twine.

This is freestanding. Let us have a little look at. What lays beneath is the fire other than the MOT yeah. You can feel this warmth on the logs for there's no damage no damage to any of these looks fire. Scorch marks or burn marks very dark, no fire, so yeah it's time to head back well, thanks for reading guys and they hope you've enjoyed. If you can guys share this article, people who have are in flooded areas flooded environments will find it particularly useful.

So until next time guys, you take care I'll, see you on the next one.



First Yosemite Hikes

One hour later: that’s Sentinel rock and half done that’s Royal archers all the way on their back. In the ground, just in time for lunch all right, just a brief intermission from now the article is going to jump to a different place and put in the valley, and the reason for that is because I basically forgot to record it.

I mean I was so excited like do you drive and you see so many stuff, then you just like forget to record it. But basically what happened is like that day. We didn’t have a place to sleep in the valley. The thing is like if you’re going to your semin in July, dude there’s a lot of people going to your 7. You like, like they get like 4 million people a year. So that’s a lot of people in that part, so we couldn’t find on Tuesday.

We didn’t have any place to sleep, so Leslie came out with a great idea. Like I let you sleep in the wilderness. We got our wilderness permits the first day that we got there, but basically, what we end up doing was like getting out of the valley going up again. Then we take Tioga Road, a beautiful, beautiful road. I don’t have that much article of it. I was just like reading it, it was a really nice road and we stopped at Mount Hoffman.

Basically from there. We do that hike with all of our stuff, like our 10 hour pillows our food for the day, and if we spend the night there dude, it was a beautiful occasion. We mostly take pictures. I will show you a couple of pictures, alright back to the show. It into that sound, which, let me show you this guy day, two in Yosemite National Park,



Scotland’s Mountain’s,Ben Armine Walk,Hike And Bike In The Highlands Of Scotland,Sutherland

But I’ll be cutting off and going south of that track there. So in the distance you can see, tools called bent are nine. If I have time I’m going to go and climb them too, and then I’m on the back over there, so I’ll cycle it to them and then bag them and then come back the same way down this track here.

So it should be a good day. Beautiful places, sutherland massive area of a bog and moorlands really looking forward to this one, so, oh you can come along. Ok, I forgot nice easy track to start the day, smooth packages. Wow, that’s a lot better! Look in the front of you! This is a lot better, a lot or bad unlock. What an area good bridge this getting out into sticks. Now there is a larger pickle bed and lunch bed and lot lunch.

Sorry, which is just over there on the left, left the lodge behind now and I’m still on the lot bed and look it’s a massive block still on the track for quite way it’s getting really windy. Now it’s a no colder! You join me pushing the back of the minute. The area spindle of just sheared off paint the bump and it just went so the wheel pulling to the left hand side when a bony pressure on the pedals, it’s okay for freewheeling, but that’s it so I’m pushing it on the pills and I’m going to go.

Just riding on the flat and I’ll put myself there: they are both of them and she wanted so much just beyond ben-amun it’s just beyond that Ridge. There been clear, bracing cloud now so just showing our five got to go yeah. What we on there, where that green packet and then around the corner, just pulled off the track, have a look at this little nothing I mean what a place haven’t bought a beautiful and it really nice looks like it does all the doors walked whenever that fix.

It back so I’ll bring you back over and out yeah. I push you up. This bitch slaps bit of a land, it’s erm the tires rubbing on the frame, so it’s okay on the flat and then down I’ll just send this side. Anybody who wants a beer! You have to walk fourteen point three miles: let’s go and get one look at the crash game. Suns going out now makes such a difference. Vent clear breaking clogged still been open the far distance one wrong and been loyal Wow you see how far I’ve come where that Hill is there.

The road is just runs underneath that hill there after walk back and ditch the batter, will don’t know if you can see them on camera, but some red deer, they’re stags. One of them is look at this I mean there’s wilderness and then there’s a will dirt. Nurse there they go rotten season, ditch the back there and that’s the track there. I’r going to follow this burn up now up there people’s it there’s like a Pawnee track that ones up there.

So up there I got this is where the old work starts blow up there only I managed to get on the track, and now we’re going southeast this way, but probably about a mile on here before we cooked out on over to Southwest over there. Still on this quad track, whatever it is now we are really going up into sticks over there. It looks like it’s raining, so awfully don’t come this way. First, sighting of it create acquired glass, I’ll put it on the screen because he saw to pronounce as usual, he’s getting him.

I’ve left the track down there. Well, where that green patch is there. I am I’m wondering where to follow that waterfall up and up the Belak or follow this one when round that way, I’ll have a look when I get over this engineer, so I better get cracking times getting on yeah just a quickie. I decided not to do the waterfall, I have to go down and there and it looked quite boggy, so I’m going to go up this be like and then drop down again and then up onto the top.

It’s just getting a bit a cloud on. It now go away cloud. It’s getting a bit blowing up here now that were a leg, Buster caught up there slip area every date, grass and everything Wow better, be worth it. This is one tough Grand Mountain okay get out there, remote mountain, that’s looking southwest look at it just goes for mile after mile of bog, and I hope, there’s a summit we’re pretty blowy over there.

So I’m just going to get a drink about city, gagging for him. Well, what’s come in rain and missed everything losing the views no come on trick point: where are you call me that for now, yeah it’s getting worse and worse! I’ve come this far, I’m going to bag it. I’ve got it, but look at it. I’r sorry, I’m laughs! Anybody! It’s just look! It’s out of this for again create a choir glass with your poor little trick.

Point I’m going to put a stone on to make you bigger I’ll, show you a few because it’s completely gone now, there’s another Grand Mountain over in that direction, quite away on with the broken bag and the time it’s tenting. I was going to do it, but well that’s my excuse device broken, but it is quite a way back a bit of pushing of the back. So I better get out of here yeah, not much of a view. Sorry just disappoint.

You know that happens. It has been clear all this time. Sometimes you get lucky some damaged or about time to get going feel that there that’s the one I came up to come around to this, but I’m going to go down the river now just to cut it out of it. No point climbing back up again just come down this river here, it’s blowing a Hooley now and, as you can see, it’s raining very hard now. I would like to be up there now, so I’m going to follow that River and get back onto the track.

So better get going just down really time get back to the track, Wow. Finally, the track. He said, I don’t have to sit on pillion the distance where well just to the right of it so quite worried about yeah. He even missed it only inhale. You know this either one okay rains really come on now. I’ve got back to the main track, the backs there and that’s look at it now. It’s all while looking away winter, been a big day, still got a lot to do yet getting back slowly, just going to Schultze depends coffee for a second then get a drink.

You see all the deer proper stag party going on there oh come on running now. He’s just spotted it Wow smoke about 30 or more 30, 35 at least more more or less back now, and back at this Beach and poop now well yeah. I hope you enjoyed the article I still enjoy doing it despite the bat problem, so I’m just going to go and grab some tea now and jump in the van and carry on on the next mission, which is probably more towards the northwest, might be Bentley break Or then hope we’ll see so hope you enjoyed it and, as usual, just leave a comment or a like, whichever you want and I’ll catch the next one so go back from Sutherland.



Yurt Camping and Hiking in Cloudland Canyon, Georgia

I haven’t quite gone in the woods yet, but where I’ll camp – and this will actually I shouldn’t even say – camping, because I’m at one of the campsites in the you know, Georgia, state parks, but one of the things they actually have here. That’s really nice is you. Can rent a yurt? So that’s what I’ve done for the past for the next two days.

I think usually, these stones go for around the price of a hotel. I mean like a hundred bucks a night but there’s a Memorial weekend or week special. So we took advantage of that so anyway, I’ve got all your high tech stuff got a spigot for water, going to let a fire it rained recently here. So you know you know, some of this wood is pretty crappy. I was sort of hacking some up, but Sara want to get some dry firewood.

You got to buy it at the Visitor Center or whatever, but you know there’s nothing wrong with taking the lazy route on your vacation. Anyway, let me show you what the your looks like these aren’t necessarily that common in different parks, but a bunch of Georgia parks have them they’re, just really nice. They can go anywhere from depending on the park from 60 to 100 bucks a night, so they got windows.

You can take off doors, they’re blocked with like to have particular passcode that you put on aconitine and inside such a pretty much. It’s like really high-quality, everything’s. Very nice wood got to futons. This is a futon got a bunk bed. They do have a heater over here. They do have a couple electrical outlets here and there so that’s nice to have. I don’t have my computer or anything because you know a sort of defeats purpose of coming on vacation even got a ceiling light.

In fact, these things they get pretty warm. When we first came in the fan, wasn’t on and the windows weren’t open notice, you can might not be able to see it, but there’s a plastic stuff. You can take off the window, so it’s sort of open. So that’s that and then the yurts are actually in a kind of village, so I think they’re around ten of them in cloud Canyon, that’s where we are – and you know, there’s a road that goes around the Connecticut that connects all of them and then there’s actually Like some kind of like I guess I don’t know, if you can see it, yeah there’s some kind of like kid play place over there, but you know just the case.

So there’s a trail if you actually go out back, so we haven’t actually stayed a night. We’re still moving stuff in from the car because there are brought a lot of stuff but whatever. So. If you look out back, there’s actually one of the trails that you can go on and cloud canyon, you probably can’t see it but yeah. I think it loops around, so we’re probably going to take it either time tonight or tomorrow.

It’s let’s see what time it is. It’s not even 5:00 yet, but it’s a little dark, it’s just cloudy! You know was supposed to be. You know a little they’re supposed to be rain over these couple days, but you know living in Arizona so long. Every time it rains you just you just learn to savor it. You just learn to enjoy it so anyway, that’s the basics, I’ll update later just cuz. Why not yes! So this is a Daniel Creek! I think, and the Overlook it’s right nearby here, I’m not quite sure how far but yeah it did you well.

I have this, so you want me to take some pictures for you all right hold on you’re trying to look on the map. What is this, but I think that Cherokee Falls are not quite sir, and it could be another one further down. What is that? It was two hemlock called, hopefully we’ll get a better view north it hard to see but there’s, I guess, Hemlock balls, but I think there’s a look out further on them. The Cherokee Falls we look out and that’s where we came from.

Actually, we came from the other side of the river, been a while trails a lot longer than I thought it was so it’s going to be pretty short, but it’s actually relatively rigorous, considering all the up someone’s ego to go through here’s their default. I hope you could see it that much way down the hemlock cold with the viewpoint there’s some other people on the trail today I don’t know if you can see, but there’s some drove on there with stalker.

Briefly yeah we’ll be down there in a couple minutes. All right, so we’ve come longer than I thought it was going to be so sitting. Gulps is out that way. I think it’s around 2 miles to the trailhead past that bridge we’re not going to go there, we’re going to go to a hemlock pole and check this out and then, of course, main trailhead. That’s where we came from all the way up there and a bunch other curve, literally money today, if one would expect the more cold what about its own there, you know how they got down there.

Actually, I guess you see how they got down there. Maybe I’ll figure it out, it’s done and only to go GG. You know what didn’t look so bad coming down, but now, when the fun begins all right, I got it all right. So it’s about one o’clock on day two, we just finished sort of a hike. Here’s a map of the whole camp, but we started at the Europe’s right here and we walked. You know up. This bridge builder’ Falls up to this bridge and it’s only like maybe two or three miles trail time, it’s a little bonding, but in love I thought this is going to be easy hike, considering how small it was.

But it’s actually a pleasure to look at the guide. It was one of the more strenuous hikes so now we’re. I think right here we sort of went out and we were too lazy to come back. So we just came here and to get some more water and stuff like that. So now I’m sort of waiting on Cera and we’re going to walk back. So all right. Here’s the main trailhead, sir! All the normies get off to hug their cars, but we’re too cool for that.

Aren’t we isn’t that right, yeah zoomed in follow my feet. There you go alright, it is some kind of bullet or call back in yep and here’s the Echo Canyon iceberg and we were down there, lay down there all the way down there and it hurt. It did hurt that wasn’t that bad he’s lying! Oh it’s great! I’r feeling great feeling pretty high energy right now see you see this rock formation over here. Why not, are you sure, you’re ready for it? Okay? Well, let’s do it anyway.

As you see, this episode looks so different. I don’t know it’s different if you scratch the graphic, we were thinkin it. Even. Thank you. Thank you, sir. All right yeah come and will be that bad. Well, we can cut through here anyway. You know, it’ll save us some time. The trail wasn’t really that long up to possibly yeah. No, no, that’s what I mean even that it wasn’t that long. You know, of course, half of its going to be descending, even though half of its going to be climbing, but whatever the actual rails.

Here, that’s sort of strange another thing can’t game worth: crap. Well, all right back at the yurt Sara’s, actually taking a shower, so I’m just sort of playing around here got a fire started again. We actually had one earlier. We make some burgers now, I’m letting some water boil throughly for Sara for her tea or something like that. I don’t know how this like boiling water. I think I’m going to throw this little because last night we had to cook it on the propane grill because ends up.

You know everything was too wet to get a good good enough. Fire started so thankfully Sara’s dad hooked us up with some propane and propane accessories. So I’m actually I keep this backup, basically broth, then we’re going to throw baby stuff in there. I don’t know if you’d call it broth, but it’s some kind of bass anyway. So this is burning pretty nicely. It took us a while actually to get this thing started, but um yeah looks all right now.




All About Silverwood Lake California State Recreational Area Boating Fishing Camping Hiking Swimming

Another awesome vlog, please excuse the wind noise. It is a little bit breezy up here today, but we have made it to Silverwood Lake in San Bernardino County. It is so beautiful here we’ve never been here before, so we’re going to kind of hike around and see if we can find a spot that we’re happy with and then we’ll show you some more all right, so we’ve finally gotten down to where we wanted to Be right by the water, but it has been a challenge for us so when we first got here.

Obviously we’ve never been here before, and this is a really big place. There are multiple parking lots, their specific parking lots just for boats, and then there is parking lot number one. Two and three. We ended up parking in parking lot number three, because the others were full and even this parking lot was very close to being full. But luckily we were able to find a spot. We were provided a map, so we’ve tried to look on the map and figure out the trail down to the water.

We believed it was the trail that runs oh. So that is what we followed all the way down, and it made it down to the lake, except there was about a 15 to 20 foot section of trees brush including poison ivy, that you had to go. Oh poison oak yeah that you had to go through in order to get down to the lake, so we realized this was not the right way. It was actually just a hiking trail that was going to take you around the hike.

So we had to regroup. Go back to the car figure out where we really needed to go. We found some people who, along the way that helped us out, but we found a nice little trail, a shortcut down to the water. We met a lovely family here who has let us share their shade and we have a beautiful view of the lake right there. This nice guy right here, thank you. So now we’re going to have a delicious watermelon snack and then some lunch and then we’re going to do a little exploring.

So what do you call us here at Silverwood we are silver. Would like rook ease the nice reservoir mountain lake and anywhere you go. You’ve got to get through the oak, so we’ve hiked up through here we’re heading around to the lake and there’s plenty of bathrooms along the way – and I stand here in this chilly Lake – I want to provide you with a little bit about information about it, but First, I want to apologize again for the wind.

It is really really breezy here today, which makes it feel wonderful because it cooled it down for us, but I know it makes it hard on your hearing. So I hope you can hear it okay, but I did want to tell you I’m just going to get a little bit of information off the top of my head. I know this is a man-made lake and it was created in 1971. It flows off of the mojave river and it is at 4355 feet is the elevation, I don’t know exactly the size of the lake or how much water is here, but I do know that it fits on the eastern side of the California Aqueduct.

If you can see way off in the distance, there’s actually still a little bit of snow up there all right. So I want to give you a little information about how to get here so you’re, going to head north on the 15 freeway toward Hesperia and you’re. Going to get off on the 138 and you’re going to turn right, you’re going to take back for about seven to eight miles, you’re just going to follow the road until you get to a sign that says Silverwood Lake and you’re, going to turn off to the Left from there you’ll just follow the signs and it’ll.

Take you right to the ranger station, where you can pay to come in. So if you’re coming in for day use, it is $ 10 per vehicle. If you have someone with you who’s over 62 years of age, they get a senior discount, so that makes it only nine dollars a day. If you want to launch a boat, it’s ten dollars a day for day use. But if you do want to come in camp here, they do have campsites here, it’s 50 dollars for camp sites with hookups $ 45 without hookups and on those you get a $ 2 discount if you’re over 62 years of age.

If you bring an additional vehicle with you, while you’re camping, that is ten dollars a day and if you just want to come in and hike or bike, it’s $ 5 a day. So it’s very very reasonable to come here. Obviously, a lot of people are here making use of it today, it’s a beautiful beautiful day and it’s a wonderful place to come with your family. Again, we apologize for the wind, but if this area is where you can come for rentals, so you can rent a locker.

You can rent a pedal boat. If you want a two-person pedal boat for one hour, it’s 23 dollars an hour, and it goes up from there. If you want to rent a pedal boat for four people, it’s 38 dollars a person. That’s a long time, though, to pedal around for an hour. You’d probably be tired after an hour, but you can even have them for all day. If you want, they have jet ski rentals for 99 dollars an hour or a hundred and sixty nine dollars for two hours.

They also have kayaks. If you want a one-person kayak, it’s $ 18 for an hour, and if you want a two-person kayak, it’s 23 dollars an hour and then it goes up from there if you want to keep them longer, but that’s really cool that they have all these rentals available. Right behind me, these are the jet skis for rent. It looks like they only have one two-person paddle boat available for rent. Today, the rest of them are out on the lake somewhere, but over here we still have a lot of the four-person paddle boats available and a couple of kayaks down there at the end, there’s definitely still snow melting somewhere, because this water is melting and flowing down Into the lake – and it is ice-cold, it says – there’s no lifeguard on duty, even though they have a lifeguard tower here, but there isn’t one here at this tower for sure.

However, as we’ve been walking around, we have seen lifeguards walking around with their buoys just in case, so at least it is nice that they kind of are walking the edges of the waters. We’ve come to another part of the lake, and I just want to tell you: the mountain air is so clean and so wonderful here it is like just breathing fresh air. The whole time we’re here. The other thing that’s been really amazing.

Is we really hiked around a lot of places and we’ve passed a lot of people’s camps? You know everywhere out here. People are just kind of set up off to the side, sometimes by the water, sometimes away from the water, but it is really family friendly everywhere. We walked, people just say hi and they way when you walk by it’s just a really really wonderful, positive family friendly place to come and visit.

We’ve made it back to our car. This is parking lot number three. So if you come here make sure you are prepared to hike for one to two miles minimum from parking lot: three, it’s at least a mile down to the lake and then, if you want to walk around at all, it’s probably another mile or so to get To another section of the lake, if you can get in parking lot, one or two it’s much closer to the lake, but still be prepared, because we got here fairly early and parking lot, one and two and almost parking lot.

Three even was full, but at least we did find a spot also make sure you bring food and water because you get thirsty while you’re hiking Plus while you’re here there’s not a lot of food places, you’re going to want to snack or maybe even have some Lunch so bill brought some stuff for us to make sandwiches. Of course, we had our delicious refreshing, watermelon and plenty of water and plenty of juice.

We are going to end our article here, even though this might not be the actual end of our article, but we’re going to end it here, just in case the reason for that is we’re getting ready to head home, but we’re going to take the mountain route. Instead of heading back to the 15 freeway, there was a big rig fire late last night and the freeway is still backed up it’s about one to two hours of traffic that we would have to sit in if we went that way.

So we’re going to avoid that and we’re going to take a beautiful scenic ride home if we find anywhere to stop along the way, we’ll stop off and film it for you. But if we don’t we’re just going to cruise on home and then that would be the end of our article, so I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you get an opportunity to come up here. If you live locally and visit this Lake, because it’s really lovely don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe,




It’s very warm outside, especially for this time of year. So we got to take advantage very hot. It’s too spicy outside today. Alright guys were here. The dog has already made a mess. It’s been only a few minutes. Stop putting your nasty tongue, bring a change scissors, a hundo degrees.

It’s definitely not 100 degrees, good girl. No wait stay in there, I’m kind of dressed like a dad ready to go to safari. Look at me. You, hey, kiddo, hey kiddo, you comfortable. I can feel her drool dripping down. My arm in my leg. Go ahead, jump out Jesus Christ as our even somewhere to park all right all right, so we had to find another parking spot because I guess it’s like busy today, because it’s warm or whatever we’re going to park here, I’m pretty sure he’s buggin out.

I just kind of realized that I probably look like an asshole all right, guys, we’re coming up here on an extreme river crossing. I’r talking like you, make one wrong step and you drown then going to come down now. What want to come down now? You should come down okay, that branch broke. If I die, can Lacey have my blog no she’s miles well, I can’t feel my legs we’re low on water we’re going to have to eat the dog.

I think this is goodbye. Just kidding it’s been like half an hour, my quirky, yet Lacey, oh, you can probably make it up. There come on. Oh look at that looks like you’re standing on one of two butt cheeks! Oh wait! You know what this looks like Lacey come here, Lacey, please. What are you trying to say it looks like one Lacey come here, hey! Don’t what are you trying to do? Okay, since she’s, not cooperating I’ll just like Photoshop? How are you going to hold her up there? Oh no with one arm.

We made it. How many miles later, you’re probably like for now we’re going to set up the hammock and then do a cute little picnic, I’m taking it up, no come on, let’s eat and you leave me alone, I’m in my coffin. I have to sleep. Please stop swinging me. I’r going to get sick, I’m going to puke and then it’s going to slosh all over me it’ll be like a vomit burrito. What’s up, I’m a baby newborns, be like oh it’s not in there.

Is it that’s why I made that face. I don’t know why we didn’t check to see if there was gas for the guest row that we’re bringing we can start a fire and do it came in style. That’s why I said came in all right guys, so it looks like we’re going to be having some gourmet cold veggie burgers, there’s still no cold frozen yeah. I just don’t think it’s going to taste fun it’ll just be like. Instead of eating a burger it’ll, be kind of like a popsicle on bread, first taste test um gosh, it tastes like I’m eating a cold-cut sandwich.

I think it would have been better warm. Well, that’s a very cold! Hmm Lacey yeah help me out with this. Here. You get the other side. What are you looking sit? Shake, no shake paw, paw, hey, hey homies, we’re going to pack up and leave. Let’s go alright guys. I had to take my hat off. I guess I didn’t have to, but there was an older guy yeah and he was being very nice. I didn’t want to question the youth him, make him question our entire generation by lowering my lovely hat.

This is drunk on it. I brought that hat specifically, so I wouldn’t get sunburned, but I took it off very early on, so I am absolutely going to get sunburned hives. We out here in the middle of the road trying to get hit hey. We made it Lacey, so muddy and wet she’s going to make a mess. Oh god I don’t have the keys sike! Oh, you have things in your hands: she’s, trying to steal the car. She’s like come on hurry up, I’m pulling out of here in 30 seconds off.

It already smells you big, smelly, hairy dog, here’s the thing we took. We took the dogs out like for a walk. Well, it was just her and we left the other one. Oh yeah she’s, angry she’s, pissed off I’m sorry, sunburns sore, tired, tired hungry, as well as much as I loved that frozen veggie patty. It just really didn’t hit the spot for me. What are you going to do? I’r just so tired and I think I coming home.

So what are you going to do?



Cleaning Up The RV Mess ~ Laguna Mountain ~ Hiking With Friends ~ S3E30

Well last night, it was in full effect we’re getting ready to use the vacuum to clean up albe dirt. What’s that five years, oh okay, so there remains of lva. I think I got a article of it last night, but albs is all put together with new dirt and and some rocks in there. It’s looking a little brown we’ll see if he bounces back after that catastrophes copes is a little powdery dan.

I think he knew and we got back, that we weren’t too happy, but we don’t really know in his dog brain of his if he correlates that, with with the mess that was in the RV or just we’re acting weird but we’ll get it all taken. Care of it’s all, it’s all good. We just have to get everything cleaned up and it’ll be a okay factor. Here you get that sweeping down, I’m sure it was driving you nuts, last night, gene so waiting on a phone call for text.

For my friend Zach and I do a couple hikes today, I think we can get out of the RV. Just go explore a little bit. I think last night was a little too much too soon for Kovac, and also that kennel has a side door. That’s how he got out didn’t get a whole lot of walks. Yesterday, early transferring also just Restless here. Yeah, we didn’t give him any of the medicine. We got the anti-anxiety medicine.

So there’s three big things that happened. My fault yeah, so we’re learning just got to get this figured out because we were gone for about a half an hour in the RV was just completely trashed like standing in the middle of the hallway. Like I have wine laughter, they know we need to go back. I can’t matter feeling what would have happened. Had we not gone back, atlas was calling we’re going to get set up catch on the back.

Go back. Don’t like that! That’s rough! If you do, I’m licking the sweeper, so you don’t like the left and remember no! No, after KO bucks rumpus little night last night we almost threw Alby away, but I ended up putting some some more dirt in there and some rocks yeah. She got really sad. Like started crying whenever I’ll be was in there, it’s like her piece of Arizona that comes with us, so I took him out and we set him all up.

This is his new home I’ll, show you what I did. I put two screws in the end of this block. This is where we hold our cookbooks hot sauce stuff like that, and I have a little bungee cord and a little guy right there and it’s going to go around Alfie, that’s going to be his new home. All those people that were so upset about Albee being in some of the front montages you no longer have to worry about it, we’re heading out to meet up with our friends, locking up the RV, and this is such a beautiful spot.

So here we are driving to the height. This is the road that we were planning on, bringing the RV. I’r glad that I have looked it up on satellite images and super good look like oh, I didn’t know you did that yeah. That’s why I decided to do the the casino instead, so we’re only about three miles in from the interstate and we’re still climbing. If I would have been fine, we just would have been going incredibly slow and probably huge line of traffic behind is we’ve only seen.

One turnout this whole time here we are at the first trail and there is Zach and candy. What’s up guys, this is co buck, so here our Zach. He is friend since what fourth grade oh yeah, I think, fourth grade. Fourth, fifth grade actually yeah, one of the very few guys from Indiana had actually left and got out of town, so he moved to California. How long did it take you after school to move out here after after high school after I went to Ivy Tech? Oh man, probably six years because I moved out here in 2012, so it took me 22 years right, yeah ain’t that long as well yeah.

I can’t believe it crazy. So it was awesome to see this guy get out of small-town Indiana and he’s doing a lot out here in California. So great a lot of stuff out here that especially Perry to Indiana. So the trail heads right up there and then we’re hiking up there yep. So we’re going to take off over there and we’ll go through the pass and lead up to the top of the peak awesome. A lot of great shots of the desert over.

As you can see, when you came over here, so you’re going to get a lot of great stuff just finished up with the with the hike ge is writing with Zack and kandi they’re going to go by the grocery store. We have to get some stuff for the RV and also Zack and kandi are going to come over for dinner, we’re going to cook dinner in the RV and then later tonight we’re going to be heading into San Diego there’s, a Home Depot we’re going to park At and they allow overnight parking for RVs and we’re going to go later just so we miss the traffic, I’m still getting my chops up for the for towing.

You know. I know it just makes me a little nervous. I still get used to how long the car is, how the braking is different. How many do you take wider turns into smaller little area, so I’m not going to push it going to take my time with that. Hey everybody thanks for reading and be sure to check out our social media and our website. Kristin G travels calm if you haven’t done so already. Please subscribe and also share this article with your friends.

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