State Parks in Washington State Are Ideal Intriguing Options for Travelers

There are things to do while visiting Seattle, Washington that are inexpensive or either free. Many of the free things to do around Seattle are outdoor activities. Since of the extraordinary views and magnificent surroundings in and around the area, it makes perfect sense that several of these would be checking out the many state parks in the area.

Not all state parks are free to visit but listed below, you will find information on some. If you are a huge fan of nature and the outdoors, this must get your blood pumping. Keep in mind to bring along all the fun devices that make the outdoors fun.

Firstly there is Deception Pass State Park. This park has seawater, freshwater, outdoor camping, trekking, boating, magnificent views, and a couple of locations with play area devices for the children. There are many activities appropriate and available for the island: hiking, horseback riding, boating, fishing, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, clamming, crabbing, bird watching, mountain cycling, and simply seeing the terrific scenery that nature provided.

Next, there is Fort Worden State Park. Fort Warden is a state park in 1955 and stays a popular park and convention. Camping centers are opened on the park year-round. There is a crazy amount to do to keep visitors hectic, pleased, and captivated.

Fort Flagler State Park, like Fort Worden, originally protected the entrance into the Puget Sound. Also, like Fort Worden, Fort Flagler became a fantastic state park in 1955. Fort Flagler still has a couple of the original military facilities that tell the proud history. The seawater around the three sides is terrific. While there are many resemblances between Fort Worden and Fort Flagler, the latter is open for campers for part of the year. Day visitors are permitted year-round, nevertheless. It is the spectacular view of the Sound and the surrounding mountains. However, that makes this park so incredible. I hope you have the possibility to go.

Finally, there is Lime Kiln Point State Park. This park is a 36-acre piece of land that is just for day use. The park sits on the western side of San Juan Island and is an excellent location to watch Orca whales. In addition to enjoying the whales, you can go hiking, trip the lighthouse, and enjoy seeing numerous other wildlife here as well. Diving is possible here but highly unsafe as the currents are not forgiving. The lighthouse still serves as a navigational help for ships in the Haro Strait. Since of the lighthouse and the possibility of seeing whales while visiting, while this specific park offers fewer facilities, it remains my favorite merely. The months of June and July are the very best for whale watching; however, any time throughout May throughout September, whale finding remains possible.


Morning Hike

You can now go to the beach, and apparently you don’t have to keep like a social distance rules and like there’s, no cops enforcing that that’s terrible.

So I mean we still kind of got like our social distancing going on and last week we decided to come to this park. We’re in Hillsboro State Hills were a River State Park. We decided to come last week with less his friend Lauren, but dude the arrow saga. We came for Memorial Day and you it just rained on her house the moment that we arrived here started ringing. We do like a small hike, but it wasn’t that good yeah.

What yeah we just been like less than an hour here! So, no I’m fine right now, so we decided to come back today and we ring the Luna Luna went yesterday for the bet and she got all her shots done so yeah she’s ready for the summer – and we decided to take her here so we’re going to Go for a hike, we’d, learn it. Let’s go all right for mosquito ready. Also, if we get lost, we have eye compass, a compass, quick body, break quick, so we check that what every 4 live in this morning we’re supposed to have sunny skies like this till at least 1 p.

M. But you never know with 4 yeah. So let’s get ahead and did this park is so pretty and like we are like so close and we have never come by hits like that. These are like a second time here and we are we leaving Floria since 2011. It is our first time that we saw this park. Look so pretty big. I want to find out yeah, you got ta, be careful, there’s how the Gators here you know now careful last time we came and we did the paint being our trail yeah.

I was just like one mile today we’re going to do the cemetery. Look everything look like in that tunnel, so you just have to follow this trail and it’s going to make like a big loop. Give you like five miles. There is 13 feet of elevation on this thing, so it’s pretty strange for Florida. We’ve been talking about like Lunas time for a shower, and I think this was like the perfect change for her. Please stop for a little bit of food, so do now also need a water she’s, also getting cliff she.

Those are getting close first. Alright, our food stop is ready. Next up is our car. Alright looks like I saw a trail and the right time place to get him back this way. Alright, we are back to Research Center parking lot. What do you think other trail? I think it was great beautiful old Seri water was clear when I was happy great. It was a great day yeah. It was a great way to start a family well and someone’s like one o’clock.

Alright bye anyway, yeah we’re going home time to get some food and Steve with you right. Here. It’s going to get a shower yeah. She doesn’t know yet, but it’s going to be a surprise. Luna Hansen go out hiking, so much so she’s still learning



Slí Gaeltacht Mhuscraí (GRUELING hiking) section 2 2018

My decision-making is slow, I’m clumsy I keep dropping stuff, and today is the fourth day and the fourth day is normally if you’re going to quit you’re going to quit in the fourth day. You know I have no intention to quitting, but I tell you what my body is not good at the moment, but I’ve got a mountain to climb literally section 2 of the paragraph anyway, Ashley girl took missionary, starting where I left off in Keiko.

It’s a long slog and then a 500-meter sent therese go ganbara on the other side. Next, you passed through the villages of botany gary and by the warning before rounding Mullen a garnish and the knees wind firms once you reach Mill Street. This signifies the end of this section, John back. There was a welcome distraction from the walk about five hours, not really struggle getting up. There barefoot was that very sore and left foot.

I had to untie it and kind of try and alleviate some of the pressure. Strange enough, I’ve seen an angel, grace or angel. They work in a treat at the woman because they talked to John was exactly the pickup. I needed really yeah yeah hold on hold on hold on a second, oh just so we just got a switch off the camera hold on sorry, it’s my dad. You find the strangest things on the Ireland way and was to get even stranger as I stumbled across a spooky-looking abandoned building.

The two blisters on my feet, with every single step have ached, but I’ve still managed to get on. But now I’ve got to get over that now. This is something I wasn’t expecting. It’s a little SOS stuff kiss anybody gets into bother. I love little shelter, lovely little area, absolutely gorgeous. Luckily enough thought, I don’t need it today, not yet anyway, through grish determination. I had made it staring out at the coast for what would be the last time in a while had left me in a reflective mood with the wind picking up and a chill in the air.

It was trying to get down to Goggin barra on the way down. My fever really started feeling downward pressure into the boots. The pain was horrible. I decided to chance my arm and stay the night in the cookin bar hotel. I really recommend staying here as the wonderful staff and the really lovely owners were very accommodating and I was able to rest up and try to soothe my sorry feet. So exactly what I didn’t want today, roads and rain after hobbling for 13 kilometers are with many stops.

I finally made it to Bali nigiri, where the incredibly warm locals went out of their way, not only to lift my spirits but also to find me a place to stay. And so I was forced to take a two-day convalescence. But I was lucky enough to stay at Airness Bird Olga a real hidden gem in the heart of cork. Another massive bonus for me was that my partner, the amazing Aoife, came down for the weekend and really helped me out.

We decided to take a trip back and rejuvenate at google barra, so i’m here rejuvenation going to better just amazing scenic, beautifully, serene place. It’s it refreshes, something in you. It refreshes your spirit and something amazing relaxing about it. I’r not too sure if I’m annoyed by the obstacle it was put in the way or the complexity of the ingenuity of the farmer trying to keep his get lost so was through the three boys and D.

Tell you uh, you guys are loved. Here’s got a love when stuff, like that happens, and the first guy came as Michael. I was from here just got the scar, Tia everyone Barney Leah Barney, I mean in in December 1940. Next thing his friend came on the bike. The two of them were there talkin yeah anyway, and next thing: the lovely Deirdre and cameras name. No, but yeah next thing they all came out and they’re.

So welcoming so lovely and a query is all cracked to talk to grateful crack. That’s true, yeah! That’s what adventures like this are all about. That’s what they’re all about they’re all about meeting people like that just enjoy in the moments that calm once I reached Bala Varney, I took a break at the Abbey Hotel. Where I got my next stamp chilly morning. Was the last morning of this walk race against time last night had to camp in in the woods, but there’s a couple of signs missing just outside Bala Varney, so if they’re still missing be careful but yeah cold morning, so let’s get to ministration.

I also had picked up and war wound, so my foot situation at the moment the blue wedgie things I had originally in, but I needed extra pad – have that import and then like to try and change my bootstrap, because this part here was hurting my toe. I was killing my toe, so I had to yeah there. I know the midges are attacking me, so I got ta get out of here quickly battered bloodied and blistered. I finally made it to Mill Street



First Yosemite Hikes

One hour later: that’s Sentinel rock and half done that’s Royal archers all the way on their back. In the ground, just in time for lunch all right, just a brief intermission from now the article is going to jump to a different place and put in the valley, and the reason for that is because I basically forgot to record it.

I mean I was so excited like do you drive and you see so many stuff, then you just like forget to record it. But basically what happened is like that day. We didn’t have a place to sleep in the valley. The thing is like if you’re going to your semin in July, dude there’s a lot of people going to your 7. You like, like they get like 4 million people a year. So that’s a lot of people in that part, so we couldn’t find on Tuesday.

We didn’t have any place to sleep, so Leslie came out with a great idea. Like I let you sleep in the wilderness. We got our wilderness permits the first day that we got there, but basically, what we end up doing was like getting out of the valley going up again. Then we take Tioga Road, a beautiful, beautiful road. I don’t have that much article of it. I was just like reading it, it was a really nice road and we stopped at Mount Hoffman.

Basically from there. We do that hike with all of our stuff, like our 10 hour pillows our food for the day, and if we spend the night there dude, it was a beautiful occasion. We mostly take pictures. I will show you a couple of pictures, alright back to the show. It into that sound, which, let me show you this guy day, two in Yosemite National Park,



Scotland’s Mountain’s,Ben Armine Walk,Hike And Bike In The Highlands Of Scotland,Sutherland

But I’ll be cutting off and going south of that track there. So in the distance you can see, tools called bent are nine. If I have time I’m going to go and climb them too, and then I’m on the back over there, so I’ll cycle it to them and then bag them and then come back the same way down this track here.

So it should be a good day. Beautiful places, sutherland massive area of a bog and moorlands really looking forward to this one, so, oh you can come along. Ok, I forgot nice easy track to start the day, smooth packages. Wow, that’s a lot better! Look in the front of you! This is a lot better, a lot or bad unlock. What an area good bridge this getting out into sticks. Now there is a larger pickle bed and lunch bed and lot lunch.

Sorry, which is just over there on the left, left the lodge behind now and I’m still on the lot bed and look it’s a massive block still on the track for quite way it’s getting really windy. Now it’s a no colder! You join me pushing the back of the minute. The area spindle of just sheared off paint the bump and it just went so the wheel pulling to the left hand side when a bony pressure on the pedals, it’s okay for freewheeling, but that’s it so I’m pushing it on the pills and I’m going to go.

Just riding on the flat and I’ll put myself there: they are both of them and she wanted so much just beyond ben-amun it’s just beyond that Ridge. There been clear, bracing cloud now so just showing our five got to go yeah. What we on there, where that green packet and then around the corner, just pulled off the track, have a look at this little nothing I mean what a place haven’t bought a beautiful and it really nice looks like it does all the doors walked whenever that fix.

It back so I’ll bring you back over and out yeah. I push you up. This bitch slaps bit of a land, it’s erm the tires rubbing on the frame, so it’s okay on the flat and then down I’ll just send this side. Anybody who wants a beer! You have to walk fourteen point three miles: let’s go and get one look at the crash game. Suns going out now makes such a difference. Vent clear breaking clogged still been open the far distance one wrong and been loyal Wow you see how far I’ve come where that Hill is there.

The road is just runs underneath that hill there after walk back and ditch the batter, will don’t know if you can see them on camera, but some red deer, they’re stags. One of them is look at this I mean there’s wilderness and then there’s a will dirt. Nurse there they go rotten season, ditch the back there and that’s the track there. I’r going to follow this burn up now up there people’s it there’s like a Pawnee track that ones up there.

So up there I got this is where the old work starts blow up there only I managed to get on the track, and now we’re going southeast this way, but probably about a mile on here before we cooked out on over to Southwest over there. Still on this quad track, whatever it is now we are really going up into sticks over there. It looks like it’s raining, so awfully don’t come this way. First, sighting of it create acquired glass, I’ll put it on the screen because he saw to pronounce as usual, he’s getting him.

I’ve left the track down there. Well, where that green patch is there. I am I’m wondering where to follow that waterfall up and up the Belak or follow this one when round that way, I’ll have a look when I get over this engineer, so I better get cracking times getting on yeah just a quickie. I decided not to do the waterfall, I have to go down and there and it looked quite boggy, so I’m going to go up this be like and then drop down again and then up onto the top.

It’s just getting a bit a cloud on. It now go away cloud. It’s getting a bit blowing up here now that were a leg, Buster caught up there slip area every date, grass and everything Wow better, be worth it. This is one tough Grand Mountain okay get out there, remote mountain, that’s looking southwest look at it just goes for mile after mile of bog, and I hope, there’s a summit we’re pretty blowy over there.

So I’m just going to get a drink about city, gagging for him. Well, what’s come in rain and missed everything losing the views no come on trick point: where are you call me that for now, yeah it’s getting worse and worse! I’ve come this far, I’m going to bag it. I’ve got it, but look at it. I’r sorry, I’m laughs! Anybody! It’s just look! It’s out of this for again create a choir glass with your poor little trick.

Point I’m going to put a stone on to make you bigger I’ll, show you a few because it’s completely gone now, there’s another Grand Mountain over in that direction, quite away on with the broken bag and the time it’s tenting. I was going to do it, but well that’s my excuse device broken, but it is quite a way back a bit of pushing of the back. So I better get out of here yeah, not much of a view. Sorry just disappoint.

You know that happens. It has been clear all this time. Sometimes you get lucky some damaged or about time to get going feel that there that’s the one I came up to come around to this, but I’m going to go down the river now just to cut it out of it. No point climbing back up again just come down this river here, it’s blowing a Hooley now and, as you can see, it’s raining very hard now. I would like to be up there now, so I’m going to follow that River and get back onto the track.

So better get going just down really time get back to the track, Wow. Finally, the track. He said, I don’t have to sit on pillion the distance where well just to the right of it so quite worried about yeah. He even missed it only inhale. You know this either one okay rains really come on now. I’ve got back to the main track, the backs there and that’s look at it now. It’s all while looking away winter, been a big day, still got a lot to do yet getting back slowly, just going to Schultze depends coffee for a second then get a drink.

You see all the deer proper stag party going on there oh come on running now. He’s just spotted it Wow smoke about 30 or more 30, 35 at least more more or less back now, and back at this Beach and poop now well yeah. I hope you enjoyed the article I still enjoy doing it despite the bat problem, so I’m just going to go and grab some tea now and jump in the van and carry on on the next mission, which is probably more towards the northwest, might be Bentley break Or then hope we’ll see so hope you enjoyed it and, as usual, just leave a comment or a like, whichever you want and I’ll catch the next one so go back from Sutherland.



All About Silverwood Lake California State Recreational Area Boating Fishing Camping Hiking Swimming

Another awesome vlog, please excuse the wind noise. It is a little bit breezy up here today, but we have made it to Silverwood Lake in San Bernardino County. It is so beautiful here we’ve never been here before, so we’re going to kind of hike around and see if we can find a spot that we’re happy with and then we’ll show you some more all right, so we’ve finally gotten down to where we wanted to Be right by the water, but it has been a challenge for us so when we first got here.

Obviously we’ve never been here before, and this is a really big place. There are multiple parking lots, their specific parking lots just for boats, and then there is parking lot number one. Two and three. We ended up parking in parking lot number three, because the others were full and even this parking lot was very close to being full. But luckily we were able to find a spot. We were provided a map, so we’ve tried to look on the map and figure out the trail down to the water.

We believed it was the trail that runs oh. So that is what we followed all the way down, and it made it down to the lake, except there was about a 15 to 20 foot section of trees brush including poison ivy, that you had to go. Oh poison oak yeah that you had to go through in order to get down to the lake, so we realized this was not the right way. It was actually just a hiking trail that was going to take you around the hike.

So we had to regroup. Go back to the car figure out where we really needed to go. We found some people who, along the way that helped us out, but we found a nice little trail, a shortcut down to the water. We met a lovely family here who has let us share their shade and we have a beautiful view of the lake right there. This nice guy right here, thank you. So now we’re going to have a delicious watermelon snack and then some lunch and then we’re going to do a little exploring.

So what do you call us here at Silverwood we are silver. Would like rook ease the nice reservoir mountain lake and anywhere you go. You’ve got to get through the oak, so we’ve hiked up through here we’re heading around to the lake and there’s plenty of bathrooms along the way – and I stand here in this chilly Lake – I want to provide you with a little bit about information about it, but First, I want to apologize again for the wind.

It is really really breezy here today, which makes it feel wonderful because it cooled it down for us, but I know it makes it hard on your hearing. So I hope you can hear it okay, but I did want to tell you I’m just going to get a little bit of information off the top of my head. I know this is a man-made lake and it was created in 1971. It flows off of the mojave river and it is at 4355 feet is the elevation, I don’t know exactly the size of the lake or how much water is here, but I do know that it fits on the eastern side of the California Aqueduct.

If you can see way off in the distance, there’s actually still a little bit of snow up there all right. So I want to give you a little information about how to get here so you’re, going to head north on the 15 freeway toward Hesperia and you’re. Going to get off on the 138 and you’re going to turn right, you’re going to take back for about seven to eight miles, you’re just going to follow the road until you get to a sign that says Silverwood Lake and you’re, going to turn off to the Left from there you’ll just follow the signs and it’ll.

Take you right to the ranger station, where you can pay to come in. So if you’re coming in for day use, it is $ 10 per vehicle. If you have someone with you who’s over 62 years of age, they get a senior discount, so that makes it only nine dollars a day. If you want to launch a boat, it’s ten dollars a day for day use. But if you do want to come in camp here, they do have campsites here, it’s 50 dollars for camp sites with hookups $ 45 without hookups and on those you get a $ 2 discount if you’re over 62 years of age.

If you bring an additional vehicle with you, while you’re camping, that is ten dollars a day and if you just want to come in and hike or bike, it’s $ 5 a day. So it’s very very reasonable to come here. Obviously, a lot of people are here making use of it today, it’s a beautiful beautiful day and it’s a wonderful place to come with your family. Again, we apologize for the wind, but if this area is where you can come for rentals, so you can rent a locker.

You can rent a pedal boat. If you want a two-person pedal boat for one hour, it’s 23 dollars an hour, and it goes up from there. If you want to rent a pedal boat for four people, it’s 38 dollars a person. That’s a long time, though, to pedal around for an hour. You’d probably be tired after an hour, but you can even have them for all day. If you want, they have jet ski rentals for 99 dollars an hour or a hundred and sixty nine dollars for two hours.

They also have kayaks. If you want a one-person kayak, it’s $ 18 for an hour, and if you want a two-person kayak, it’s 23 dollars an hour and then it goes up from there if you want to keep them longer, but that’s really cool that they have all these rentals available. Right behind me, these are the jet skis for rent. It looks like they only have one two-person paddle boat available for rent. Today, the rest of them are out on the lake somewhere, but over here we still have a lot of the four-person paddle boats available and a couple of kayaks down there at the end, there’s definitely still snow melting somewhere, because this water is melting and flowing down Into the lake – and it is ice-cold, it says – there’s no lifeguard on duty, even though they have a lifeguard tower here, but there isn’t one here at this tower for sure.

However, as we’ve been walking around, we have seen lifeguards walking around with their buoys just in case, so at least it is nice that they kind of are walking the edges of the waters. We’ve come to another part of the lake, and I just want to tell you: the mountain air is so clean and so wonderful here it is like just breathing fresh air. The whole time we’re here. The other thing that’s been really amazing.

Is we really hiked around a lot of places and we’ve passed a lot of people’s camps? You know everywhere out here. People are just kind of set up off to the side, sometimes by the water, sometimes away from the water, but it is really family friendly everywhere. We walked, people just say hi and they way when you walk by it’s just a really really wonderful, positive family friendly place to come and visit.

We’ve made it back to our car. This is parking lot number three. So if you come here make sure you are prepared to hike for one to two miles minimum from parking lot: three, it’s at least a mile down to the lake and then, if you want to walk around at all, it’s probably another mile or so to get To another section of the lake, if you can get in parking lot, one or two it’s much closer to the lake, but still be prepared, because we got here fairly early and parking lot, one and two and almost parking lot.

Three even was full, but at least we did find a spot also make sure you bring food and water because you get thirsty while you’re hiking Plus while you’re here there’s not a lot of food places, you’re going to want to snack or maybe even have some Lunch so bill brought some stuff for us to make sandwiches. Of course, we had our delicious refreshing, watermelon and plenty of water and plenty of juice.

We are going to end our article here, even though this might not be the actual end of our article, but we’re going to end it here, just in case the reason for that is we’re getting ready to head home, but we’re going to take the mountain route. Instead of heading back to the 15 freeway, there was a big rig fire late last night and the freeway is still backed up it’s about one to two hours of traffic that we would have to sit in if we went that way.

So we’re going to avoid that and we’re going to take a beautiful scenic ride home if we find anywhere to stop along the way, we’ll stop off and film it for you. But if we don’t we’re just going to cruise on home and then that would be the end of our article, so I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you get an opportunity to come up here. If you live locally and visit this Lake, because it’s really lovely don’t forget to smash the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe,



Hiking the cliff-side in Siurana Spain

So I think we’re going to see Rana, which apparently is some of the best rock climbing in the world and we’re not going rock climbing. We are going to go and do some hiking so see you there wow. This is absolutely awesome out here, right on the edge of the cliff Marni’s, a little bit excited about the edge seeing as there’s no railing, but it’s quite a bit of room, so we’re okay, so here’s the actual town of Siena.

Well, this hike just had some absolutely breathtaking areas on it: some kind of sketchy spots that you get pretty close to the edge it’s pretty safe, all in all we’re probably going to try and find someplace for a snack and a drink and then head back to Terre going



Hiking Tips – Get all the Close Ups

You Can Even Make A cool Video with One Walking Shot and like Six close-Ups, Because that close-Up Makes the viewer be able to Imagine What you’re Experiencing and That’s after all, the Important Part. This is extreme Close-Ups. It’s very nice! If You have the Opportunity to use A 50mm lens, which is What We got on here, it Just Gives it an Incredibly good Depth of Field.

You don’t have one of These and You’ve got a Phone, then Just get Really Really Really Close Than Just Disappeared. So the light’s Not Listening in There Water Droplets Anymore, Be back in A second Sometimes, Even Though you’re Going to Shot least A To get a you know, one of Those Impact Shots Does Appear from Time to Time See Dean Up. There has seen an Opportunity for the light Shining Through the flowers Which I look Pretty cool Over.

Something Like me Talking, Which can be Really Boring. So to Add A bit of Impact to the Conversation and understand where we are. You Can Overlay a shot of some Really cool Flowers, Whilst Listening to me Trying to explain where we are, Even Though I know Nothing about Flowers,



HIKING in ROMANIA part 2 | Countryside of TRANSYLVANIA (near famous Bran Castle)

I’r 37 years old, I live in Bucharest. I started outdoor activities in Romania four years ago because I wanted to spend as much time as possible in the nature doing what I like, which is hiking meeting locals. So I quit my job as a computer programmer and then I started outdoor activities slowly but surely it grew and hopefully it will get bigger as time goes by. I would say that our best strengths, if you will, is the fact that me and my colleagues – we have a lot of of knowledge on the field, so we covered a lot of Romania.

I have covered, I think, 80 or 90 % of the country, so I could talk to you about a million places and we put all this know-how into our tours can change the plan on the spot if possible. For you say we realize that you are not very fit for the hikes that we have in mind, so we notice it on the first day. Ok, the, but because we have other ideas about the other possible hikes. We can say: ok, let’s stop the minivan here or the car here, and move more right or more left and choose something else which is good for you.

So we don’t we’re, not those kind of people who say you chose this tour. You have to do it. No matter what we can change it for you, so that you can enjoy. That’s that’s our specialty, so we can come up with ideas just like that and pull rabbits out of the hat. And what is one of the most memorable tours that you did like either because of the people or either because of the place that you visited, so both, I would say like.

I could tell you like a million stories, but probably yeah what one of the the stories that I remember is. From a few years ago we had a group from from Belgium, he has seven people and they booked a hiking tour and we were supposed to go to the mountains and do a really nice hike and it was April. So there was still snow and the guy. I talked to on the email said: yes, we are, all feet were good and so on.

So I thought okay in the morning when we met at the hotel, so I was supposed to pick up several people and I picked up only five, because two of them had been drinking the night before so they couldn’t doing the tour. And when I look at them in the morning they like people, so I thought this is going to be interesting, so we got to the mountains and we started to go up. One of them was wearing like office shoes really off his shoes and after half an hour, he said why quit I just I just cannot do this, so he went back to the minivan because we had a minivan and I continued with the rest.

We finished the tour and then one of them told me that actually, the leader did not tell them anything about this. He told them, probably that it was just a walk in the park, something basic, so anybody can do it, so they had little idea to hike. So eventually it was, it was nice. The reviews were 5 stars, but imagine I I was in the mountains with people who had no idea about hiking, and we also did some hiking today in more rural areas like.

Why is it important for you to have different kind of sceneries because you get different people on tour and you never know what they prefer? Of course they might tell you in advance, but at the same time, if you want to make the tour special, then you have to guess, and so, if you take them two years there and they find that to be too difficult if they find it to be. Like a challenge, then, you might offer them something which is not far from user, which is more rural bucolic.

As we say they get to see. Haystacks and cows, sheep shepherds nice, rolling hills, they can have plenty of options for photography and so on, like you’re. A super fit person. How do you stay fit? I do jogging, although I don’t like it, but I have to do it. I do swimming every once in a while. I do a lot of hiking. I think that keeps you in shape. If you do a lot of hiking, then you’re fine, but if you do jogging as well.

That’s that’s good! So you need a lot of cardio. You don’t need to go to the gym and do lift weights. It doesn’t help like nope. You




I haven’t used yet hikes that I did everything yep, it’s a great idea. Let’s go dude! Sorry about that I was picking. I was going hiking, but now, if I want to make a article, actually have to stay here, to do a vid about hiking, so hiking would be a good idea, but it’s doing the PD of that.

You know: what’s not a good idea, thinking about doing a beautiful hiking month ago and not organizing your footage, so you can find it easily and quickly. That’s not a good idea. Hiking there’s so many great things about hiking that I don’t know where it stopped. So, let’s start with the baby, what do I consider hiking? So basically I would describe hiking as walking just for the purpose of walking and that’s the great thing about it.

You can pretty much do it anywhere. I didn’t at any moment you can do it alone. You can do it with friends, you can do it with strangers. When it comes to hiking, you make the rules, and mainly you follow you move. You can hike a city, although a lot of people would just consider it walking, but who can help your friends and who’s? To tell you the difference, you can hike everywhere on every type of terrain rocks dirt dream would as well, but of course, the best hide their nature.

When somewhere, your car can get get to see a perspective that you sorry I’m going to get allows my thoughts here but yeah. Basically, what I was saying before is related to you know that that platitude, it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey. Well, hiking, usually, is the destination and the journey it’s going back to the roots, the oldest mean of transportation of men and animals. Ever it has always been around in a way on another, and it will always be around.

Everyone can do it with all without shoes. Even if pure mobile, you bees, you can just go, take a walk on the street around the nearest park. If you’re in the right mindset it’s hiked and if you’re a finished man alive, you can go and do a hiker involves some climbing bridges, easy low bridge high bridge and hang a card bridge. All types of bridges, sorry got carried away. Do I really like bridges as long as you have a bit of common sense? You can do any height a bit of perversion, you could choose backpack water, some food and you could to go.

You can go hike for a few minutes. A few hours for home base or even multiple, they hike some people even do trips that last month, where most of what they do is just remember. It’s the oldest mean of transport. It used to be that if you wanted to go anywhere, you had to walk there and take a hike, so you pretty much can go. Do it on any distance you want, or you can combine with the road trip. I’ve heard about some people doing that.

So I would just describe hiking as walking, although you can also run your hikes, but that’s bringing things to another level. So, as I said, it’s walking with a purpose or maybe not, but in the mindset trying to rediscover your limits, it can be done anywhere in the world. So if you feel like it, go out there and take a hike you I really need a hike living in a city is driving me crazy. Thank you guys for reading.

Remember that if it’s easy, it’s not funny and seen the next one