State Parks in Washington State Are Ideal Intriguing Options for Travelers

There are things to do while visiting Seattle, Washington that are inexpensive or either free. Many of the free things to do around Seattle are outdoor activities. Since of the extraordinary views and magnificent surroundings in and around the area, it makes perfect sense that several of these would be checking out the many state parks in the area.

Not all state parks are free to visit but listed below, you will find information on some. If you are a huge fan of nature and the outdoors, this must get your blood pumping. Keep in mind to bring along all the fun devices that make the outdoors fun.

Firstly there is Deception Pass State Park. This park has seawater, freshwater, outdoor camping, trekking, boating, magnificent views, and a couple of locations with play area devices for the children. There are many activities appropriate and available for the island: hiking, horseback riding, boating, fishing, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, clamming, crabbing, bird watching, mountain cycling, and simply seeing the terrific scenery that nature provided.

Next, there is Fort Worden State Park. Fort Warden is a state park in 1955 and stays a popular park and convention. Camping centers are opened on the park year-round. There is a crazy amount to do to keep visitors hectic, pleased, and captivated.

Fort Flagler State Park, like Fort Worden, originally protected the entrance into the Puget Sound. Also, like Fort Worden, Fort Flagler became a fantastic state park in 1955. Fort Flagler still has a couple of the original military facilities that tell the proud history. The seawater around the three sides is terrific. While there are many resemblances between Fort Worden and Fort Flagler, the latter is open for campers for part of the year. Day visitors are permitted year-round, nevertheless. It is the spectacular view of the Sound and the surrounding mountains. However, that makes this park so incredible. I hope you have the possibility to go.

Finally, there is Lime Kiln Point State Park. This park is a 36-acre piece of land that is just for day use. The park sits on the western side of San Juan Island and is an excellent location to watch Orca whales. In addition to enjoying the whales, you can go hiking, trip the lighthouse, and enjoy seeing numerous other wildlife here as well. Diving is possible here but highly unsafe as the currents are not forgiving. The lighthouse still serves as a navigational help for ships in the Haro Strait. Since of the lighthouse and the possibility of seeing whales while visiting, while this specific park offers fewer facilities, it remains my favorite merely. The months of June and July are the very best for whale watching; however, any time throughout May throughout September, whale finding remains possible.


WHAT’S CLOSED & HOW TO FIND OUT – State Parks – National Parks – BLM – Corps of Engineers – Forests

If you found this one and in five minutes you’re like what are they doing, that’s because there’s another one. We did two today why I didn’t want to make the first one about the imported beer germs I wanted to make it about. Regular is stuff we still talked about. We did way too much like Tobit 19 yeah, but this one is all about that and it is RV related.

It’S not panic. It’S not disinformation. In fact, just the opposite. I have tried to do some research. Unfortunately, as you see this, much of this could have changed, but most of what I’m telling you isn’t actual like status of stuff, it’s how to figure out what the status of stuff is so but everything we’re saying. I mean we’re filming this on Wednesday March 18th. So everything needs two thousand twenty two thousand our date is its current as of today, as of today, at nine fifty eight Central Time so, first off I want to dispel a couple of rumors.

I have seen these all over the place. One is important ish, the other is important, so we’ll do the important issue. One first, you may have heard people have posted it in our comments. People have posted it on. I think my Instagram toilet paper is not made in Wuhan China. Toilet paper is not, I repeat, not made in China. We do not import toilet paper from China. Ninety percent of the toilet paper made in the U networks re used in the United States sold.

The United States is made in the United States. The other ten percent comes from Mexico or Canada, so we have a. We have good control on our toilet paper supply. Now I have read an article and I saw from another person, pointed out to the New York Times. These are the kinds of things that I would trust places like the New York Times for somebody went and researched about toilet paper and why everyone’s panicking and what the situation is, they did say that 10 % of the raw paper.

If you don’t know you make pulp and you put it on big ass rolls and they’re huge and they get carried around by forklifts and stuff them into gigantic and that’s raw paper, and then people take that paper and do stuff with it mm-hmm they bleach it. They cut it up, they shred it up and recast, they do all kind stuff, that’s raw paper. Ten percent of our raw paper does come from China, but only ten percent, so 90 percent is American trees, yeah or recycled paper or whatever they use.

I have no idea, I don’t care, we actually know someone who works up in Oregon for a company that makes paper products so yeah exactly please stop freaking out. Yes, I stopped buying toilet paper by the truckload. Okay, the important one travel restrictions. We have had several people send out alarming messages posts whatever about the impending travel restrictions. In fact, there was supposed to be travel restrictions, nation, wide national travel restrictions imposed on Monday.

You know to you five days ago. Did it happen? No, even though I saw people on Twitter saying I have sources at the Department of Defense, I can’t tell you who they are bs. There are no impending travel restrictions. I will drop some knowledge on you now, as of now the National Security Council. Those are the people that advised the President on national security issues explicitly said on Twitter and other places.

They are not planning, nor have they planned any kind of national quarantine. That is not in the works and they deferred those decisions to the CDC. It’S not their purview, it’s the CD sieze thing. Current discussions are being had about travel restrictions and those pertain only to Airlines and possibly trains and buses, but mostly to Airlines, not that it matters Delta’s, grounded 40 percent of their fleet.

We’Ve heard anecdotal that planes are virtually empty on some routes, that that might be a self fulfilling thing, they’re choosing not to fly because they don’t want to be put in an airplane with a bunch of other people right so um according to dr. Fauci he’s like Super smart he’s almost as smart as I am, and he is part of the National Allergy and Infectious Disease Institute super smart people. He said he’s kind of the guy if you’ve ever seen him an older guy, dr.

Fauci, white hair. You know doctor looking at dude, he’s come out and said. Yes, we have talked about travel restrictions, airline travel restrictions, but he said they have not talked about them seriously. So there is no impending near as I can tell I’ve looked at different sources. I’Ve searched for it. I haven’t found anything that talks about some kind of vehicular travel restrictions like they close state borders or County borders and stuff.

First of all, that would be really difficult, if not impossible, to actually enforce but nobody’s closing down private vehicular travel. There are no serious discussions about travel restrictions and especially the kind that would shut down entire states and not allow you to move from state to state and stuff like that. That is not on the table right now. It could be in the future. I don’t know. I think would be wildly unconstitutional, but right now that is not a problem.

Don’T listen to that. Crap what’s closed, as we all know, lots and lots of state parks and other places have been closing. That is true. There are states that are closing down their state parks. Florida just did it in the last day or two close down all their state parks to campers not to day use. Other states have gone the opposite way. They closed down day use but allow campers to come in which makes sense campers already distance themselves from one another that is happening.

Things are closing, there’s probably never going be a resource about private RV parks, because they’re private they’re owned not by some, are owned by big companies like koa or a Thousand Trails, but most are owned by individuals, families or their small little. You know chains, you know, or somebody else, two or three or something regionally but you’re, probably never. You need a resource. Some of those might close you’re going to have to check on that.

But as far as state parks, yes, are some closing. I’M not going to try and tell you what they’re why? Because it changed. While I was talking it’s going to keep changing. What I’m going to do, however, is give you some resources. Some resources have popped up. Thank You Internet. The Internet’s a wonderful thing to help you figure this out, so if you’re out traveling around and you’re, like I’m wondering if my summer plans are going to hack or if the next place, I’m going is closed.

There are places you can find out. First of all, if you have a reservation and you’re concerned check with that entity, yeah state that County that city, that koa, that Thousand Trails wherever and find out what’s going on, look at their website call them on the phone, whatever check their website. First, the fewer calls the better because they are probably getting a lot of phone calls Compendium, camp and IAM calm.

There’S links in the description for all the stuff I mentioned compendium. Comm has a list of states and the status of the parks, they’re in state parks and now Corps of engineer parts. Just like state parks Corps of Engineers is separated into regions around, not States but regions. Some regions have closed. I don’t know which ones other regions are still open. Camp and iam has a list and they’re updating it on a regular basis.

So you can go see, what’s open and what’s closed as of right now, there’s also another place rootless, ar-ar-ar-ar OT, all OT route like a tree root. They missed a huge opportunity to have a double entendre by having it called route like route rootless. You know get it, but they didn’t. Its rootless are OoT living magazine link in the description. They also have a list of state parks and they’re open and closed status.

So you can go there. Those are updated on a fairly regular basis. If you just want a quick view, what state should I go to this summer? Who don’t want to go that state they’re already closed this state’s wide open, I’m going to go check their website? Oh looks like they plan to stay open, great, I’m going to that state this summer. You can go. Do that RV travel.Com! I think it’s in the description.

It’S it’s a RV travel website with news and articles and stuff they have a running list of articles about the virus and the repercussions thereof that they’re keeping they may not be about park closures. Although there are articles, there are all kinds of articles that even loosely affect our veers full-timers or whatever it’s a great place to kind of keep track of. What’S going on that may or may not affect you personally instead of trying to go over, like you know, bigger news organizations where you’re nobody to them.

This is about RV stuff. So that’s a great place. I look down there tons of articles a lot of them. You’Re, like hey, that’s important, what’s that all about, so you can go over there and count it it’s news for our viewers about about the virus. So that’s a good good place. The National Park System. Lots of people are looking forward to going to national parks of all kinds, not just the big national parks, but other national park units.

You know historical parks, whatever else they have. I don’t remember what does that? Have you know national recreation areas there you go stuff like that. You know that’s all under the National Park as of right now, they’re, not closing national parks. There are certain parts of national parks that are closed, like the elevator. That takes you up to the top of Washington. Monument is now closed. I wouldn’t get in an elevator with a bunch of people.

I don’t know anyway. A lot of the visitor centers are going to be closed as well, but I mean gee am i. I did read something that said: you know why. Why would they want to close the national parks? They want people to get out into nature, because if you’re out nature you’re not with a bunch of people, it’s not something. Hopefully it’s not something there good day. There’S no harm in you going to a national park and taking a hike.

You can easily distance yourself from other people. The problem is when you get people in, like you, know, movie theaters, ballparks theme park, cue lines, things like that. You know or they’re right next to each other and they really don’t have a choice: national parks, most national parks. You definitely have Chui is board and it was skull. Can we stop talking about this? Is this over? Yet what is Han coming back, so National Parks isn’t currently open, but you can go to their site.

They do have a thing. They have an update. Just like a lot of places do BLM Forest Service, nada. I could not find anything on the main BLM and Forest Service websites about closures or coronavirus at all. There are no updates so as of right now, as far as I know, BLM land Forest Service land is still open and will remain open. I don’t know why they, they can’t close it for real. They might close like campgrounds like Forest Service campgrounds.

That’S why I looked or BLM campgrounds for that matter. You know actual campgrounds with actual spots and fire rings and tables and stuff, but even then they have no updates at all. So I don’t think that’s an issue. Boondocking should continue to be fine. It’S really hard to keep people off public land, especially out west. If you haven’t been out west, you have no idea, it’s so vast and so big and there’s so many ways in and out of many of these places that there’s no way they could ever enforce that, and I don’t know why they’d want to that’s ridiculous.

The one thing is many parks of all kinds: private RV parks, Thousand Trails, you name it state parks that are still open, have curtailed group activities. So if you’re swimming pools right any any anywhere like I said, they’re closing the laundry room because they don’t want anybody. Congregating with each other, basically they just don’t want the liability so they’re, just shutting it all down. Don’T expect the menus.

Don’T expect guided tours, don’t expect ranger-led programs, don’t expect movie nights at Yosemite this this summer. You know that stuff’s probably not going to happen, but as far as visiting it shouldn’t as of right now should not be a problem. My advice on this – and this is just advice – I’m not an expert by any means, but this goes for life in general. Expect the worst and hope for the best plan your next few months, your summer as if this will all kind of peak and then start going down like it has in China, for instance, assuming China’s not lying to us about.

What’S going on there right now and they shouldn’t be because there’s a lot of international people in there overseeing the situation, but that it’ll, it’ll, peak and taper off and maybe by early to mid summer, we’ll be back to a normal issue. Life plan for that. If the state you’re gone to and the state parks are open and there’s reservations, go ahead, make the reservations you know just play out like is, but at this point have a back-up plan yeah and maybe, in the back of your mind, we’re already kind of doing That I mean it, doesn’t it doesn’t take much for us to go boondocking.

We just basically go boondocks. We don’t have to prepare a whole lot, but keep that in mind start thinking about where you might want to be this summer and where you could camp long term, a friend’s house. You know your own land. If you have it boondocking places like that, where you can get away, if things do really go south yeah, if the huge closures of places start happening and we’re all put out on to the proverbial street plan for that think about it, you know that that could Happen, I don’t think it will happen, but just kind of keep it in your mind.

So what appears to be safe as of right now, harvest hosts harvest host sent us an email and I’m sure lots of the other members got it none. As of that email. None of their hosts have said they are closed to campers, so they may have different procedures like they may not. Have you to check in maybe a wine there tasting room is closed or something, but you know they may ask that you just you know when you go, they may say when you get your call.

Tell us we’ll have somebody point you where you should park and whatever, but our casing rooms closed, but we’re still happy to have you overnight, blah blah blah, yeah boon. Dockers, welcome! It is up to each host a same with. Heartis house is up to each host, but they’ve already heard anecdotal information about hosts, allowing people to stay, even if they might have coronavirus, because they understand lots of blue Dockers.

Welcome hosts are also our beers, so they kind of understand our lifestyle and what that means. So there may be plenty of them who allow you they’ll just say: hey, there’s where you can park go park, don’t come anywhere, yeah stay in your rig or or they might go, hey we’ve been exposed right, don’t come near us, we’re not going to be socializing With you kind of thing, but as far as I know right now there are not mass cancellations or lots of hosts.

Who are, I think most people are just like yeah. I got a bunch of land you can still park on it, yeah not a big deal. A free public land camping again have not seen or heard anything that that will ever be closed down. I don’t know how they would enforce it, and I don’t know why they would even do it so boondocking this summer is probably ago and right now, for that matter, Thousand Trails Thousand Trails they have updates on their website.

You can see it if you’re a member or not go to their website Thousand Trails comm I believe, but anyway go there. They have an update, they changed it yesterday, they’re getting more strict about like Jen said earlier. They were just cleaning more and they had stopped group activities now. They’Ve closed pools that closed laundry rooms, camping is still open and I don’t foresee them closing that again.

What’S the point when we’re all spread out in the campgrounds, it’s like we’re, not really hurting anyone, and and besides that they do have annual sites. They have people that are living Angell sites or in in park models. So I don’t know how how they could even do that anyway. It doesn’t make any sense no, but they are getting a little stricter, but as of this point, I’ve not seen or heard any suggestion that overnight stays a thousand trails will be closed.

It’S just all the amenities and stuff. So but you know: hey, that’s life, most RV parks, I would just say most RV parks are probably going to remain open period. I have no information about that. That’S just my gut feeling. Most of them will remain open. They may have different procedures, they may closed amenities, but an over pulling into a spot and staying for a week or two doing your own thing.

Why would they stop? Because most of them are privately owned and they can make that decision and honestly their businesses? They need the money, you know they make money by having people come stay there. So for the most part I would guess they’re going to stay open. They probably going to be pretty strict about. You know interactions but yeah Italy tell you when you arrive call the office or when you arrive, your packet is, is in a box grab your packet go to your sign site.

We’Ll. Have somebody come by later and check you in kind of thing? So there’s not people waiting in offices and stuff like that yeah, but I don’t foresee LA. I don’t see all of our be marked RV parks, closing in fact I first seen most of them staying open, but you know you never know so just as right. Now, though, I haven’t seen mask closures of private RV parks and if they are doing that, I don’t know how we would ever find out right.

So escapees parks there’s not a lot of rainbow parks, escapees, owned parks. There are member owned parks, co-op cooperatives, coops and those, I think, are run by the people who go up, but escapees has several parks around the country. There’S not a lot as right now, they’re remaining open same thing, curtailing amenities but open for overnight stays. It’S up. That’S what I know it’s open right now, so I we’re still in okay shape state parks, closing, especially in busy areas like Florida go through our wrench into the plans.

So you might want to have some backup plans. You might want to go to more friendly environments. Don’T go out west there’s it’s crowded, it’s full! The West is full. No I’m just kidding if heading somewhere with more public land places that aren’t maybe so trigger-happy when it comes to. You know politicians and bureaucrats deciding they’re going to save the world by doing stuff. Without thinking of the consequences, so the one thing I will say please, please do not horde reservations, don’t go hey! I’M going to get ahead of this, I’m going to make at an Oregon State Park and in Oregon thousand trails and a couple of Oregon RV parks for that that period I want to be there and then I’ll just cancel in the last minute.

No don’t do that, make your reservation have a back-up plan, but don’t start hoarding reservations in the idea that if one place or two places closed, you’ll have a backup, because it’s going to make it’s going to make everyone’s life suck, they won’t be able to get Reservations but then they’ll be opening up the last minute, because jerks who are hoarding reservations, are letting them go. It’S bad enough.

People do that for their vacations at state parks and stuff. Don’T do that if you do Jen will come over to your house and throw punch you literally, she might look small she’s a bulldog. I am a bulldog she’s, she’s wiry. Anybody who knows that I’ve been dealing with dad Stephanie. I actually got called that yesterday. Bye bye, it will come over and punch. You don’t do that, don’t be that a-hole. I do know many places.

State parks and such are waiving cancellation fees mm-hmm. So if you want to cancel now because you’re afraid or they’ve closed and you want to cancel they’ll cancel, you know they’re waiving cancellation fees, not all I don’t know which ones, but most I’ve seen a lot or waving those fees. I will say because they’re recommending it the places I’ve looked at and it’s just good practice. If your reservation is further out than a week or two, don’t call take care of it online or call when your reservations about a week out, because they are being inundated with phone calls and in order to keep the call levels down to flatten the curve.

As we say now call when your reservation is closer or do it online, if you prefer to do that so, but lots of places are waiving cancellation fees if you’ve got reservations at somewhere check their website call them check their website. First, don’t call unless you have to like an RV park that doesn’t have a website. I don’t know why they don’t, but then you obviously have to call no it’s 20/20. You know we have a space station in space.

Elon Musk is building rockets and electric cars. It’S the future. People get a website, then call but otherwise check their website for updates before you know, and just keep you know, but if you’re planning use the resources, I talked about campaign, diem and rootless, and so on and so forth. You know state state park websites, you know national, like National Park websites see what’s going on, you know and do that.

You know that that’s the best way is just keep an eye on. What’S going on, if you’re unsure, like I said, check the website of the place, you’re headed to and make sure they’re still open, you know before you start freaking out sorry. This is a little bit long, but I think this is good information. Just a couple quick things talk about what to do. If you lose your overnight accommodation and you can’t find another place to stay in many places of the country, Walmart’s, cracker, barrels, camping world’s etc.

You know the drill you know those overnight places are still available, but in places that they’re not because of local ordinances, city and county laws and stuff, you know against overnight camping, I will say: hopefully, law enforcement will settle down about this. Hopefully, they’ll give everyone a little bit of grace. I don’t have a lot of confidence in that in areas of the country, but hopefully they will, if you are forced to park in a Walmart, even though it says you know, camping allowed by city code and a sheriff’s officer.

A police officer comes up and knocks on your door. Tell them. I had an RV park reservation they closed because of the coronavirus. So this is we’re moving on in the morning. We have a reservation, but it’s a couple hundred miles away and I didn’t want to drive at night because it’s unsafe say something like that: be respectful whatever. If he tells you to move. If he insists on it, move, don’t wind up in jail, but move, but hopefully they’ll relax.

One way is, if that happens, to call the local sheriff or the local police office and ask hey this happened. I want to park somewhere. I know it’s illegal all right. I think it might be legal in your town in your County or whatever, but here’s my situation and ask if they’re like no way. No, how we’re a law-abiding people around here you know we’re on order and they’re like get out of our town, get out of their town and be sure not to drop any money as you leave get out of town.

But you know: if you talk to him they’re, like oh yeah yeah, you know we’re letting people camp or that’s fine. If it’s a small town I’ll let our patrol officers know that there might be some our beers who got displaced because the state parks closed and you know give them some grace or whatever. If you’re, not already a member of Boone Dockers, welcome, and/or harvest hosts become a member of Boone Dockers.

Welcome, and/or harvest hosts. They will provide for the most case as of right now single night and maybe longer accommodations. If this gets bad, I’m saying that not them! I have no idea, they might say screw you get out of here. Most of are really nice and if you tell them, I had a week at the RV park, two miles down the road and they cancelled me and they closed. They might go. You can stay here, you know until you find some alternate accommodations, you never know but consider joining those organizations.

It’S not a lot of money and it could really save your behind if you get kicked out of a park or your reservations disappear on your way there or something like that. So consider that and then, if you don’t boondock and you’ve, never done it or you can’t talk, you um, you can do it, you can’t. I don’t want it. There are ways you know. If you have a Motorhome, your engine will charge your batteries when you drive.

If you have a fifth wheel or whatever your truck’s engine will do that when you drive you can do that. If you need power for some reason, try boondocking, you know, go outside of town, find a little for service road pull down. It find a wide spot park cab for the night. You don’t look like you’re camping yeah, don’t you go to a Walmart in your hand, it’s a little sketchy about whether or not it’s legal or not don’t put out your chairs go park in a dark corner and hide kind of stealth camp.

It’S okay to stealth! Camp now not normally, but right now, stealth, camping yeah. If you don’t need to bring your slides out, don’t if you have to bring out like we have to bring out our bedroom side to do that, just bring out your bed, don’t put your jacks down, bring out chairs, don’t grill up some steaks yeah. Just just! I don’t know key close your blinds, don’t turn on all the lights. Read a little TV go to bed yeah get up early and leave be kind to each other, give each other a little grace.

I there’s so much panic in so much fear going on right. Now don’t give in to the fear, don’t turn off your TVs, stop reading the news I mean: read it a little bit but just be kind to each other. You know I mean we are. We just need to be kind of each other know this crazy right. Now you need to give each other grace and be nice. We are a community, we are, we all have I don’t care, whether you’re full time, family or a vaner, or that old, rich couple living in that three-quarter million dollar motorhome we’re all living on the road.

We are, we have more in common with each other than we don’t help other people out. If that happens to you and you know, of a place to go, and you can help someone else help them if you’re like well, I can always mooch doc over at my cousin Phil’s place and he’s got 40 acres. You know, do you have a place to camp tonight? No we’re! I don’t know what we’re doing my cousins kill. You know for day or two till you figure something else.

Whatever help other people out, I mean you know, wish we have it cousin pie. I hope it doesn’t. I hope it doesn’t get that bad no, but it might – and so you know like I said at least consider that the last thing I want to say is boon. Dockers. Welcome has a great article again. All of these links that I have stated are down in the description. They have a great article about dealing with the corona virus.

You know and it’s more of the same stuff, wash your hands blah blah blah, but it’s also got a lot of stuff that not only applies to Boone, Dockers, welcome, hosts and and guests, but I think it applies to all our viewers when they’re staying someplace in An RV park at a state park whatever, and that’s about how to handle it if your hosts are sick, how to handle it if you’re sick, blah blah blah how to communicate it’s a great article so go give that a read you know might give some ideas About you know what do I do if I get sick and in RV park other than that this has gone really long.

Sorry about that again, a lot of information. I hope this has alleviated some people’s anxiety about campgrounds. There are resources to find out. What’S going on, it is not everything, that’s not closing, or not all going to be out driving around looking for a spot out in the middle of nowhere to to spend a night. You know hoping the cops. Don’T that’s not the case right now. It’S everything’s not as bad as some people want to paint it just use.

Your head plan accordingly have backups, as Jen said, treat your fellow RVs with respect and kindness help each other out, you’re funny, not just your beers. Just treat everybody, oh yeah. So with that we’re going to, let you guys go, let’s say: hopefully this helped. Hopefully this will do it we’re going to do this when things weren’t have articles, you know when, when we think we can help give people get information, we do have a platform.

That’S sort of our responsibility sandy has done a ton of research, and – and this is what he spends most of the day – researching so that we can give you guys good information. Yes, the good. The good part about karna virus is that Jen no longer has to listen to me rant about the houston astros. Now I rant about the corona virus all day or something sure but someday. This will end yes, and I will go back to ranting about the houston astros, so I’m actually looking forward to that.

That was terrible, but now she’s like boy. I wish she was just ranting about the houston, astros or not this stuff. So with that we’re going to let you guys go and Jenna’s going to say your thing: take care of yourselves take care of each other stay healthy, blah, blah blah go so as always. Thank you guys so much for reading. Thank you so much for all your amazing support. If you guys have information that we didn’t touch on that, you guys want to leave down there as long as it’s researched and valid information, please go ahead and leave it down there in the comments and we’ll see you all down the road take care bye-bye goodbye,