Packing for Machu Picchu to Survive the 4 Day Inca Trail Hike

Like me, you’re going to want to read this article to see what items should be on your fabulous now I want to point out that I went in the month of September, but you just never know what may happen at any time of the year. So it’s always better to be more prepared than not in terms of clothing.

From head to toe. You will need a Sun Hat for the sunny days, a beanie to keep your head warm a bug head net. You don’t like bugs like me and you don’t let them flying in your face. Just use one of these sunglasses prescription glasses. If you need them like me, two to three sports bras for the ladies. Unless you got some serious man, boobs three base layers, I used a combination of a wool base layer, a unique low heat tech base, layer and Patagonia.

Has a cap elite base layer? I just try them all out for fun too long, sleeve, hiking shirts, with SPF protection. This will protect you from the bugs Amazon one two two regular shirts for PJ’s or just in case four pairs of undies. Okay, we want to stay completely fresh, a warm zip up layer like a hoodie or even a vest, a down feather jacket to go on top of all of your other layers for fitting base layer pants to keep you warm at night or as PJ’s.

Two pairs of hiking pants – you can wear each pair twice gloves. Poncho Poncho’s are a lot easier to throw over your clothes when it’s raining and quick to take off when it stops a pair of non thong sandals. These are good for when you get to camp at night, and you want to air at your feet, and you can wear your socks with up, because it does get cold two to four pairs of hiking socks depending on all stinky.

Your feet cut want to do pairs of silk sock liners. You can wear these on your hiking socks to get some extra warmth, one pair of waterproof hiking boots or shoes. You just never know what time of the year it’s going to rain. So it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Last but not least, an extra pair of shoelaces, because if your shoelaces break that would really suck – and you don’t want that to happen in terms of gear you’re – going to need a music player and headphones, you can listen to music that inspires you or pumps.

You up to get you to keep going a camera. You can also use a phone instead and that can also double as your music player, a headlamp and extra batteries, just in case a backpack and a rain cover. I hired a half Porter and so everything else. I needed for the day fit in this bag, and this is a three date here. It was pretty good for me. A sleeping bag and a sleeping pad sleeping pad goes under your sleeping bag.

So you have a little bit of extra cushion. You can choose to rent these from your tour company, but they might be a little bit dirty, so you might want to bring your own. A pair of walking sticks you’re, definitely going to need these. I opted to rent these from the tour company because it’s a rather large to be bringing with you on your trip in an inflatable pillow, a water bladder. This pouch fits in your backpack, so you have easy access to water, a small water bottle.

This is good for anything other than water, such as electrolyte powder or org drink pair of binoculars for an up-close view of nature, personal care and comfort items will include a pair of earplugs for the noisy neighbors in the next 10. It’S also important to keep them in a container so that they don’t get lost and keep them clean safety pins. These are good for wardrobe malfunctions and they can help you take out some linters by the spray, something for itchy bug, bite, relief, Vicks, VapoRub, tiger balm cortisone, and it should work body, whites and facial wipes keeps you fresh, especially the medical grade kind, baby wipes.

These are for your number two’s sunblock chapstick, with sunblock snacks yeah. There, your company doesn’t already provide it. Coca leaves for a boost of energy. Of course, these aren’t real coca leaves. That would be legal. We were told that baking, soda or charcoal helps, accelerate and activate it for maximum effectiveness, anti diarrhea and altitude, sickness medication, basic first aid stuff like band-aids or alcohol, white, toothbrush, toothpaste and plus a quick dry towel, moleskin or anti friction block.

Stick moleskin is a soft adhesive fabric that provides a buffer between a blister and your shoe. This band-aid friction block sticks applies directly on your skin to help prevent the formation of blisters, a plastic bag for your trash, and maybe your dirty clothes, electrolyte powder or tablet tissue packs, toilet paper very important, deodorant a must and sanitizer a woman standing pee funnel. This comes in handy when you needed a little bit of extra privacy, because some parts of the trail are white open and you have nowhere to hide last but not least, heat warmers.

Did you get all that? Well, not to worry, because I’ve included a full list in the article description below. I hope you find these items to be helpful and necessary, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments below. I don’t think I packed as minimally as some people, but I don’t feel like I over packed either. Luckily, I didn’t need all of these items, but I didn’t use a good amount which made for a successful journey if you like this article, give us a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and follow us on instagram at curious, chicks, [, Laughter, ],

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Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru – Important Hike Tips

To tell you all of us today, you’re going to tell you about my experience so that you can decide if it’s right for you if you’re thinking to yourself, I can’t possibly do it. I can’t do four days of hiking three nights of camping and I can’t do look out the shower.

You can do it, it’s all about your mindset. So if you are determined to do this, if you’re excited about doing it, you can get through it. I’Ve seen a lot of people along the way, having difficult times having breakdowns needing oxygen coming back to camp hours, the after everyone else has, but they did it and they did it because they determined and they kept moving and they remained positive. Obviously, if you want to attempt to do this hike, especially a four day hike, you want to be in relatively good physical shape.

The kinds of things that you need to work on are your legs, so doing a lot of Stairmaster things. Cardio is good, but more of a long-distance cardio. Our guides were telling us that the youngest was probably seven years old. To do this hike and the oldest was in their 70s, so it’s definitely possible. You just have to prepare and get to train a little bit to get a little bit in shape. The sad part about this is, if you are deathly afraid of heights.

It may not be the right thing for you. There are a few areas of the trail where it’s very narrow and Europe along the mountain and there’s just nothing but drop down on the side, and so it could get really scary for someone. That’S definitely fraid of heights. But I have to say that most of the trail is fairly wide and I don’t think it was a problem, but you are very high and there’s just you’re, just climbing a mountain, especially the heights that you get.

It could be a big problem for some people. I went in September, which is the beginning of their spring and it’s right out of the rainy season and we still ran into a little bit of rain, but weather is pretty much unpredictable at any time of year. So up there it’s pretty much the cloud forest and in the cloud forest, it’s very cloudy, of course, the Sun pops in and out as it wishes it rains a lot or it could snow even and you just never know what the weather is going to be.

There’S a lot of uneven stones, so you have to be very careful where you step in to be very strategic about where you step. If it’s raining, there’s definitely a lot of risk of slipping. A lot of the steps are very either very high steps or like varying vini steps, so just being good about balance and placement, and as long as you don’t have any major knee or leg problems, you should be fine if you’re camping, you’re not going to have Access to showers and all of them enemies, they’re used to so you’re just going to have to stick it out and accept the fact that you’re going to be dirty and stinky, but that’s okay, because everyone else is right.

I actually looked into getting medical grade wipes for people who are bedridden. There are even no rinse shampoo caps that you can kind of refreshing in your hair. They do provide you with some hot water as when you get to camp each night to wash your hands and you can even wash your face if you want, but you only get one with a bucket of water, but I even saw a tour group that I Think they had like a pop-up tent that had a shower and capability in it, so that could be an option.

If you want to research, what tour groups provide that on the third night at least where we camp there was a shower, but I can’t say that I would recommend it because one, it’s cold water and two. When I took a peek at the shower, it was just flooded with water, and so you would be standing in a pool. God knows what kind of water a lot of the bathrooms at camp are the squatty type of toilets that can be really messy and stinky.

After a while, you definitely have to bring your own toilet paper a lot of the times. There will be a trash can in the stalls to discard your toilet paper, but sometimes there will not be in which case it’s always good to have a little trash bag. Handy but just be prepared to see an accumulation of toilet paper and such in the corners of the bathroom there’s a lot of touching, so you got ta like open the door lock the door, but the flushing is the pool kind.

So it’s not like a foot flush, so you’ll even have to touch that, and sometimes when you flush there may be a back backlog of water that can kind of leak out onto your shoes. Well, there are some people that live along the trail and they will offer bathrooms that you can use for a costs, so it generally costs one sole that equivalent to thirty something American cents and so just make sure to have some coins on hand.

If you do have to use the bathroom frequently that’s or you can just use the inca bathrooms, which means out in the open nature. There are parts of the trail that are very open and narrow, where you don’t really have a place to duck behind, to use the restroom and extreme cases of emergencies. You either have to be okay with people passing you and seeing that. But what I did was I brought a pee funnel so that women can stand and urinate.

It requires a little bit of practice. I was honestly very nervous about altitude sickness. You reach over 13,500 feet and elevation, but there are the coca leaves. There are medications that you can get prescribed for that as well. Just taking care of yourself and giving yourself three days or so prior to the hike to acclimate to the altitude drinking plenty of flu is making sure not to drink or stay out too late.

Making sure you get plenty of sleep just so that your body has time to adjust if you’re, someone that has a weaker immune system, I think because of the different changes in weather or lack of rest that you may get, or maybe even some of the food That you’re sensitive to it may cause people with weaker immune systems to not come out of there fully healthy. I would see someone maybe getting sick or coming down some kind of cold or something so just something to keep in mind.

You may not get enough hours of sleep that you’re used to people are up or you just can’t sleep, because you’re not comfortable or because it’s too cold or because it’s too hot you do have some pretty early mornings, 3 a.M. Or 5 a.M. Depending on the Day, one thing that you may not expect is to kind of be a little bit depressed on this trip. Our tour group was actually very educational about the life of a porter and sharing with us the progression of the way their working conditions have been over the years they used to have to carry a large large load that they would be hunched over the entire truck And they more recently became more regulatory about how much they’re allowed to carry so.

In that sense, it’s been very good. The maximum weight that one quarter can carry is up to 20 kilograms, which equals to about 44 pounds, but they work 24/7 across the four days and they really only make 40 American dollars in tips, but that is acceptable and what they recommended. They solely like mainly rely on tips as their source of income, and these porters live very far from home. They actually kind of dorm all the porters in these, this big room of bunk beds, so they’re away from their families most of the year.

They maybe only see them three to four times a year. They have to work through holidays. I kind of just felt a little bit guilty being on this trip and having to carry my stuff. It was just something that I wasn’t expecting to feel. While I was going on this Lake once-in-a-lifetime adventure, one thing that I was really surprised to find the stuff it was barely any wildlife there. You would think that you’re surrounded by all this nature, it’s a very untapped kind of natural resource, and we did see alpacas llamas, some cows and horses and some donkeys.

I didn’t really see a lot of them to be honest, and one little interesting fact is that llamas and alpacas are not natural to that area. They are actually placed there by the government for tourism. There aren’t like big scary bug, Slyke. You would think because you’re going into like forests and mountain and all that there are sand flies so sand flies are like super super tiny and you think that they’re little gnats and they’re not going to do anything, but they will, they will bite you and they’re.

Very itchy and some people get really bad reactions to them. They weren’t following us around all day every day, but there were parts of the trail that they were like prevalent, very prevalent and maybe I think has to do with the weather and maybe also the time of the day. The tour companies will provide you with water. On most of the days, the only day that we needed to provide our own water was, on the first day prior to the first lunch and from there on out.

They provided you with boiling water to replenish your water bottles and your water bladders. So expect that you’ll have plenty of water throughout your Trek, but it isn’t going to be bottled water, be very, very careful where you step there is lots of poopies along the way and poopies would look like coffee beans perfectly rounded to the same size and a Lot of them and those are coffee beans, the alpaca poop, so be careful not to step in those.

You have to remember that it’s not a race. Everyone should just go at their own pace and a lot of times, you’ll notice that you’re going to leapfrog people, machu picchu, is not going to go anywhere, don’t feel like you need to prove anything to yourself or anyone else, and just take it easy. So you don’t overwork yourself and you don’t burn yourself out too quickly. I hope that I’m sharing some of my experiences and some tips that I’ve picked up will be helpful to you and maybe you’ll decide that it’s right for you, and maybe you decide that that it’s not right for you, but just also keep in mind that there Are other alternatives to get to Machu Picchu? There are two day hikes: it’s also the train that you can take.

There are a lot of rumors that it’s going to be shut down one day, and I do think that that could be true. I’M very fortunate that I was able to hike there and see a lot of it pretty much untouched and go up to it and see every part of Machu Picchu. But I think that one day that could easily be different where they would rope a lot of that off and you would have to see it in a distance have fun it’s going to be an amazing adventure.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Yellowstone, Because It Is A Behemoth National Forest

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a camper, which is kind of the same thing.”

— Somebody that is not me.

Yellowstone is a behemoth National forest. There is a lot to check out in the park as well as luckily lodging in Yellowstone abounds. Yellowstone has more National forest hotels within park boundaries than any other park, as well as camping areas are plentiful as well. Behind Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone is regularly the second-most popular national park for outdoor camping. Currently you are most likely assuming, “plan in advance …” And also yes, while planning in advance is essential in aiding you optimize a Yellowstone National forest holiday, if you are intending an eleventh hour get-a-way you may still have the ability to grab a first-come, first-serve outdoor camping area or hotel room. Last month, I did just that. Utilizing Yellowstone’s online tools, which we’ll discuss in this article, I had the ability to obtain a last minute camping site with my Sprinter Van with no ahead preparation.
In this article, we’ve created a guide to aid you find campsites in Yellowstone National forest, in addition to other lodging options. If you can’t obtain an area in the park, you’ll discover some practical ideas for lodging outside the park also.


Crucial Notes to Consider Concerning Yellowstone Accommodations

  • Old Faithful Snow Lodge & Cabins are the only interior lodging options open year-round.
  • Roosevelt Lodge & Cabins are the earliest to close at the end of the summertime season. They are only open very early June to very early September.
  • None of the lodging choices in Yellowstone have tvs. We only say this to remind you that you are staying in a lodge in a National Park. Expect it to be a little rustic!
  • And don’t get as well caught regarding trying to determine which lodge/cabins are the very best. They are all run by the exact same park concessionaire, Xanterra. The facilities from one lodge to another just differ slightly. Again, exact same advice as selecting campgrounds– concentrate on the area of the park you wish to stay for the night.
    It is worth checking out a few of the lodges during your Yellowstone journey if just for a pit-stop, as a few of them are National Historic Landmarks. Below are our favorites for scoping out:
  • Lake Yellowstone Hotel has a lovely sun area that ignores Yellowstone Lake with many comfy sofas as well as chairs readily available to absorb the view. Outside you’ll typically locate classic Yellowstone touring cars. The resort is among the nicest in the park as well as features a large bar, which makes for a great place to get an alcoholic drink as well as take a little break from exploring.
  • Do not miss the renowned map space at the Mammoth Hot Springs Resort. It features a map of the USA built from numerous types of timber.
  • Old Faithful Inn is a should go to; it is just one of one of the most historical and famous resorts in the whole National Park system. You can not miss its grand existence behind Old Faithful. The Inn is the biggest log hotel in the whole globe. They provide FREE trips daily when the hotel is open, call or inspect online for excursion times. Expert Tip: There is a great little coffee stand tucked away upstairs as well as there is also a bake shop in the hotel if you are desire a sweet reward.

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