State Parks in Washington State Are Ideal Intriguing Options for Travelers

There are things to do while visiting Seattle, Washington that are inexpensive or either free. Many of the free things to do around Seattle are outdoor activities. Since of the extraordinary views and magnificent surroundings in and around the area, it makes perfect sense that several of these would be checking out the many state parks in the area.

Not all state parks are free to visit but listed below, you will find information on some. If you are a huge fan of nature and the outdoors, this must get your blood pumping. Keep in mind to bring along all the fun devices that make the outdoors fun.

Firstly there is Deception Pass State Park. This park has seawater, freshwater, outdoor camping, trekking, boating, magnificent views, and a couple of locations with play area devices for the children. There are many activities appropriate and available for the island: hiking, horseback riding, boating, fishing, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, clamming, crabbing, bird watching, mountain cycling, and simply seeing the terrific scenery that nature provided.

Next, there is Fort Worden State Park. Fort Warden is a state park in 1955 and stays a popular park and convention. Camping centers are opened on the park year-round. There is a crazy amount to do to keep visitors hectic, pleased, and captivated.

Fort Flagler State Park, like Fort Worden, originally protected the entrance into the Puget Sound. Also, like Fort Worden, Fort Flagler became a fantastic state park in 1955. Fort Flagler still has a couple of the original military facilities that tell the proud history. The seawater around the three sides is terrific. While there are many resemblances between Fort Worden and Fort Flagler, the latter is open for campers for part of the year. Day visitors are permitted year-round, nevertheless. It is the spectacular view of the Sound and the surrounding mountains. However, that makes this park so incredible. I hope you have the possibility to go.

Finally, there is Lime Kiln Point State Park. This park is a 36-acre piece of land that is just for day use. The park sits on the western side of San Juan Island and is an excellent location to watch Orca whales. In addition to enjoying the whales, you can go hiking, trip the lighthouse, and enjoy seeing numerous other wildlife here as well. Diving is possible here but highly unsafe as the currents are not forgiving. The lighthouse still serves as a navigational help for ships in the Haro Strait. Since of the lighthouse and the possibility of seeing whales while visiting, while this specific park offers fewer facilities, it remains my favorite merely. The months of June and July are the very best for whale watching; however, any time throughout May throughout September, whale finding remains possible.



I haven’t used yet hikes that I did everything yep, it’s a great idea. Let’s go dude! Sorry about that I was picking. I was going hiking, but now, if I want to make a article, actually have to stay here, to do a vid about hiking, so hiking would be a good idea, but it’s doing the PD of that.

You know: what’s not a good idea, thinking about doing a beautiful hiking month ago and not organizing your footage, so you can find it easily and quickly. That’s not a good idea. Hiking there’s so many great things about hiking that I don’t know where it stopped. So, let’s start with the baby, what do I consider hiking? So basically I would describe hiking as walking just for the purpose of walking and that’s the great thing about it.

You can pretty much do it anywhere. I didn’t at any moment you can do it alone. You can do it with friends, you can do it with strangers. When it comes to hiking, you make the rules, and mainly you follow you move. You can hike a city, although a lot of people would just consider it walking, but who can help your friends and who’s? To tell you the difference, you can hike everywhere on every type of terrain rocks dirt dream would as well, but of course, the best hide their nature.

When somewhere, your car can get get to see a perspective that you sorry I’m going to get allows my thoughts here but yeah. Basically, what I was saying before is related to you know that that platitude, it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey. Well, hiking, usually, is the destination and the journey it’s going back to the roots, the oldest mean of transportation of men and animals. Ever it has always been around in a way on another, and it will always be around.

Everyone can do it with all without shoes. Even if pure mobile, you bees, you can just go, take a walk on the street around the nearest park. If you’re in the right mindset it’s hiked and if you’re a finished man alive, you can go and do a hiker involves some climbing bridges, easy low bridge high bridge and hang a card bridge. All types of bridges, sorry got carried away. Do I really like bridges as long as you have a bit of common sense? You can do any height a bit of perversion, you could choose backpack water, some food and you could to go.

You can go hike for a few minutes. A few hours for home base or even multiple, they hike some people even do trips that last month, where most of what they do is just remember. It’s the oldest mean of transport. It used to be that if you wanted to go anywhere, you had to walk there and take a hike, so you pretty much can go. Do it on any distance you want, or you can combine with the road trip. I’ve heard about some people doing that.

So I would just describe hiking as walking, although you can also run your hikes, but that’s bringing things to another level. So, as I said, it’s walking with a purpose or maybe not, but in the mindset trying to rediscover your limits, it can be done anywhere in the world. So if you feel like it, go out there and take a hike you I really need a hike living in a city is driving me crazy. Thank you guys for reading.

Remember that if it’s easy, it’s not funny and seen the next one



Hiking Camelback Mountain in Phoenix Arizona

I would love to fill the treadmills. I wonder where you should I choose, but to fall this Oh and we count when all Oh jasmine – and he said sooner we’ll be morning No too far.



Cleaning Up The RV Mess ~ Laguna Mountain ~ Hiking With Friends ~ S3E30

Well last night, it was in full effect we’re getting ready to use the vacuum to clean up albe dirt. What’s that five years, oh okay, so there remains of lva. I think I got a article of it last night, but albs is all put together with new dirt and and some rocks in there. It’s looking a little brown we’ll see if he bounces back after that catastrophes copes is a little powdery dan.

I think he knew and we got back, that we weren’t too happy, but we don’t really know in his dog brain of his if he correlates that, with with the mess that was in the RV or just we’re acting weird but we’ll get it all taken. Care of it’s all, it’s all good. We just have to get everything cleaned up and it’ll be a okay factor. Here you get that sweeping down, I’m sure it was driving you nuts, last night, gene so waiting on a phone call for text.

For my friend Zach and I do a couple hikes today, I think we can get out of the RV. Just go explore a little bit. I think last night was a little too much too soon for Kovac, and also that kennel has a side door. That’s how he got out didn’t get a whole lot of walks. Yesterday, early transferring also just Restless here. Yeah, we didn’t give him any of the medicine. We got the anti-anxiety medicine.

So there’s three big things that happened. My fault yeah, so we’re learning just got to get this figured out because we were gone for about a half an hour in the RV was just completely trashed like standing in the middle of the hallway. Like I have wine laughter, they know we need to go back. I can’t matter feeling what would have happened. Had we not gone back, atlas was calling we’re going to get set up catch on the back.

Go back. Don’t like that! That’s rough! If you do, I’m licking the sweeper, so you don’t like the left and remember no! No, after KO bucks rumpus little night last night we almost threw Alby away, but I ended up putting some some more dirt in there and some rocks yeah. She got really sad. Like started crying whenever I’ll be was in there, it’s like her piece of Arizona that comes with us, so I took him out and we set him all up.

This is his new home I’ll, show you what I did. I put two screws in the end of this block. This is where we hold our cookbooks hot sauce stuff like that, and I have a little bungee cord and a little guy right there and it’s going to go around Alfie, that’s going to be his new home. All those people that were so upset about Albee being in some of the front montages you no longer have to worry about it, we’re heading out to meet up with our friends, locking up the RV, and this is such a beautiful spot.

So here we are driving to the height. This is the road that we were planning on, bringing the RV. I’r glad that I have looked it up on satellite images and super good look like oh, I didn’t know you did that yeah. That’s why I decided to do the the casino instead, so we’re only about three miles in from the interstate and we’re still climbing. If I would have been fine, we just would have been going incredibly slow and probably huge line of traffic behind is we’ve only seen.

One turnout this whole time here we are at the first trail and there is Zach and candy. What’s up guys, this is co buck, so here our Zach. He is friend since what fourth grade oh yeah, I think, fourth grade. Fourth, fifth grade actually yeah, one of the very few guys from Indiana had actually left and got out of town, so he moved to California. How long did it take you after school to move out here after after high school after I went to Ivy Tech? Oh man, probably six years because I moved out here in 2012, so it took me 22 years right, yeah ain’t that long as well yeah.

I can’t believe it crazy. So it was awesome to see this guy get out of small-town Indiana and he’s doing a lot out here in California. So great a lot of stuff out here that especially Perry to Indiana. So the trail heads right up there and then we’re hiking up there yep. So we’re going to take off over there and we’ll go through the pass and lead up to the top of the peak awesome. A lot of great shots of the desert over.

As you can see, when you came over here, so you’re going to get a lot of great stuff just finished up with the with the hike ge is writing with Zack and kandi they’re going to go by the grocery store. We have to get some stuff for the RV and also Zack and kandi are going to come over for dinner, we’re going to cook dinner in the RV and then later tonight we’re going to be heading into San Diego there’s, a Home Depot we’re going to park At and they allow overnight parking for RVs and we’re going to go later just so we miss the traffic, I’m still getting my chops up for the for towing.

You know. I know it just makes me a little nervous. I still get used to how long the car is, how the braking is different. How many do you take wider turns into smaller little area, so I’m not going to push it going to take my time with that. Hey everybody thanks for reading and be sure to check out our social media and our website. Kristin G travels calm if you haven’t done so already. Please subscribe and also share this article with your friends.

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What to do in Chile: Hiking & Trekking – Find your Chile

Poor wife falls who it is on top of a sort of cell mahjong and demure together corrected itself. On said to sunny speed, I began to do checking in and around sundown in the central Andes, and then I made my way down and I eventually got to thought of a by me of the Traveling. I did inspired and some paintings that I’m working so putting on canvas all the things I saw over the past 15 months.

It’s very safe in Patagonia. Yeah there’s been no trouble, as everyone has been really helpful and friendly. It’s good for trekking and it’s just being out and about, I think chill a for me has been journey, but for me it’s been more a chapter of my life because I saw an amazing landscape. I became inspired for a series of work. So, for me it’s been a wonderful experience as a tourist, but also feeling, like I’ve, become part of a different place.



INDONESIA – Mount Bromo – Hiking Volcanoes

This little village is also, unfortunately, daily entry points into the park for tons of tourists that want to see the Sun rise over mount bromo, really beautiful, not totally, and I cannot even blame them to avoid large crowds. We decided to walk to Mount Bromo by foot and if the weather permits to also take a sneak peek on to the green good and buttock walk into this place.

We had here Oh we’re, standing in the mimic enemy, which has very nice wall over there. The winds of Hindu temple over there is the Creator. There are thousands of people walking there. We are here all alone and over here is rule like always fiddling around with cameras and drone there’s a guy on the horse. Mostly, they transported the lazy course and there are the clouds coming we’ll see, we’ll get some wing.

Oh, let’s be adding some commonalities with Tibet. I guess danglies worship is quite my umbrella to make offerings of rides fruits, vegetables, flowers and even life stuff to the mountain god. I turn them into the containers. Go there. I lost my belly summer yeah. This is mobile. Penis relax! Oh so we made on this how’s it go good on buttock, what’s up doc, doc! First of all care quite green tonight, crater that you can see come on Boris over there, smoking away doing what it does now, let’s go and search for demo we’re approaching a sacred place.

As you can see, people were shooting some sacrifice. For God. How did we come from one look like a water runway and looks like all the water our way, but still looking from the cinema that must be from spooky. You just have to break. Oh well, really. Nice



INDONESIA – Mount Bromo – Hiking Volcanoes

This little village is also, unfortunately, daily entry points into the park for tons of tourists that want to see the Sun rise over mount bromo, really beautiful, not totally, and I cannot even blame them to avoid large crowds. We decided to walk to Mount Bromo by foot and if the weather permits to also take a sneak peek on to the green good and buttock walk into this place.

We had here Oh we’re, standing in the mimic enemy, which has very nice wall over there. The winds of Hindu temple over there is the Creator. There are thousands of people walking there. We are here all alone and over here is rule like always fiddling around with cameras and drone there’s a guy on the horse. Mostly, they transported the lazy course and there are the clouds coming we’ll see, we’ll get some wing.

Oh, let’s be adding some commonalities with Tibet. I guess danglies worship is quite my umbrella to make offerings of rides fruits, vegetables, flowers and even life stuff to the mountain god. I turn them into the containers. Go there. I lost my belly summer yeah. This is mobile. Penis relax! Oh so we made on this how’s it go good on buttock, what’s up doc, doc! First of all care quite green tonight, crater that you can see come on Boris over there, smoking away doing what it does now, let’s go and search for demo we’re approaching a sacred place.

As you can see, people were shooting some sacrifice. For God. How did we come from one look like a water runway and looks like all the water our way, but still looking from the cinema that must be from spooky. You just have to break. Oh well, really. Nice



A Cinematic Hike – DJI Mavic Air

I just want to get out of town get out of the city, get up into nature, all this beautiful trees and grass and greenery and awesomeness all around me. But I have my drone in my backpack. I have my camera. I’r just going to come out here. Hopefully get some cool footage, try to shoot some cool b-roll get some beautiful stuff yeah.

This is kind of like a back trail way up on the end of Hogan Lake Park at this dirt parking lot up by the road and then follow this dry creek bed down. I was here once before in November. I think it’s like a 45-minute drive, but it’s totally worth it. It’s absolutely beautiful is really neat. Unfortunately, I have not been back. I don’t know why I haven’t been back is just one of those things I haven’t been back and now I am back with the drone super excited and I’m hoping that the sunset is really good.

Last time I was out here, the sunset was beautiful, all right. So this looks really nice behind me. I like the way, the the sun’s hitting the trees and everything so, let’s roll the b-roll. Unfortunately, I think I got out here just a tad too late. I forgot how big this mountain right up here was and like how much it blocked the Sun, and so this entire area down here, which is actually my favorite part, is already in shade.

But I might pop up my drone a little bit get some of the creek area, because it’s really pretty right up here will be a perfect vantage point, because I got this big rock to stand on boom. I have a view so yeah. Let’s do this I’m going to set up here for a few minutes, and then I want to book it down to more where the Sun is to see. If I can get some good stuff as the Sun actually starts going down there, I got some shots there, but check this out.

Unfortunately, you can see the sun’s starting to go down. Oh I got ta get out of here. I got ta get to where I can get some more shots. I’ve used one drone battery. I have two remaining look at this guy’s. Oh, that’s beautiful! That is absolutely stunning. I think I might set up here real quick. Do about ten minutes. Five. Ten minutes of drone footage and then keep going because look at this guy’s, I can’t miss getting all this cool stuff on the drone.

Let’s see what it looks like all right, let’s get a move on it. I think that footage turned out pretty cool. I still definitely would like to come back when there’s Sun. I don’t know why. I don’t do this. You know this is actually an interesting question. Why is it the healthy things in our life that we love? For instance, like me, I absolutely love coming outdoors. I salutely love doing this kind of stuff right, but the healthy stuff in our life that we love to do oftentimes.

We have the least motivation to do. I know for 100 % sure I could do it every single week at least once a week, every single week without fail, and yet I have not done anything like this in weeks wow. This is kind of crazy. Oh, that’s what you call kind of a random, makeshift fence right there. I don’t know. Let me know if you have the same problem, I’d love to know. If you struggle it the same thing I think motivation sometimes is the hardest thing in life.

I think it takes more than just momentary. You know the moments of inspiration and motivation from other people. You had you have to find it in yourself and it has to be something you truly want. If you don’t truly desire it you’ll, never do it whether you’re talking about relationships or or whatever it is. You know. If you don’t truly desire it, you don’t want it odd questions, throw it out there.

Let me know what you guys think, but it’s been going through my head a lot lately. This is where I wanted to be check this out. So there’s Hogan Lake, and this is the river that we just kind of came down and last time I ended right down there by that pile of rocks. So I’m going to head down there. Let’s cue the cinema, all right. Well, I think it’s time to head back. I saw some fish jump. I got some awesome footage.

I am so psyched for what its going to look like, and I hope you guys love it because it just looked like it was going to be amazing, and I can’t wait to edit it there’s a boat out there. I saw that boat leaving when I was coming now he’s coming back. I think they’re fishing, that’s what they’re doing there are so many fish jumping. I was trying to get it on the drone, but I wasn’t able to get any, but this is literally the perfect time.

That’s what they’re doing anyways I’m going to get out of here, I’m getting eaten up by mosquitos, and I want to get out to the car before it’s too dark, I’m not sure, really, where the trail is. I came from up there somewhere. I think up there that little Ridge is where the trail is. This was amazing, but also tomorrow I have the entire day off and I’m not sure what to do. But the one thing I know I’m I want to do is fly my drone, but it’s going to be good and I’m super excited for what’s to come anyway.

So I hope you guys enjoyed the cool footage I got if it turned out cool. I hope it turned out cool and I hope you guys enjoyed it so until next time, peace out



5 Best Tents for Backpacking in 2020 ⛺⛺ You Can Buy On Amazon ✅

The limelight series of tents comes in a 2 and a 3 person model and they’re the absolute roomiest backpacking tents for their price and weight on the market, with the unbelievable space to extra large doors and a great weight. These tents are just as comfortable for backpacking as they are for car camping.

The rain flies are made out of 100 % waterproof and fully seam taped, durable polyester fabric. We have reflective guide points located all around the tent, so you can hunker down in stormy conditions. Pop-Up vents on both sides of the tent, reduce condensation and provide a more comfortable living environment on the inside velcroed snore flaps, located over both main zippers provide extra protection against the elements there’s nothing worse when it’s stormy outside and the jingle jangle of your zippers wakes.

You up: that’s why Marmot uses jingle free zippers? Can you hear that I didn’t think so? One of my new favorite features of the limelight rain fly is our 3d construction, where we’ve run a seam from the pre Bend of the pole. Down to the stake out. Point and what this creates is three-dimensional volume in the vestibule area. It provides a lot of extra space vertically. Let’s take a look, I love the ability to roll up the door and PEG it back for quick and easy access.

So you can see here, there’s all kinds of space. I’ve got two packs under the fly. I could stack stuff on top of it as well, when I’m sitting in the tent. It also provides easy access when the door is closed. Take off my boots put stuff around on top of the pack stack it up and we have this vestibule on both sides. So how do we know that we have the roomiest backpacking tent here with the limelight? Well, we do that through sleep zone construction and that’s where we take measurements 12 inches up from the ground.

That’s your sleep zone 24 inches up is your body zone and 36 inches up. Is your head zone? We can take the area we can calculate it of each one of those zones put it together for your total livable square footage area. So for this particular tent the limelight. It’s sixty one point: eight square footage of livable area. That is huge. That’s like 73 %. More than a standard two-person x frame tent. How do we do it? Well, we use volume, optimizing construction techniques like pre bends in the pole here now.

This is at the body zone, as I mentioned, and this is pulling the bottom half of the tent. You can see out in a way if we didn’t have that right and we didn’t have these strategic clip placements. You can see how much less room you would have. Okay and as I mentioned strategic clip placements there at specific points, so that pulls the maximum amount of tent fabric out in a way to create more living space inside and definitely here with the brow pole, this creates a vertical door which helps reduce a drip through When it’s raining, especially when you’re using your rain fly and more in head space around we’re, looking at six times the head space here in that head zone versus a standard X frame, two-person tent we’ve got color-coded aluminum DAC poles with coloured webbing.

You can see here orange the orange gray to gray super simple, I’m digging the super sized door here, there’s all kinds of different ways you can get in and out of this tent each person can have their own little zippered access, okay or roll it all up. Put it in its little stash pocket on the inside of the tip and that way you’re not stepping on it. When you get in and out, look at all that space, it’s got a beautiful Vista, Hey look! What do we have in here? Courtney Stacey playing some cards tons of space in here, so there’s plenty of features on the inside like pockets all the way around.

Thank you. We’ve got lampshade pockets on both sides of the tent, so you can put your headlamp up. There helps diffuse light throughout the tent by using the headlamp. You already brought, there’s no added cost or weight to the tent and a complete mesh canopy all the way around perfect for air circulation, lots of ventilation, and at night you can do some stargazing. So, like I said, the limelight too is going to offer you the most livable space.

It’s going to protect you from the elements it’s durable and long-lasting, and it comes with a lifetime. Warranty fall in love with the outside and have your best night’s sleep backpackers. The search is over the Kelty TN 2 3 & 4 are lightweight and compact tents for the backcountry that’ll make you want to spend more nights out under the stars. The tea and to quickly became a favorite with gear editors, winning backpacker magazine’s editors, Choice Award in 2014 and outside the gear of the Year award in 2016.

The waterproof fully seam taped stargazing fly on the TN rolls up and out of the way for unobstructed views. Should the weather change, you can quickly batten down the hatches from the inside of the tent for full coverage protection. The rain fly features a window on each side for keeping an eye on the conditions and the brow vents help to keep condensation at bay. The free-standing TN tent is a breeze to set up start by laying out the tent and assembling the color-coded main poles at each corner, insert the tip into the Jake’s foot.

The Kelty HUD clips quickly raise the nearly vertical walls. Bringing this tent to life. Now add the ridge pull over the top to increase the elbow room toss the rain fly over the top and secure the corners. The color coated webbing makes it easy to get it right. Finally, stake out the vestibules, which are a great spot for stashing your gear out of the way, a door and each side makes it easy to get out in the milled night without having to call across your sleeping tent mate.

To get you on your way quickly and easily. The entire package fits in this easy to pack. Roll top carry bag. These highly livable, yet lightweight tents, are built to make right home on your next backcountry trip. The TN 2 3 & 4 from Kelsey hi, I’m Doug gecko camp with Alps mountaineering and today we’re going to take a look at the chaos tent, which is one of our best-selling backpacking tents. The chaos is available in a two-person.

Are three person size for the purpose of this article? We are going to be showing the three person size, but chaos is a freestanding tent with 7000 series. Aluminum, poles, the aluminum poles help keep the weight down so whether you’re, backpacking or camping, the tent, will be lightweight. A really great feature of the chaos is the two doors. When multiple people are staying in the tent, you won’t have to crawl over everyone to get in and out of the tent in the middle of the night, which is a huge benefit inside the tent.

You will find two mesh storage pockets, one on each side to help keep your gear organized in handy. The chaos also uses extra-large number 8 zippers on the doors and vestibules, so they will glide up and down time and time again. A great feature of this tent are the mostly mesh walls which provide great ventilation for those hot and humid days or days when you’d rather get some airflow through your tent.

The chaos uses pole clips that quickly snap over the tent poles for easy assembly, since they are flat, they won’t break if someone accidentally steps on them, while the tent is being set up or taking down. The chaos comes with a full coverage fly which will offer the maximum weather protection, it simply buckles onto each corner and can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the webbing. The fly provides two vestibules, which is great when you have muddy boots in other gear, to keep dry, but you don’t want it taking up space in your tent to get some additional airflow once the fly is on.

You can open the fly vent by propping open the flap. The chaos uses a poly taffeta floor with 3000 millimeter coating. Now let me explain what really means, because it’s very important to understand when our factories put a layer of waterproof coating on our tent floors. Each pass is considered 500 millimeters, so getting a 3,000 millimeter coating means the factory goes over the 10th floor six times to prevent water from getting in your tent the floor.

Seams are also sealed for extra protection to make your tent package complete. We’ve included aluminum States and guy ropes, so when you’re out and ready to camp your tent is ready to perform thanks for reading at the North Face we’re always striving to make equipment. That’s going to improve the users experience, we want to make sure that’s reliable and that they don’t have to think about the gear and they can just focus on enjoying their time outside my name’s Stan Rogers and I’m the product manager for equipment at the North Face Storm breakers, our most affordable tent, but it’s also a great value.

It’s very roomy rugged, which makes it a great choice for camping or backpacking storm break uses a really simple extant architecture, which makes it really easy to pitch and everything’s color coded to make sure you’re. Putting everything where it’s supposed to go the storm break has two full doors and vestibules to store your gear, and it also has a fully seam taped floor and fly as you’re, making sure you’re staying nice and dry.

Somebody comes in a one two and three person version and a footprint is available separately. This is the copper spur H. Vul 2/10. The copper spur series has been a longtime favorite amongst backpackers, due to its excellent space to weight ratio modified high volume. Pole architecture has only added to the tents, impressive feeling of livability, we’ll set it up and take a closer look at its award-winning design.

The tent is 88 inches long and 52 inches wide at its widest point here near the head of the tent. That creates 29 square feet of interior floor space, definitely adequate for up to two backpackers, but at a trail weight of well under 3 pounds. This tent is certainly justifiable as a really spacious solo, shelter, there’s a large door on either side of the tent and 9 square feet of protected vestibule space in front of each of those doors.

Increasing livability you’ve got mesh interior pockets that let you store gear up off the floor and out of the way – and there are also interior hanging loop. So you can utilize the Big Agnes triangle gear loft, for additional storage, though that gear loft is sold separately. Next thing I want to do is take off this rain fly and show you the really unique pole architecture of the tent. This pole system is also what gives the tent its HV or high-volume distinction.

There’s pre bent construction on the poles and there’s also this broad brow, pole section together that greatly increases the verticality of the sidewalls, which maximizes interior space and creates lots of elbow room, especially up and off the floor where you really need it. It also gives the tent free-standing structure, though Big Agnes, does include aluminum, J stakes, secure and taut pitch balancing weight and performance, the tent utilizes extensively polyester mesh and silicone treated nylon, ripstop the floor, and the fly also have a 1200 millimeter PU coating to ensure weatherproof Protection and all of the tent seams are taped, sealed it’s also a custom-fit footprint, that’s sold separately, which can add further protection to the floor of the tent and for true minimalist.

You could even leave the tent body behind use just that footprint and the poles and have a free-standing structure that weighs in at just 2 pounds 4 ounces with its unique architecture and its ultra lightweight construction. The Big, Agnes copper spur hv ul 210 is an excellent balance of space and weight, making it an ideal option for three season. Backpacking

I know that I keep mentioning Spunks, but I like these pumpkin seeds and you should try them too! They are just great for camping and other fun activities. The video below is a little bit of a look into the shop that makes Spunks.



River Truck Camping for Winter Trout

My fishing freaks welcome back to the blog welcome to the HQ where so many of these articles begin here. There are so many boats in here right now, y’all, let’s go one, two, three, four: five: six! Seven, eight, if you want to count kayaks, there’s like another 12 krispies collector. I’Ve moved it over here for now, because a lot of stuff going on at the house, I’ll update you on the chicken coop here in a couple of days right now we’re going on an adventure, it’s like a little taste, a little snippet of Colorado.

I’M talking about going trout, fishing, I’ve done this for the last couple years. In the wintertime there’s trout, there are cold water fish there. There are fish you can catch in the winter that is active, Plus, let’s get serious the taste good and a lot of the states. They grow these trout so that they can be stocked in the winter time for you to enjoy. That is right. If you check your local listings a lot of times with the Parks and Wildlife’s websites, you can see where they’re stocking fish.

So if you’re new to this territory on the trout game in the winter do little a little searching and you might find a really good little trout fishery near you, they do ponds, they do lakes, they do rivers like I’m going to today and we’re going to Be extending our stay camping out and today is all about really finding a good camping spot. It is extremely cold y’all and I need extra gear. So I’ve been gathering up a lot of my stuff.

Some of the stuff is in the in the silver bullet. Definitely going to need what is in there going to need that dry bag, puffy clothes and whatnot? Let’S see do we have any more gloves in here nobody, nuts. I also want to try a new technique, while I’m out there I’m not taking my fly rod because I don’t have one. I had perixx and I broke it. Sorry Pyrrhic, but what I do have is some new crappie fishing poles and I saw somebody last year doing a fly technique.

I think I can get away with by using some of my jigging poles, crappie trout, soft mouth. The rods are designed. Similarly, so you can get the fish in the boat without ripping their lips off. In this case, I’m going to be on the bank taking waders. All of that jazz. I haven’t been camping in a while and I’m pretty excited you know, get the fire going. Tell the fishing stories couple: my friends may come up there, so it ought to be a good time.

Y’All outdoor greatness, the weather is looking Jarriel. It seems like on this blog lately, it’s been cheery whether we get a sunny day come on now tonight, partly cloudy. This evening, then, becoming cloudy after midnight, low 33 Fahrenheit cool waters of the river. Be honestly, it is not looking too fresh right now waters muddy, it’s high. I knew it was going to be pretty hot. I still wanted to get out of here early, so I could get a good camping spot and I think I did not just for me, but for some other people that are coming so we can all camp here.

So I’ll show you that in just second, let’s take a look at the waters itself. Y’All can hear it, I’m sure sure it is moving. That is some definite blow. Someone anticipated it was going to be like this cuz. I looked at the charts really early this morning in the flow charts and it looks like it. It crested it like three or four in the morning and it’s starting to go back down, but it’s still not too, where we want it to be for fishing, especially like waiting out there, you could just imagine throwing a little spinner or something how fast it’s going To be moving not to say the fish aren’t going to sit in certain spots and be available, it’s pretty moist er.

It would be all over that and my very little experience up here when the water is clear, lower flow, you’ll catch them just like that. But if you’re going out fishing in the the high muddy water, you’re kind of wasting your time might as well sit around the camp and enjoy a cold adult beverage. Fortunately I brought none. This is where we’re going to sit our boulders and think. Look at that. Big granite, boulder just think about life right here, think about the dangle now my truck y’all, now that it’s out rigged, I’m so excited that it’s here with mud on it, that’s the way it should be right.

There splattering up mud, getting dirty having fun and the bed is shorter than my other truck, but still doing okay managed to get my creep camping supplies basically set up for truck camping. Here I’ve got my heater. I’Ve got my big sleeping bag got my waders. I have a cooler right here up in here. I actually brought my freeze lock, or what do you call this? The game-saver brought game-saver and bags.

I’Ve got a backpack up here. I’Ve got all the paraphernalia. You need to do a little trout dangle. I can power that thing now with the truck itself with our little little power unit. So if I want to actually get get the fish going in the back of the truck, I can do that there or, if I want to get super advanced, just go off grid. I’Ve got the jacker unit right here, so I can actually use this to power.

My computer power, the food saver, do all those fun things and, of course we got our sleeping pad. You don’t want to leave home without that’s think about that’s going to save money, but literally I’m not Colorado conditioned right now, I’m still in. Like warm Texas, you know winter mode, one other thing to note on the adventure wagon the way it’s rigged out now 22 miles to the gallon now without boat, so that is quite a bit lower.

It was like 29 28 and by average miles per gallon. This is going highway, speeds 7075. You drop down to 60. He goes up to like 24 25, but you know who does that normal driving yeah? So I’m all I’m saying is I wanted to keep you guys updated on the truck and how it is on the diesel. I I can honestly see it just being a wash like you’re getting the low end power, but once you rig it out the way you really want your truck, not with the stock tires that come with it.

That way, like four ounces, your gas mileage goes down with that diesel, so you just wanted to throw that out there in case y’all are thinking about getting one weighing the gasoline versus diesel. I might go with the 6.2 gas thinking back, but I don’t know, love the decent. I don’t know I’m on the edge I’m on the edge. I love the truck, though now I got the camp set up now, I’m just prepping all the gear and we’re about to head out on the mission you know all it is nippy want to make sure to layer up and zip up.

Wool gloves on. I have two base layers. I have sweat shirt on underneath I’m going to keep my Puffy’s in a dry bag safe in the vehicle. Just in case something happens like I get soaking wet and I’m able to get back to shore, I’m just going to run back here to the truck get into the Puffy’s. Your puppies are your downs. They can’t get wet like they lose 90 % of their capability. Once they get wet, so you want to make sure they stay dry that can keep you alive.

I’M going to start off on my first little walk mission. Here, my roundabout, I’m going to be walking down the banks, I’m going to go kind of light. I don’t want to carry my big 12 foot pole with me just yet. I just want to do some recon may not catch anything. The water’s still really turbid, but I’m going to go with just this little six and a half ultralight two crappie pole. Essentially, I’ve got a thousand size reel on there and I’ve got eight pound tests, eight pound test, mono or fluorocarbon Iran.

There that’s a little furry and in my backpack I have some other lures set. I’Ve got some some inline spinners. I have some little spoons. That’S a little shiny and I’ve also got a variety of flies and some different floats and different things like that. Even have some, you know: power bait type stuff. You know trout, food and bluegill food. Whatever you know, yeah little nuggets, let’s go trekking with go crossing.

Our first little creek alert right here, look how beautiful that is now the water out. There is definitely not this clear. It is murky up, so the idea here is: I want to try to figure out the speed and direction. Well, the fish are going to be facing into the current, but I need to figure out. Where are these little Eddie’s find these little rocks? Oh, I just had a bite there see their bite or I hit a boulder already got problems dangling the spool.

Oh well. You know, starting out the day with real zinger here maintenance cast over there try to get our line untwisted, so you actually want to cast slightly upstream and then retrieve that way and your bait will drift into the fish. Hopefully, hopefully that’s what’s happening or you could get snagged there’s a lot of things that could happen here. Folks, it’s fishing, not catching. We are going to go through some baits.

I can already tell you if we’re going to lose baits we’re going to be switching up. Baits, I’m just going to kind of walk this path here. Look at these beautiful cedar, trees, monsters, moss growing on them gorgeous. I really want to try to cross right here come how, but it is super sketchy with just my boot on not sure if I could do it. That is a doozy Magoo right there. I don’t know it’s probably not the smart move.

This is just not looking very promising yeah. That’S pretty neat! That’S pretty neat! That’S going to be a leg Soaker. So what that’s going to be possibly a torso splasher is what we don’t for it. I knew it was going to be difficult. So it’s just doing the proper recon here. This is our skinniest water, but it is turbid. Oh my yeah yeah, but it’s just so close coming over the boots. Already, I don’t feel like it’s going to be good.

You ever get that feeling like this is probably not good. That’S where I’m at right now, because it’s not like waiters where, if I slip it’s like I going to win this sucks, I’m going to get sucked out to here and be soaked when my day is kind of done. I don’t want to be done, so I’m going to make it a adult move here, adult decision you know 20 years ago 10 years ago. Baby, maybe would have done it, but right now I’m going to try to find some greener pastures.

Huh. Okay, take a break from the raging Rapids here, give it the old cast. It’S good Brock. There’S got to be a fish behind these rocks. I just don’t know if it’s their time right now, they’re, probably just chillin waiting for the water to clear up. I just saw guys like he was driving down here on this road he’s camping on the other side of the river, and he he is stuck. He just turned around the way back, can’t even get back right now.

Earlier this morning I looked at the stocking report around here and somewhere on this river they actually put in yesterday 2000 trout, oh yeah, first lure going down yeah that’s got on like a stick log, something branch, Oh where she goes see. You later see you spoon, you’ve just got ta, you know, keep the tackle industry going, that’s what I say right and crazy. Y’All chartreuse orange dots by the way, all if you want a good little tackle box for doing stuff like this, just your tiny terminals and doing you know basically stuff that I’m doing small lures want to keep them really dry.

This is it look how much stuff I got in there and it is bone dry and it fits perfectly inside of your Fanny goes right inside your fanny. Look at that. Well, my initial reconnaissance of the waters has proven my fierce they ain’t going to bite. So what we’re going to do is lean on them back here and Chevy, take a little snooze ER and then get our camp ready and then, when these fish are ready to chomp, I’m going to give them that straight day, awakened me from my snooze buddy.

Lance has arrived, he’s set up his amazing pop-up trailer, tent thingamabob. He is so dialed in for truck camping. He’S got everything you could imagine. I’Ve got a more simplistic situation over here, but it’s going to be just fine. The water still after taking a snoozer is rushing hard brown t. It’S like Texas tea. I don’t. I don’t think the fishing is going to be worth a darn. I’M just going to set up my fault and I love my pop-up tent situation.

It’S essentially a backpack tent. This is like my go-to grab bag. I keep this thing packed. I started doing that, like after New Zealand just have everything like ready to go and that if a bloody call with me or if I find out about something I want to go, do or you know fear about hot bite whatever I just grab this bag and I’M ready to go for like four days. I’Ve got meals ready to eat in there I have the tent.

I have essential clothing items in here. This is my dry bag things. I don’t want to get wet. I have stuff to make coffee, so I have my food kit. I have a hammock. If it wasn’t super cold I could. I could actually sleep in the hammock first-aid kit, the essential hello. What else have I got in here water, filtration system, stuff, to take care of my health? All of that? It’S all in the one duffel bag.

We’Ve got GPS on the outside, so pretty much everything that you’d need the basic essentials to get away with truck camping. On the go, I’m looking for a flat rock a platter, if you will look how this tree has grown over the rocks, that looks like one of those things you should put on like a postcard or a poster. If I got like an inspirational saying, it’s like you know, overcome everything, even when you’re in a hard spot now on the spot thought of it smash like, but for it that one’s close, I think this one’s it, though I think that’s it right there, a little Dirty need to wash our plate, but that’s going to work way down yeah and dude.

It looks like a big open river with a spot and it’s shallow. You walk out in the middle, it falls off. It’S a honey hole man most of times they go. That way – and they go on the main one yeah but walk on this main aisle here this little tail here is where they’re going to be yeah. They didn’t make it that way walked it right here I see if they stock them here, if they did with it yeah like the day they fought through it, but if they’re coming from a higher they’re going to go on that far limp open, buddy Lance here, No one that super duper baby.

It is very dude. Look at it! Look at the wakeup money, it is. It looks like muddier. Now the water looks better down there. Honestly dude. That’S that’s! That’S funny like this is like the last time we were here, and it was like this that we didn’t get a bite like forever. It was banned, normally trip like this. You up catch you, a bunch of trout, come back with your buddies and start cracking those yellow bellies open bugs.

Today it was just a learning experience and really getting prepped for tomorrow, so I’ve got three different rods rigged up. I’M going to focus here. Give me some green tea, reduce inflammation hashtag, getting old, I’m going to crawl up there and my little backpack tent and I’m going to sleep with the soothing sounds of the river y’all. If you’ve never camped next to a river or stream, you just got to do it sometime in your life.

There’S just something about that flow that just allows you to sleep. Easy just set your mind right. I don’t know one of those outdoor things got to do it. Unfortunately, we did not get to break out our flat rock today and cook fish. That was my plan for today’s article, but didn’t happen. It’S going to happen on the next one. I will catch me. Some fish before I leave here, I’m hoping about tomorrow tomorrow afternoon.

It’S going to be really good, but in the morning I’m going to adapt, try some other techniques and trying to figure out how to catch these fish. When they’re sitting in these key areas, I know they’re in and how to get them to bite through these tough conditions. So thank you all for coming along for the camping experience vlog over ever you are. You are cozy coming off a fresh, successful, dangle and God bless.

You I’ll see you soon. Article

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