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  • Tim Broken and Camping is who I am!
    The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom. Some cool dude Raised by wolves! I wish, nope just from the suburbs of Philadelphia. What a wonderful place that I left as soon as I could. I ran to the west. Where the fruit and nuts aren’t just […]
Tim Broken
Here I am …. Don’t judge!

I love camping and all that it has to offer. I love surfing YouTube in between my own trips and post the videos I find on this WordPress blog! Have fun and hopefully you will find something useful!

My Lastest finds

  • Morning Hike
    You can now go to the beach, and apparently you don’t have to keep like a social distance rules and like there’s, no cops enforcing that that’s terrible. So I mean we still kind of got like our social distancing going on and last week we decided to come to this park. We’re in Hillsboro […]
  • Slí Gaeltacht Mhuscraí (GRUELING hiking) section 2 2018
    My decision-making is slow, I’m clumsy I keep dropping stuff, and today is the fourth day and the fourth day is normally if you’re going to quit you’re going to quit in the fourth day. You know I have no intention to quitting, but I tell you what my body is not good at the […]

Here is my favorite Place!

My Camping Snack Recommendation

When you are hiking a long trail or looking to camp for a while. Eating wholes foods helps a bunch with everything that goes on with your body while camping. It is important to eat healthy food and snacks. I highly recommend Spunks the best pumpkin seed snack. They are Pumpkin seeds with a kick!

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