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  • Tim Broken and Camping is who I am!
    The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom. Some cool dude Raised by wolves! I wish, nope just from the suburbs of Philadelphia. What a wonderful place that I left as soon as I could. I ran to the west. Where the fruit and nuts aren’t just […]
Tim Broken
Here I am …. Don’t judge!

I love camping and all that it has to offer. I love surfing YouTube in between my own trips and post the videos I find on this WordPress blog! Have fun and hopefully you will find something useful!

My Lastest finds

  • Fire Lay The Proper Construction and Ignition after a Night of Rain
    What I thought we’d do today is: we would go back and put another article on our basic survival series: basic survival knowledge series on how to build a proper fire leg, how to build a proper bird nest or tinder bundle, and how to ignite that and coax It into flame one of the […]
  • Easy Long Lasting DIY Burn Barrel….How Well Does It Work ?
    So you can see all the cool stuff that we’re up to, but moving on from that guys, the trash is piling up and that burn barrel. It doesn’t have another, it doesn’t have another another day of burning trash left in it. So today we’re making a new burn barrel. I picked up a […]

Here is my favorite Place!

My Camping Snack Recommendation

When you are hiking a long trail or looking to camp for a while. Eating wholes foods helps a bunch with everything that goes on with your body while camping. It is important to eat healthy food and snacks. I highly recommend Spunks the best pumpkin seed snack. They are Pumpkin seeds with a kick!

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