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Tim Broken and Camping is who I am!

The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.

Some cool dude

Raised by wolves! I wish, nope just from the suburbs of Philadelphia. What a wonderful place that I left as soon as I could. I ran to the west. Where the fruit and nuts aren’t just on trees. After floating around in my VW camper wagon. I settled down with my now wife.

vw camper

Why do this?

  • Because I would like to share my camping experiences with you.
  • I am working on becoming a better writer.

Here is one of my favorite pictures out in the woods smoking a pipe.


Here is why I like camping:

  • Peace and quite
  • Staying in touch with my inner Sasquatch
  • Enjoying the light of a fire under a sky of stars
  • Last but not least, It’s FUN!

Follow my blog for exciting camping trips, tips and ideas. Along with a bunch of other stuff.

My Favorite Camping Snack By Far!

I was camping around the out skirts of Tacoma, Washington. When I introduced myself to fellow campers. Very cool people and this is one of the reasons why I love camping. While swamping camping stories. They offered me a pumpkin seed snack that I have never seen before. They weren’t the normal shell kind…. They didn’t have any shells…. Anyway, I threw a few in my mouth and man, they are now my favorite camping snack. Hands down the best.

After much conversation about our camping experiences. Come to find out, they were heading to the Taste of Tacoma to meet the guys behind the creators of these awesome seeds. So I went out on the a limb and went to see the event with them. So much fun and I got to meet the guys behind this great Pumpkin Seed snack. I found this video which i will be posting though my blog. Because they were very cool People. Hey Rolands and Chet! keep on roasting your seeds. I know you won’t remember me, but thank you. Below is the video that Rolands and Chet put together.

Spunks! The best pumpkin seed snack

By Tim Broken

I am an avid camper and love to wright about various camping trips and other stuff. Check out my blog to learn more about me.

54 replies on “Tim Broken and Camping is who I am!”

It’s true! Restoration is important! Yours looks beautiful, btw. We sold my husband’s when we moved to Europe, bought a newer (but not new) VW diesel (always was his dream) in Germany for relatively cheap, imported it to France where we live now. We still camp with it, but it’s not quite the same experience, with kids!! (haha. and cryface. ;)) And I miss the camperized model where everything was in its place. We had to give that up for the extra seats. This one still has a pop-top and sleeps four though, or five max. We supplement with a tent. Anyway, happy travels. :))

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Camping is awesome, so many adventures! My dad took five of us across the Pyranees and much of Europe in a V.W camper van as far as what was Yugoslavia, when I was only ten years old. It took one month. I’ve never forgotten all the countries we stayed in. It made me who I am today- so Thanks Dad! And thanks Tim, I’m very happy you like my blog -A Limestone Quarry and a Slap in the Face!

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Love the photo of pipe smoking in the woods. Be sure to rake your part of the forest, as per instruction of our President !! My wife’s idea of camping is a B&B !!


Thanks so much for following my blog! I suspect it was the story of my parents living in their VW van for more than a year as they wandered around Europe and the Middle East that resonated with you. As I mentioned in my post, they shipped the van back to Canada after that. What I didn’t say is that my father continued to drive it until he was in his late 80s and it’s now my oldest son’s prize possession. He has completely restored it and loves to take his boys camping in it. It has definitely become a beloved family treasure!

Elaine @ Following Augustine


I’ve always wanted an original split screen VW, though the new one would be acceptable too πŸ˜‰

Over the years I worked out I’d rather have a bag on my back out in the fresh air over everything else!

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Hi Tim,

I’m a new follower and look forward to following your adventures. I am also new to blogging and started my own about traveling with my family. It’s been a slow start with complications, as everything seems to be this year, but I’m excited to read your blog for motivation. Happy travels!

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Nice blog and thank you for following me! I’ve never been camping before and I am due to move to the US this year and will be very close to Yosemite, so would love to see a post on camping there for some tips! Keep up the good work!

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I saw that you’re following me so I decided to explore your blog. I was born in the land of the fruits and nuts and I’m no fruit is one of my favorite sayings! Also, I love and miss camping so your blog will take me away in my imagination.

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Hi Tim, as a reminder of who I am, I’m the blogger who wrote the camping fiasco poem to the tune of Twas the Night Before Christmas. Although I haven’t had a single, incredible, camping memory, after reading your post, I can understand why you love it. Yes, nature offers a level of peace and quiet that can’t be matched anywhere else, and yes, the glow and crackle of a fire under the night stars are pure magic. Maybe one day I’ll give camping another try. Thank you for following my blog. I’m off to follow your blog, too. πŸ™‚


Hey, that is for liking our Campfire Nachos post! You’ve got the right idea, I love the smoothness of pipe tobacco, it’s such a relaxing odor that compliments the woods and a good fire. I often do cigars when we camp, because it’s just easier to pack and carry, but I keep a couple of ounces of different pipe blends, especially for the colder months. Anyway, if you also like watching YouTube you should go follow ours. We’re in the middle of loading up our road trip where we camped out in 9 different states. Tent camped in most and got two cabins.


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