Gear Review – Nature Hike Opalus 3 – An Affordable 4 Season Backpacking Tent

As you know, just recently, we went on a backpacking trip with a four season, three person tent, and it seems like right now. This is the only review article that’s going to be out on YouTube regarding this tent. I tried looking it up, but I couldn’t find any other reviews. I did see like a promotional article, but there’s really no one else that made a article on this and I think it’s because they just are releasing this tent.

Let me have the pleasure of sharing this experience and information with you guys now. I do want to mention that nature hike did send this tent over to me for free for review, but they did not pay me in any other way, besides sending me over this tent, so I will give you my full honest review, based on my initial experience With the tent, I also one of the schools that that I will be doing a continual review on this tent, as I do want to test this out in the snow and hopefully it snow storm as well.

Now some of you have mentioned online backpacking article. This tent does resemble some other tent. You may have seen the design is very similar to the gila berg, not much GT 10 or the four season tent biphale Raven, which are their endurance forces in tents. Now, for the sake of this review, because of the similarity in design, I will be making some comparisons with the Healy bergna much GT just so.

We get an idea of the similarities and differences in the materials from this tent compared to the gila burg. One now the Opus 3 or the Healy, bergna Mott GT or the knowledge 3 GT are both three-person tents. So what we found so far is that we were able to each put a sleeping pad down and still have room on either side to put our backpacks in as well, but the materials are slightly different now for the nature hike, oh plus, 3/10.

The fabric is a 20d silicone coated nylon fabric. Now the curl on 1800 is a 40 d high tenacity, ripstop nylon. Now, for something like the he lyric tent, it’s about almost 9 pounds, it’s 8 pounds and 13 ounces or 4 kilograms, whereas the opus is 6 and a half pounds now, according to nature hike. The poles are 7001 aluminum poles and these are not DAC poles. So compared to the 7,000 won aluminum, I do have a set of dak holes that I that came with my Marmot Thor for season tent.

You will notice that the diameter on the nature, high poles, are slightly smaller. What I did like about the nature hike poles compared to the environment door poles, is that the amount of pole material that overlaps is actually greater in the nature ID poles, which means more of the poles, will overlap into each other. We did have the typical condensation that you’ll notice during slightly cold weather, backpacking trips, as you can tell there, was a lot of little mud, splashing and that was all throughout the tent.

And it’s because the rain fly, though, is slightly elevated and it did rain kind of hard last night and because it rained pretty hard it just kind of splashed up to the sides. We do have a hook right here. This is what we hung our Lantern last night. One of my graphs about this tent that could use some improvement is maybe adding some more pockets, as you can tell there’s one here, there’s one on the other side here and then this pocket here is used to just when you roll up the the door to Your stuff inside so with that said those are the only pockets in this tent.

I would recommend to nature hike, adding a few more pockets if possible, the tent did hold up well. Last night, we are pretty dry in here. I am going to test this tent in the winter time in the snow and hopefully a snow storm and a very windy condition as well to be able to see how that holds up. I do have my concern about the poles, but I guess we’ll find out in that test now. Currently, if you look on Amazon at the time of this review, this tent is priced at 250 US dollars.

Now, if you compare that with the ID of the fjällräven or the Healy Berg, of course, it’s going to be a quarter of the price. The design is almost identical to those tents. Now, this being a double wall, tent, usually a four-season tents, don’t have this much mesh on the top side, but what I’ve noticed with nature hike is that they do accommodate for more ventilation. So this is all mesh on the top half of the tent.

The rain fly is all covered with ventilation, on either side of tencel. That and and this end now, the tent did come with a footprint. Now. The other cool thing about this tent is that the inner tent has already been installed and hooked in to the outer rain fly. So if you do need to pitch this tent, while it’s raining outside you can without getting the inner tent wet now the material is to the nylon.

I believe it’s 20 D I’ll put the specs on the screen, but you can definitely tell that it is much more thinner, so it could potentially tear easily. Now the zipper is not YKK does have these straps just like in the other 19 nature, hike, tents for zipping up and down only time will tell through a long term testing. I do plan to bring this into a snow blizzard in a few months to test it in the snow camp now.

One design I do like about this is that there are zippers that you can zip down this way so that from the vestibule you can just unzip it up this way now I would have liked to see it go the other way around where the zip goes Down this way, so that you can just reach out from the inner tent within a few inches and just kind of zip it up that way, but this still it’s pretty decent. Now, as I mentioned before, the difference in materials do add to the ability for the price to be much lower when we did experience this tent in our trip, it did hold up just fine in that rainy weather and I have yet to see it perform in A snowy, true forces and condition which I am looking forward to doing in hopefully next month now, since this is a four season tent, I will be getting snow stakes for the backpacking trip into the snow.

Now this tent design is not a free standing tent. So you will need to camp or backpack into a campsite where you can hammer stakes into the ground. Without that ability the tent will not be able to stand on its own. You do need to have a place to stake out the guide lines to keep it taut. If you are camping in a place where the ground is just rocks, I would not recommend this time for that situation, but if you can find a place where you can plant the stakes into the ground firmly, then this would definitely be a great system to use.

Now, tents like these are best used when they are fully staked out with all the guidelines, because you need that constant tension all around the tent. I didn’t notice that, because I did not guy out some points of the tent, there was some sagging on the roof. Also, as you can tell, there was plenty of space in this tent. We had enough room for two people, I’m five-eleven and I was able to just lay inside with plenty of foot room as well as sit up, but you know sitting up in a tent.

You would have to be towards about the middle. If you go towards the wall, then you start to duck a little bit, so we were able to put our sleeping bags in the middle and then on each side of us. We were able to put our backpacking gear, our backpacks and whatnot. Now, if you were to ask me who I would recommend this tent to based on my initial experience, I would say someone who is definitely budget minded who does not want to spend over a thousand dollars for a tent of this design, as well as, if you’re.

Looking for a huge vestibule area, now my backpack with plenty of tents in the rain to know that for the price, this tent is actually pretty good, I mean it would probably be for what you’re paying for you can use it in three seasons and it’ll, be Great now for the snow, the fourth season in the winter that is yet to be seen, I am planning on creating a whole article just to have that test on it, but for the time being I’ll leave a link in the description regards to this.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave it in the box below now I have a few other gear items from that backpacking trip I plan on reviewing and releasing some articles on. So, if you’re interested in that, please feel free to subscribe. Also, I am going to do a follow-up article on this tent in a snow and snow storm. So if you are interested in that, please feel free or scrip subscribe as well, and as always I want to thank you all for reading.

Take care and I’ll see you next time.

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Is a $25 Tent from Walmart Waterproof? – Ozark 1 Person Backpacking Tent

It’s not bad one minute, terrible music. Hey there buddy! I have a question about the Ozark Trail, one person backpacking tent um – if you take it down to like the winds and rain, it’s just not made for that. It’s not going to hold that well, for you do not take this tent out in anything other than perfect weather.

I’m done my name is Luke. This is the outdoor river view. They get very much for tuning in okay. So, a few weeks back, a viewer sent me a tint in the mail is some viewer mail? You guys might have seen that article and I may not have actually put it up yet. It really just depends on how I spaced out the articles but anyways a viewer named tan, sent me a tent from Walmart, and it was the Ozark one person backpacking tent.

Now there are actually many different tents from Ozark which they refer to as one person backpacking tent. So the model number for this tent is W 79 6.1. Just in case, you were interested. Let’s go over to this tent real quick, take a quick look at it. So that’s the front it’s more of a pity than a tent going around to the back. It has two poles one in the front one in the back here. Of course, the one in the back is smaller.

This thing is super simple: to set up comes with seven stakes: it is a single wall tent you receive a sleeve for the poles, a sleeve for the stakes. It comes with this box owner’s manual and the stuff bag right here. Speaking of the poles, these are fiberglass. As you can see, you have two guide line points those are included. There are no other guide line points for this tent. This is the insurance right here and take a look at the size of this thing.

It is absolutely huge. This thing is gigantic, so I get the viewer bail. I open it up, there’s this tent and how awesome is that ten? Thank you very much for doing this for everyone, because I get to share all this information with you all. So I see this tent it’s an inexpensive tent, which cost roughly twenty-five dollars from Walmart. You can find it on Amazon and other websites, but the prices are higher, so roughly twenty-five bucks at Walmart, ten, as well as many of the other viewers, want me to begin testing out very inexpensive products such as this.

So the day that I received this tent, I got to the house open it up, so the tent and the sky was black right. So I was like okay, you know what I’m going outside I’m going to set this up real quick, so it can have a few hours out in the rain. Let’s see if this tent is waterproofed, because that is my question is a $ 25 tent from Walmart waterproof, and the answer is no. No, it is not. This is not a waterproof tent.

This thing failed all the way around the entire body. I’ll show you some clips now, so we have some rain coming in some storms. We will see how well she does. Let’s take a look here on the inside of the tent. Now we are looking at the waterproof this of this tent. Okay, as we can see here, there is a water drop here. There is water here looks like this scene. Here is failing. We have water on the other side over here, so pulling a good bit of pulling here again more leaking at the seams here again more leaking.

The point of leakage for this tent goes all the way around the body of the tent. It deals with the seams, but not all of them, for example the seam on top here. This has been taped and it is fully waterproof same on the other side, but the seam down here towards the bottom of the tent. It has not been taped and water will leak through this all the way around. So let’s go over the stats, real quick for this tent before going any further price $ 25 color, yellow and tan weight around three pounds.

It is 96 inches long 48 inches wide at the front of the tent. At the foot box it is 24 inches wide. The front of the tent is 36 inches high and it does taper down to 22 inches. Now I was able to find a website called Ozark Trail tents, calm. You guys should go over and check that thing out, because it’s like a blast from the 90s as soon as you go there. You are greeted with this pop-up on the side and it’s this animated character.

Who is talking to you about Ozark tents? It’s super weird. It’s probably one of the fishiest sites that I’ve been to in a long time, hi and welcome Bill of justin.Com home to Walmart brand camping, tent Ozark Trail. What are you looking for? A new camping, tent, sleeping back, camping gear or replacement in poles? You have come to the right place, take a look around read on camping gear reviews and start planning.

Your next camping getaway today and the animated character reminds me of like a desktop buddy from the 90s, like Banzai buddy or like the desktop stripper babes or whatever. It’s really weird so, as we discuss already the perimeter, the stitching around the perimeter, that is the weak point for this tent water will come in when it’s raining. You do have to be careful with your setup here. You need the front of this tent to be leaning over some that way when it’s raining the water slides off of this vestibule here this very short, very small vestibule and stays away from the zipper, because if the water hits the zipper it will leak through now, This tent was put on the rain for roughly two hours and you saw how much water was inside of it, and that was a very light to moderate rain.

No thunderstorm, nothing heavy, and this thing definitely leaked now. You could take some seam sealer and go all the way around the perimeter here and stop this thing up. That does not mean that you will stay dry inside of this tent and that’s because this is a single wall tent with limited ventilation. I could tell you, I spent one night in this tent and I do not want to spend another night in it.

The condensation and the amount of moisture buildup on the walls was probably the most insane I have ever seen in a tent before the entire thing was soaking, wet and, of course, that’s with a moderate, humidity level right, I believe around 65 70 % here in the Mountains that night no rain at all. I just had this zipped up if you were able to camp out and have this door open, but with just the mesh here, your condensation level, the moisture level will be kept to a minimum, but you will still be wet.

Don’t worry about that, but if you have to seal this thing up because of cold conditions or because it’s wet outside something like that, this thing will gather an incredible amount of condensation more than you can imagine I mean it really is terrible. This material here, which I believe is a polyester, is not breathable at all all and that could be because of the water repellent finish, which is on the material itself.

Now speaking of the water repellant finish on this tent after it got done raining, it came out. Take a look at the tent, there was some pulling here on the material and it was discolored, and I believe that is the water repellent treatment that was done to the tent. So it is coming off. Based upon my observations of this tent so far, I believe that this is a product that you will have to treat yourself with a water repellent coating, often to keep yourself dry.

If you are in an area, that’s very dry that receives very little moisture. This is an interesting option to consider, because for $ 25.00, you are getting a $ 25 ten. This tent right here is worth $ 25. It performs like a $ 25 10 should, if you are in a wet area, a place with high humidity man. This is not the tent for you. This is, without a doubt, not the tent. For me, the amount of moisture buildup inside of this thing is, like I mentioned before incredible.

The linking around the perimeter is insane. This is a twenty five dollar tent. There are loose threads all over the place. Look at that stitching, very, very poor. I wouldn’t want to pull on this right going down. It’s all kinked up, very, very rough. Here’s a long thread, sticking out! Here’s another one, it’s very very long as I was doing some research about this tent here. I found one review where the individual stated he had an issue with the tent leaking leaked when it rained.

He had condensation build-up like crazy, so he contacted the company. He was told by the company by a representative that these tents are made for use in the front yard of your home and in perfect conditions. They are not made for backpacking and they are not meant to be used in foul weather. That is incredibly interesting. So I found a phone number here for ozarks: let’s give them a call and see if they recommend this product being used for backpacking, talented anytime report outlining directory jump.

Please be aware that this phone call may be recorded for training and quality control purposes. You’re expected wait. Time is approximately one minute: it’s not bad one minute, terrible music, ooh awful. I fixed your excel outdoors. My name is Benji. How can I help you hey there buddy. I have a question about the Ozark Trail, one person backpacking tent, and hopefully you can answer that. For me. I purchased this tent and I actually came across a review on the Walmart web page and it said that this individual had talked to customer service at Ozark and they were told that they shouldn’t go backpacking with this tent and that it should only be used in Their front yard – and so I was just kind of hoping to get some clarification on that.

I think the clarification is really that they’re really made for perfect weather. If you take a condoms like the wind and rain, it’s just not made for that. It’s not going to hold up well for you, okay. I appreciate the honesty. Thank you very much all right, all right, okay, folks, there you have it straight from Ozark themselves. Do not take this tent out in anything other than perfect weather. Should you purchase this tent? No is it great for your kids to play in? Yes, if you think about that, that’s fairly devious, because when you go to Walmart you’re buying a tent you’re thinking about likely I’m going to take this in the outdoors.

And it’s going to protect me. But here with Ozark, they are saying, do not use it in any conditions, less than perfect hmm something to consider so it has been roughly 24 hours since I filmed the Ozark article and I made a call to their customer service and after sleeping upon this, I Wanted to do a sort of follow-up and give you all my impressions. I think the fact that this company Ozark is selling this tent here and they are advertising this as a backpacking tent when it is not, is extremely deceptive.

I don’t want anybody to go out and purchase this tent and then take this out onto the trail miles away from the car from the house and so on and get stuck in a situation that may become life or death threatening. That is something that could happen very easily, especially when they are advertising this at a backpacking tent. The conditions are not always going to be perfect and with this tent here, the one person backpacking tent, that’s what it was designed for.

I think this is extremely deceptive. It’s wrong: they should not be offering this tin as a backpacking option, because it is not one. This tent was made for your kids to play in in the front yard. Right, that’s pretty much it. If you take this tent out into the weather, you are putting yourself at serious risk. It is not made for the wind, it is not made for the weather, the rain, the moisture and so on.

I apologize folks for the low lighting and for the echo, but that’s how it is my neighbors actually mowing his yard. So if I had the door open or if I was outside of you really loud anyways folks, I’m all for inexpensive, very budget-friendly tents. But this is not a good option and you do have to question always Ark as a company as a whole are their tents are any of them waterproof and honestly, that is not an answer that I have at this moment.

I went through a number of different listings on walmart.Com and a lot of them stated that the tents are weather resistant, but not waterproof, and if they are outside in the rain, the materials will soak through and you will get wet with. That being the case, I am going to make a separate article stating an advisory about purchasing Ozark products. You really need to know what product that you have and what its capabilities are.

That is very important information to have, and you should have it if you have an Ozark tent or you are considering purchasing one. You need to call the Ozark customer service. I will put the phone number in the description box down below and you need to ask them about the performance of that tent. I do not want anyone to get hurt. I don’t want anyone to die from exposure hypothermia or whatever, because their 10th failed them with.

That being said, do I recommend me one person, Oh, is our backpacking tent? I do not not no not at all and as it stands, I’m not sure. I would even consider any of their products based upon the deceptive nature, other advertising with that they said every one, I’m going to finish up the editing of this article now shoot the other advisory article and I’m excited to see your comments down below so folks.

Make sure to chime in state your thoughts if you love Ozark and you have a product which is fantastic, make sure to state that down below make sure to state what that product is. If you’ve had an Ozark product that has failed. You comment down below. If you think my review and my criticisms and my alerts are accurate thumbs up, if you disagree with me, give it a thumbs down, call me Don strengthen honor by

I know that I keep mentioning Spunks, but I like these pumpkin seeds and you should try them too! They are just great for camping and other fun activities. The video below is a little bit of a look into the shop that makes Spunks.



Backpacker 2 Man Tent Review

8 kilograms. So it’s very easy to put in your backpack. Ok, let’s put it up. The backpacker tent is fully waterproof with a waterproof rating of 2,000 millimetres, and it also has fully taped seams to protect you from the elements on the outside of the tent can have the fly sheet, which is a waterproof cover.

So it keeps you nice and dry on the inside. We have the ground sheet, which is sewn in to protect you from water and insects from coming into the tent. The sleeping area is compact and cozy perfect for a night under the stars, if you’re lucky to be camping in warmer weather than these handy events will allow the air to circulate. So you don’t end up too hot in the morning. Thanks for reading this week’s review of the backpacker tent and check back next Wednesday for another review on public, please remember to subscribe and click like on our article thanks for reading

I know that I keep mentioning Spunks, but I like these pumpkin seeds and you should try them too! They are just great for camping and other fun activities. The video below is a little bit of a look into the shop that makes Spunks.



Budget Backpacking Tent Review- Ozark Trails / Walmart Tent

Here I have a. I have a article on YouTube. It’s one of my first articles. I ever did on the junior scout temps that you get at Walmart. It’s basically a low cost small tent meant, for you, know, Boy, Scouts and whatnot, but a lot of people use it for backpacking and at the time I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in gear.

So I just picked it up and gave it a go, and I really liked it a lot, but you know over the years kind of got ran down it’s time to replace. I actually have a really good tent now for backpacking, but for my kids I wanted them to be able to have a you know, small tent, that they can go with me on these trips. So this is the three-person 7 by 7, dome tent by Ozark Trail. That you get at Walmart. I picked this up on sale for 24 bucks, so the price is right when it comes to that they’re between you know 25 to 35, depending on, if you get them on sale or not, but this one looks a little bit better.

It has a much more generous rain fly than the junior Scout tent, so I’m going to set this up and we’re going to kind of look at it and I’m going to tell you what I think of it. Well, I got the tent set up. It only took about five minutes, just like the instructions said, and this is just pretty much like the junior Scout 10. It’s just a little bit. You know deeper, it’s equally as wide. I think the junior Scout tent was 7 feet by by 4 and this is 7 by 7.

So it’s just uh a little bit bigger the weight on this I’d say it’s sub 4 pounds and there’s some areas that you can. You know shave off some ounces. This a little mat right in the front. They call this a welcome mat to me. It’s just added material and added weight. You can cut that right off as long as you don’t cut into the scene and shave off a couple ounces there. Now, if you want to cut this off, this holds back, you know wraps around.

It holds back your door. You can shave off a little bit there as well. Also, there’s a couple plastic attachments on the ends that everything hooks into you could cut those plastic pieces off as well, because there is a loop right here and you could just go straight into the loop, but the plastic pieces, I don’t think, add too much weight. But this is a double stitched in all the areas that will receive stretch and all the areas that there’s no strain such as this flap.

You got a single stitch. The the flooring in this is that coated flooring, that’s kind of loud you kind of got to put up with that, but that’s not that big of a deal there’s good ventilation in here. I like it a lot. You got a gear loft up in the top. It’s pretty generous and also gear locks here on the side, so you know it’s just your basic tent, but if it is, you know if it’s an issue with cost.

I think this would be a good place to go. You know good choice for you. The the rain fly on here is a lot bigger than the junior Scout tab. The junior Scout only went down to rent right here. I wouldn’t call this a double wall. Tent buy anything means I’d still say it’s a single wall tent, but it’s a lot better for rain coverage than the junior Scout. It comes in red and blue, so I chose the blue one, but all in all it’s a pretty good little tent.

I have a Kelty tent that I sleep in, so it’s not going to be my tent, but I went with a Walmart Ozark Trail tent for many years before I got a better one. So you know if you’re looking for something inexpensive. This was, you know, 24 dollars plus tax on sale at Walmart. So I think this would be a good option for you, and I think this would serve you well, if you’re going to choose to do it, you might want to do a waterproofing on this, and I have a article on that I’ll leave the link to that See how you can do that for low cost as well, but anyway, that’s my quick review of this tent.

God bless happy trails.

I know that I keep mentioning Spunks, but I like these pumpkin seeds and you should try them too! They are just great for camping and other fun activities. The video below is a little bit of a look into the shop that makes Spunks.



Weanas 4 Person Lightweight Affordable Tent – Backpacking Gear Review – SMH S1 E17

Yes, I said weenus for person tent. This is the weenus, but it spelled differently than the 10th strange name for a company, but whatever we’re going to be giving you a overview of the 10th today, as well as a review at the end, we’ve already spent one night in it and we’re going to Spend another night in it tonight we bought the tent because we wanted to attempt to backpack with to take the dogs so with enough room that we’d all be comfortable.

We have 280 pound labs, so they’re fairly sizable dogs and we felt we needed the room. The weenus is 6 pounds: 7 ounces. That’s a pretty decent weight for a four person tent the inside dimensions of the tent are 80 by 88, not a bad size. All of us will fit in there. It will fit for people across with 20 inch air mats, but it would be a really tight squeeze, but for just the wife and I and the two dogs – it’s not bad.

In fact, this may be a little too big. We could have saved a little weight there, but for the price, which was $ 99.99 on Amazon, can’t complain I’ll go through the specs and everything and show you soon. The features of the tent will tell you what we thought of the tent at the end. So stay tuned, so this is what it looks like when it comes from Amazon, wrapped in plastic. It was just inside a box.

Look like this! I’m going to take plastic off we’re going to open this up and see. What’s inside now, it’s got a nice. Looking sack with compression straps looks like they give you an extra room in there. Oh, it’s got a hold down, sack that’s good, so you should be able to get this thing back in here. Oh snap, tent stakes, 15. He’s some! Oh look at that guy wires! That are already put together. It looks like that’s pretty cool.

Sometimes you have to build your own tent poles. There’s two of them, I’m going to measure them. They are about eight millimeters. A little on the light side will have a heavy snow load. On top of the tent with these, but pretty practically anything else, you’re going to be fine, let the rain fly and then the tent body itself. So we’re going to go outside and set this up and we’re going to time ourselves and see how long it takes.

Okay, I’m going to press my stopread when I get started here here. We go okay, first time all by myself, including stakes just pushed in eight minutes and 15 seconds. I should get faster and with two people much faster. It’s all set up. I attach the guidelines and they’re happy to say there are enough mistakes for everything all for all the corners and the flaps the guidelines, so it has a two vestibules.

This is the launch one in the front, we’ll open that up in a second buddy swimming, to show you each side for the guidelines they come back down and there looks like they’re reflective, which is a really nice touch. It keeps you from tripping over those things in the night, also the adjustable tensioning device. That’s another! Nice touch, that’s for $ 100 Tim there’s a ventilation flap here, but you can open it close.

There’s a little stiff tab here that velcro’s in to keep it open or if you don’t want it open, you can fold that down and then velcro that down now shut most of the wind out of there. So for right now, I think another nice touch is the adjustable tension for the rain flying this clips in right here and there’s a adjustable, strap and it just clips in here it makes attaching the rain fly. Super easy.

You have another smaller vegetable. On the other side, there’s two doors in this tent, and so you could probably store shoes and stuff on this side and Pat’s on the other side, and you have the same thing on this side to another vent. So you have cross flow. So, no matter what direction the wind is coming from, you can get ventilation again. You can open a flap or open the vents if the winds are coming from the side.

So we’re going to open this up. Oh these flaps also velcro down. That’s a nice little touch too nice there’s little toggles there. So then you can roll this up. So it looks like you can also zip through the mesh out of the way in chocolate, so it doesn’t get every on everything. Double zipper come on in it’s kind of cozy in here, so is pretty bare-bones and you kind of expect that from a $ 100 tent you have a just a couple of pockets, one on each side.

You have a hook in the center to hang a lantern or something from so about six inches. It is only a three season tent, so you’re not expecting to stay nice and toasty in this thing during a blizzard or anything, and you wouldn’t want to do that with a lightweight eight millimeter poles anyway, if you want to camp in the winner, get a Helderberg They’re the best, but they’ll cost you about fifteen times as much.

How do you open air close events from the inside? Can’t that’s a total booty thing? You get a couple packs in this side, maybe not four, four, four people that at least a couple and then on this side, there’s another smaller vestibule and you could probably get it another pack here or you know your shoes or whatever it could be. On that side, all right so with the flap zip back down, you can see how much room there is in the vestibule there’s a good mount that would hold our motion or light backpacks pretty well keep them out of the weather, and then this green just rolls Up and then there’s a little toggle clasp here, one for each side: yeah zippers have the nylon cord cordage on it, because you know if your partners are getting up in the middle of the night and unzipping that clinking sound sucks.

This is nice and quiet. Meaning me all right: I just wanted to mention that there’s some room between the mesh and the outer fly except for right here, and this is the windward side of the tent. I think in order to handle that I’d have to put a cord on this. This tie down and then pull that out further away. Now, on the leeward side side opposite the wind is coming, there’s plenty of room there. Any condensation on the fly will actually roll down that I’m it out of the way here, a touch and John’s.

You know it would make a mess, so I’ll probably get a little cord on both of those sides so that you can pull the sides away from the mesh a little bit better. The floor is a bathtub type design, meaning that it’s sealed and and comes up. The side, so that should keep out most of the moisture the fabric on the bottom. Isn’t too bad? I mean it. You know I’ve read reviews on Amazon where they say it was thin, but for a lightweight tent, it’s actually not bad, and you can feel the the coating on it quite well.

I think I’m going to be fine with it. We had a tarp that we put down it’s about the right size for this. If I’m backpacking, I’m not sure I bring a tarp unless I was knew, I was going to be camping on rough terrain, so we’re going to get our thermal rest out blow them up and throw them in here and see how much room we have for the Dogs, I think it’s going to be great. This is how we have things laid out.

My wife and I have therm-a-rest the 20 inch wide ones, and then we have the therm-a-rest trail Ridge. I believe that’s what it’s called pads for the dogs. Those are also 20 inches, so you can see you can fit four twin CH pads across and that’s this is the short way. That’s the 80 inch from that side to that. Aside from the this side, the foot to the head – that’s 88 inches. There hope you can see it, but there you can see the guidelines are reflective and then there’s reflective bits on the tent.

That’s a pretty nice touch. It’s fantabulous mr. Robertson. I would say it’s pretty windy outside and it’s not windy in here at all. There’s a little bit of a breeze, but nothing bad at all. So it’s pretty cozy in here, especially with our amazing sleeping bags. Yes, I’d agree, I mean you can hear the wind through the trees. It’s blowing about 10 10 miles an hour, maybe 15, but in here it’s there’s hardly any breeze.

You can feel a little bit, but it’s not bad and the dogs are settling in nicely. They found their spots. It took them a little while to figure out what the heck’s going on and what are we doing yeah, but now they’re, all cozy with their blankies and they’re they’re liking. All of us beyond the floor together, if you’re like hey, this is cool. We get to cuddle with our mom and dad. This is where we’re sleeping tonight karma all right turn this article off and just enjoy the evening and well let you know how the night goes when we get up waiting’s.

Are you camera shy? Are you camera shy? You ask yes, oh oh, you got me. Oh baby feed me she’s like me, so we spent two nights in the big green weenus. We’re not going to be able to do this in part with a straight face. No we’re just going to give you our impressions and spots on the tent, so tell me: what did you like about this highlight that it was sturdy in the wind? It was steadfast but seriously.

That is one thing I liked about it. I liked that it was roomy inside. I actually also liked the fact that there was a slight breeze going through the weenus, because I felt like I was warm enough in our bags I mean granted. We have really good sleeping bags and really good sleeping gear. It just kept lots of fresh air, so I didn’t get stuffy or you know how tents can get. Sometimes the weenus was just nice and fresh.

What did you like about the waist I like that? It was roomy and it was a tall. It had a enough room that I could stand up inside it hunched over granite dogs. They went that way. The ease of setup was nice. I, like the touches that I’ve only seen on more expensive tents, where the rain flag clips in the reflective guys and the reflective tip touches on that, the exterior that was good and the cost.

I mean 400 bucks. It’s really really hard to be yeah. The weenus is cheap, but good quality. One thing, and only one thing that really didn’t like about it, is the exterior door to this side. The zipper on it was finicky. So if you want to get in your weenus, the zipper is a problem. Oh so funny. I mean who thought of naming a tent the weenus I mean. Who does that hey? Have you tried the weenus? Have you bought the weenus hey, you should really get a weenus.

Do you want the green, the blue or the orange weenus? Another thing I actually really liked is that it has. You know two vegetables on either side, so I’ve never had a backpacking tent. Another thing I really liked about the weenus: it’s that it’s got two entries so there’s a front entry and a back entry so either way you decide to go. You’ll have an entrance point, so you don’t have to really worry about how you setup the weenus cuz.

It’s got two entries cuz, normally you’re like when you’re setting up your tent you’re, always like where’s the door where’s the door. Well, it doesn’t really matter so. You’ve got two, so you have more flexibility when you set it up. So I like that, we post a link below to Amazon where you can get the weenus and thanks for putting up with our innuendo, is impossible to avoid seriously. How can you not? Hopefully, you found this helpful and funny take care of Dell next time bye-bye and there we go cut the weenus back in his bag.

I know that I keep mentioning Spunks, but I like these pumpkin seeds and you should try them too! They are just great for camping and other fun activities. The video below is a little bit of a look into the shop that makes Spunks.



Top 5 Best Lightweight Tents for Backpacking

Adventure companion to protect you from wild weather. An ideal backpacking tent, should be strong and spacious and make sure comfort, enjoyment and utmost safety. But above all, it must be lightweight and must not overburden your backpack with its weight and space concealed. So you may try lots of options in the market for a lightweight backpack tent, but to make your life easier, we have prepared a list of top 5 lightweight backpacking tent.

Here you go. The Dirigo tool is a self-contained tray. Seasoned two-person shelter constructed with a blend of five different anemic composite fabrics optimally placed throughout this minimalist, but feature packed structure for the best ratios of weight, waterproofness, breathability and long-term durability. It is fabricated, with hundred-person waterproof fabric that eliminates the need for a separate rain fly, and the strongest man-made fibers in the world laid out in a grid within these fabrics means you can pitch the derivative without a crown sheet tube.

Most amazing thing is: you will need to carry a separate small diameter, aluminum poles since you’re, using trekking poles for incredibly robust structural support, so that reduces the quantity of hardware to carry. It features dual inch away along with breathable panels at head and foot to combat conversation. It also comes with two vestibules for exterior gear storage. With 5 YKK aqua guard zippers to maximize the ventilation, you will get 2 large mesh walls.

You can picture it with 2 trekking poles and 8 steaks. The internal mesh hanging straw pocket is there to keep stuffs. It also features two sidewall guide out points for increased internal space derivative ultra lightweight backpacking tent includes ex large drawstring stuff sack for storage. It is ensured that ultralight camping out in the wild couldn’t get much better with Dirigo 2 ultralight backpacking tent ray coop quarter.

Dome 2 is ultralight, tent weighing just 3 pounds 12 ounces. It’s a three season: backpacking tent, offering a generous living space where two adults can relax and hang out it features increased head and shoulder room and foot box room. Its dual stake. Vestibules is large enough to easily shelter all your gear from the weather, the floor and canopy utilise a lightweight and robust 20 denier ripstop nylon.

It has two large doors on fly, vestibule and tent body as easy to the entry and can be hung out of the way when unzipped Reiko up quarter dome comes with roof vent with internal zippered access helps control condensation. The adjustable stake out points makes take placement easy and allow for quick festivals tensioning. You can use a variety of pockets and hang loops to organize the interior. This tent includes a stuff sack stakes, guidelines and tie dinners, as well as a pole, repair, tube pull bag and a stake back as well.

The fly and footprint minimalist hitch option lets you leave the tent at home and use the fly poles and footprint as lightly children. Reiko up coragem is designed and built for solo backpacking trip where you cannot carry much and lightweight accessories mattered. The most MSR hubba-hubba is a three season: tent defines lightweight livability weighing in at just three pounds: eight ounces, its interior, provides plenty of head and shoulder room, offering spacious comfort.

It features two large festivals in store gear outside the tent inside the stuffed pockets. You can keep smaller items organized with the loops. You can hang lights at night. The tent features, lots of mesh for ventilation and kickstand vents to reduce condensation and increase air flow for wet days. The change carries forward. It stayed dry doors with built-in rain gutters. It features premium, instant, cyclone, poles, made of aerospace, composite materials, the flex under the force of heavy winds and bounced back to shape.

The extreme shield coating is therefore long-lasting, waterproof protection, while they are packed with technologies. The hub, the Cirrus tents, take up little space in your pack and come with a convenient wide mouth storage sack after your trip completely dry, your tent and store it uncompressed in a cool dry space to help prolong its life. It’s the best suited tent for you. If you’re out for a weekend or a week, long trip in the backcountry and cannot afford to carry extra weight, the duplex is a sweet spot when it comes to size, weight and features having the weight of just 21 ounces.

The duplex tent is one of the lightest two-person tents on market. It is fabricated from Cuban fiber it measures for the 8 inches tall at the piece giving you plenty of headroom. It features rainbow zipper doors on both sides of the tent, allowing for easy entry and quick access to both festival spaces. It comes with fully enclosed insect screen, preventing even the smallest of insects from getting into the tent.

The custom-made metal hooks are there to keep the doors closed. The storm door closure helps preventing the doors from flapping in the wind nights. It includes clip to pull the screen door back away from the rain spray. This tent has a solid eight inch tall bathtub floor. Measuring forty-five inches wide by seven and a half feet long, providing plenty of space for two average people to stretch out plus space for the gear.

At the end of the floor, even a separate ground sheet is not required. With this tent, a mesh pocket can be found at both ends to store your accessories. There is a screen between the bathtub floor and the walls at the end of the tarp. An elastic cord keeps the bathtub, elevated and sharing the screen slopes downwards away from the bathtub. The tent utilizes trekking poles to pitch the tent and comes with wine lock tree adjusters shown to all try out the duplex packs down super small, taking up very little space in your pack.

Thus, it’s perfect for any backpacking and hiking trips, Big, Agnes copper, spar edge. Vul is an upgraded member. Award-Winning, copper, spar series comes with better options. It features two large dual zipper doors and double vestibules offers discrete seams allowing for easy entry and smooth closure with sleek. Look it’s four way: high-volume, hub design, increases strength by 25 % and usable interior volume by twenty percent compared to previous versions of the copper spar, you will really notice that in the head and shoulder areas when you sit up or change clothes, the DAC Featherlite NFL Full system, with ultra light plastic clips, is super fast and intuitive.

To set up the flying floor features a unique property. Random rich thought pattern: nylon, which increases favorite, tear strength for 25 %, decreases the weight and increases water resistance, the media pockets located above the sleeping area enable clean headphone, cord routing from phones and other devices. It is fast fly compatible, meaning they can be set up with justify holes, footprints and stakes and used as very minimal shelter or shade.

The Big, Agnes, copper spur edge. Vul is available one to four people and in the second color option, always the tent is stronger. Lighter and roomier so you’ll be more comfortable, secure and resting easy in the backcountry and wherever your adventures take you. So these are the top best backpacking tents from us like share and comment your thoughts below. If you like, our articles hit subscribe.

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I know that I keep mentioning Spunks, but I like these pumpkin seeds and you should try them too! They are just great for camping and other fun activities. The video below is a little bit of a look into the shop that makes Spunks.



OEX Phoxx 2 – Budget Backpacking Hiking and Wild Camping Tent Review

I know I’m going to be ten crazy at the moment it seems to be my new obsession today. The 10 I’m going to talk about is the re x, fox 2 Fox Fox, with the pH now. This was 50 quid in go outdoors with the discount card, so I fifty quid it’s got to be worth a try. It’s quite a tiny package. You’ve also got loops on the side, so you can easily strap it to the outside of your bag.

No, it’s um, it’s a two-man tent and it’s a bit like their band sheet in design and I’ve got these scales. It says it weighs 2.1 and the packaging see exactly what it says with the scales 2.11 so yeah, it does say a lot of the times you see what they weigh and when you actually weigh on they’re different, but this is 2.1 bang on. So so now, let’s see how easy it is banging off. It says that the flysheet is waterproof to 5,000 millimeters.

The ground sheet is 2,000 millimetres and the inner is made of a breathable polyester material on the ground sheet, make sure they go through there as well, and then to the side. Okay into the pigs. It comes with they’re, quite heavy and they’re quite flimsy. So you can always swap them out if you wanted to change, but you spike even more the second ten I own now with two doors. So it’s quite easy to get it up but see that’s the inner sheet.

That’s gone up first, so in the rain. It’s not, I do now for the fly sheet. There’s clips on here, keeping the balance sheet and a fly sheet together, just the main pegging done on this side. So it gives you quite a nicer size vestibule in a minute, I’m not going to bother pegging everything, but you can see you’ve got the air vent guy ropes to give it extra support in the wind. You’ve got your twin vestibules over side, so you’ve got plenty of room for school in twin zips, with a zip on the inside, and the outside seems to be sagging a bit.

So it’s quite claustrophobic bits of material where you could hang a torch off of. It’s quite moschini a lot of mesh, so probably not a winter tent, but I think for the summer it would be fine, you know, is a little bit heavier than most tents. I’ll show you how the weight compares to the van Gogh van chi, which is you know, the other version of this tent. If you like, van Gogh’s version of this tent but yeah I’ll, be looking forward to trying this out at some point, probably wait until the summer or at least the spring, so my verdict – it is what it is for 50 quid, not bad, ten, two kilograms.

It’s not too heavy, it’s not too bad. It’s fairly easy to pull up, but it was a fine day and it wasn’t there wasn’t any wind, it’s not like the Banshee, where you can flow up the two skins together. This looks like the only way to put the tent up is to put the ground sheet and inner up first. Possibly that does let it down, but then it’s for the money. If your backpack on a budget, that’s a great little boy get down to go outdoors.

Now spend a fiver on your discount card and you could have that one for 50 quid at the moment, so that was another 10th review. Just the first look I’ll get out on company one night now I suppose the only thing left to do is to see how easy it packs away the tube suck again, so don’t get frustrated packing. This hasn’t gone down to compact II. I’m warming my way in there there you go so then it’s like you’ve walked poof bags and then there you go another budget tent, the oex Fox to Fox Fox, and I look forward to getting out and giving that try soon.

Okay, so thanks for reading forget to Like comment subscribe.

I know that I keep mentioning Spunks, but I like these pumpkin seeds and you should try them too! They are just great for camping and other fun activities. The video below is a little bit of a look into the shop that makes Spunks.



Vango Mirage 200 Backpacking Tent Review

Today, we’ve got pitch behind me: the vengo mirage 200. This sits in there sort of adventure tent range, and so it’s recommended for daily usage or just sort of lightweight adventure camping. It’s quite a small sort of lightweight tent comes in at 3 kilos and it’s part of their premier range. So the premier range means that the fabric quality they use is quite high, so you’ve got a 70 denier, polyester fly sheet and a 5000 millimeter hydrostatic heads and tell them the waterproofing it’s way up there.

It’s also got fully taped seams so, where you’ve got these little holes running through, where the seams are sort of combining they’re, all taped underneath so keeping the water out – and you can see when I just push my hand across the actual fabric. It just all falls off and doesn’t go through the actual fabric, so the main sort of design of this tent is designed in a semi geodesic structure, so you’ll see where there’s lots of poles crossing.

So, for instance, here it all supports its own sort of structure. So when the wind is blowing, it’s just supporting itself, so lots of lots of pole crossing points, so the strongest tent you’re going to get geodesic sort of second strongest. This is the semi did. Is it you also notice? It’s got this Gothic archway porch. So the idea behind that is, it’s slightly bent into the top, and that gives a little bit more strength when you’re pushing it in through the top, so the whole whole tent just gives it a bit more strength.

You’ll also see that the poles are all made of aluminium again keeping down the weight. So, like I said earlier, comes in at 3 kilos and also the pack size can afford to be a lot smaller, because I’ve got the with fiberglass poles. You have big Farrell’s on them and they take up quite a lot of space, so you can’t have 2 million because of the weight, whereas these just fold into each other and sort of pack down to about that size.

So you can see the bag itself pack size is fairly small. You’ll also notice new for the sort of last year. Actually is these packs that make it really really easily easy to pack into so it’s top loading pack straight into there and then do that up and then you’ve got the compression straps around the side, so really easy to pack away really easy to put up as Well, it’s all color-coded, so you’ll see that this pole little tab here is blue.

This one here is red and the other side is is, is blue. The two poles are exactly the same length across each other and then this pole at the front there, which is the different size, is red colored in the middle, so you’ll have a red section in the middle. So it’s really simple and easy to pitch. Okay, so you’ve got multi usage door, so this folds up from one side sort of zips down and then you can do the same on the other side as well and throw that up.

So you’ve got full ventilation through both sides or you can have one up. One down both down so that works pretty well and then you’ve got this storage area in the front which comes with a ground sheet, then the eventing, as well just in the front there and down the back and on both sides. So we’re just going to jump in the tent now and how to have a look at the sort of size you get in there. So sooner so, actually in terms of length, you’ve got quite a lot of space, probably an extra sort of 50 50 centimeters, pretty from where I am, and I’m sort of 5 foot 8.

So so even someone 6 foots not going to be struggling with sort of size in here and then as well. You’ve got four two-man, actually sort of an extra arm to it. So I’d say: there’s something like comparing something like the banshee. You’ve got a lot more room in here than that, and then you’ve got the storage out the front plenty of sort of ventilation in the inner tent as well hanging points. One thing you’re missing at the back.

I know you’ve got some of the front, so you’ve got plenty of pockets. So for your storage little hanging light point but all-in-all I mean in terms of space. I’d say this is out of a lot of the adventure tents. It has got a lot of room for a two-man tent okay. So in summary, I think the mirage 200 is great tent for adventure, camping, int of activity, camping units, it’s three kala kilos, which is pretty lightweight for the space you’re, actually getting in the storage space.

In terms of the shape as well you’re getting great structurals sort of stability through it with it supporting itself in lots of different points where the poles cross. So I think, for things like expeditions, you know, like you know, going away to the Moors and Dartmoor camping for 10 tours div, which is what it’s recommend if I think it really suits the build, fits the bill, but in terms of sort of floor plan and Any extra details, if you want some more details, go onto our web site www.

Kpbs.Org/news/evening, the exact dimensions only sort of roughly gave them when I was lying in there and also, if you want to go on our YouTube blog, you can see it maybe compare some of The other tents that we’ve done, reviews on there are plenty on there. You subscribe to our YouTube, blog and you’ll, get updates if we do do any more sort of adventure reviews, but other than that, I hope you’ve enjoyed the review and thanks very much for reading have a good day.

I know that I keep mentioning Spunks, but I like these pumpkin seeds and you should try them too! They are just great for camping and other fun activities. The video below is a little bit of a look into the shop that makes Spunks.



Shelter System for Just Over 1 LB (The Lightest I’ve Ever Gone) 😱

So if you’re new here then do consider subscribing in this article, I’m covering my shelter system from my upcoming hike this summer, I’m going to be linking together a series of trails through the High Sierra and California. So my shelter system basically is comprised of two major parts: it’s the in line equipment, recon, bethey and then the gossamer gear, twin tart and then of course, some steaks.

So previously, I’ve been using gossamer gears, the one shelter which is a single wolf, ultralight, backpacking tent, but this summer I was looking to rely on the load a little bit as well as just have a little bit more versatility in my sleep system. In conjunction with this article, I’ve released a really in-depth article over at my website, which is Pioneer Trail comm and in the article I go into a lot of detail on ultralight, backpacking shelters, whether that be single tense or tarps or biddies, and I also talked about Ground sheets and steaks and all that stuff.

So if you want to go check out that article, the link will be in the description when I go on an uptight, backpacking trip then 9 times out of 10, I’m actually cowboy camping. So if there’s no chance of rain and there’s no bugs, then what I’ll normally just do is throw out a ground sheet. Put my sleeping system on top of that and settle in for the night. There’s two major reasons that I do that, the first being that there’s a lot less effort in setting up my shelter every night, I’m packing it away in the morning, so I basically just save time.

The second is that I actually just prefer it: it’s really nice to just sleep out in the open. You feel kind of more connected to nature and it’s just a more pleasant experience in my opinion, but then of course, anytime, there’s inclement weather or of course, especially if there’s bugs then I’ll go set up my shelter system, even when I’m cowboy camping. What I now do is I throw the Recon bivy down out on the ground, stake out the four corners and sometimes I’ll, attach the included bungee cord up into a tree just to keep that mesh up and away from my face.

It’s super quick and super easy. So it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to actually set that system up and then again pack it down in the morning and then of course, if there’s going to be bad weather, then I’ve set up a gossamer gear table of the bivi and then I’m Completely protected from rain and any bugs that might be an issue. The enlightened equipment, recon is a fairly new item of gear.

To me, I’ve been testing out over the past couple of weeks and so far I’ve been really happy with it. It’s kind of a hybrid between a traditional mummy style, waterproof bivy that you slide into and then a bug mesh that you kind of hang from the inside of a top. So it has a built in kind of bathtub floor. You do slide your sleep system inside it. It has a zipper that runs up the middle, but then it also you can use basically there’s included bungee cord on either end that you can attach to the top of your top.

So basically, what that does is it pulls it away from your face and it pulls away from your feet, and it just makes the bivi a little bit roomier one of the cool things about the in line equipment bivy that i’ve not seen on any other bit Is is that in the four corners they’ve included, a small plastic stick is the only way I can really describe it and what happens is when you stake out the four corners of the bivi and you pull up that bungee cord.

It basically makes the bathtub floor rise up, and so it kind of has more structure to it. That’s obviously great because it feels a little bit more roomy when you are inside the bivi, if you’re having rain and there’s a little bit of splash pack, that might be coming up underneath the top and it’s more protected, because that bathtub floor kind of rises up Vertically and protects to the inlined equipment, recon bivy is made of waterproof seal nylon and bug mesh and weighs just six point three: five ounces.

The second component of my old life backpacking shelter system, is the gossamer gear twin tarp. It’s also made of waterproof seal nylon and it weighs nine point five ounces. So it’s extremely lightweight. You can probably save a little bit of weight on a tarp if you went for a Dyneema composit fabric stop. But personally, the soon I’ll on is a lot more affordable and I’ve been really happy with it.

So I’m going to stick with the twin tarp at least going forward. I’ve been using it now for the past few months, and I’ve tried it and a bunch of different weather scenarios, and it’s been, it’s been really great. One of the main reasons I personally like it is because it has a Canton area cut so top such as this coming, usually two different options: there, either completely rectangular or cancer nari and cancer.

No, basically, it just means that it’s not symmetrical. There’s like a designated head end and a foot end the setups pretty straightforward once you’ve done it a couple of times you take the tip of your trekking pole and insert it into the grommets at either end adjust it to whichever height you want. I usually leave it pretty high up for extra ventilation, but then, obviously in bad weather and rain, you can drop it down lower for extra protection.

I’ve been super super happy with it. It’s a really high quality product like everything from gossamer gear, I’m going to be leaving links in the description of all the products I’m talking about in today’s article. If you do purchase something through those links, you help support this blog and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. One thing I will say about this show system is that it’s not for everyone, not everyone is going to enjoy sleeping inside kind of a mummy style or busy with just a tarp for protection, and you can feel quite exposed using shelter systems like this.

I did at first now I’m really used to it. So isn’t an issue for me if you are dealing with bugs and you’re inside that bivy with the bug mesh zipped all the way up. Even if you pull it away from your face and from your feet, it can feel a little bit claustrophobic for some people. You also do need to be careful if you are sleeping with your arm or your head pressed against the bug net, then the mosquitoes could potentially bite through that as well, and you are laying on your back on your sleeping pad with the bug mesh.

Just a few inches from your face, if I was going on a trip where there I know, there’s going to be a lot of rain consistently and a lot of bugs consistently, then I probably will use a single walled tent because there are a lot more livable. There’s obviously a lot more space, you can sit up. You can eat inside them if you’re using the tarp on its own. That’s fine, because if it’s raining you can sit up underneath your top and you’ve got plenty of space.

But if there’s bugs then you’re, of course, going to want to climb inside that bug, bivy so you’re protected from it and it can feel a little bit claustrophobic. You can’t sit inside your Vivienne eight, but it’s fine. If you want to read before bed or journal or something like that, there’s plenty enough space. It just takes a bit of getting used to and it’s not going to be for everyone. And then, of course, I carry a set of states with me.

I use a combination of two different stakes. I use the MSR mini groundhog stakes and I use titanium. Ultralight shepherd hooks and the reason I carry two different kind of stakes is I, like the MSR ground holes because they have a lot more holding power they’re a little bit heavier, but the reason I like them is: I use them on my ridge lines and on The corners of my top – they have a lot more holding power, especially if there was heavy wind and rain.

I don’t want that top blowing away in the middle of the night, and then I use the titanium Shepherd hooks to stake out the edges of the top. And then, if I’m staking out the bivi, then I’ll use those as well, because they don’t need an awful lot of holding power. They just need something enough to hold them in place without flapping around in the wind. The MSR ground homes weigh about 10 grams, a piece and the titanium Shepherd hooks weigh about six point five grams.

So there is a weight savings between the two. I think there’s ten stakes inside the bag, which is all that I need plus one or two extras and that weighs 3.5 ounces, so the overall weight of the top and the bivi and the stakes is about twenty point: five ounces. So pretty light weight. I’m pretty happy with it. I could probably go a little bit lighter, but I still feel like this is plenty light enough for what I want to do.

So that’s my shell. I assisted them for the summers hiking trip. I won’t be vlogging on that trip, but I do have a very special article project plan for the trip so stay tuned for that, if you want to follow along and the hike, I encourage you to check out. My Instagram is just at PI on the trail I’ll, be posting pictures regularly and kind of doing mini blogs over there as we go through the hike thanks for reading this article.

As always, may the force be with you and I’ll see you in the next one.

I know that I keep mentioning Spunks, but I like these pumpkin seeds and you should try them too! They are just great for camping and other fun activities. The video below is a little bit of a look into the shop that makes Spunks.



Hyke and Byke Zion 2 Person Backpacking Tent – With A Secret

Let’s take a look at a scion two-person tent for the folks at hiking bike and it’s pretty cool tents got some pretty cool features and one of them believe it or not, I’ll hold it in my hand. You want to see what that is stay tuned, because that’s what’s coming up next here on survival on purpose, welcome back to survival on purpose your home for information and gear reviews related to camping survival in general preparedness for regular folks.

My name is Brian thanks for joining me, so you may know that I’m a Scoutmaster as such, I feel pretty good a bit of camping and I’m pretty familiar with a lot of different kind of tents and stuff. I personally use a hammock, usually when I’m camping, but sometimes you just can’t use the hammock. If you go to film on, if you’ve been a filmography going to film on, you might know, but you can’t take a hammock there, a lot of place.

There are no trees and plus they’re really concerned about the damage that hammock, straps and rope do to trees when a lot of people are using using the same area. So tints are important. A lot of place. You just can’t use hammock, so it’s really cold weather. You can’t blah blah blah, I’m rambling on about the advantages of having versus tents, and that’s not what this article is about. So the folks at hiking biking kind enough to send me one of their Zion to person tent.

So I showed you, you may not be familiar to hiking bike, but they’re manufactures free, high-quality camping gear they’re, actually one of the top sellers of down sleeping bags on Amazon in the last couple of years and we’ve come out this line of tents several months back, They’ve actually coming out with you see, this was like a really bright, yellow color to the tenant stuff. It’s kind of green they’re coming out with a few other colors and fabric options in the next coming months, so stay tuned for that, but pretty cool tent there.

This is one of those that can actually set up in several different configurations. I’ll show you to set up the kind of fast feet and maybe doing a little bit of overdubbing in the old survival on purpose studio here and talk about what’s going on. So let me just show you how this thing sets up. Give you a little bit of setup on this. I decided to set it up, as I would in terrain. So, basically, you said: look this kit comes with a up the footprint and everything is included.

It’s got the footprint, it’s got, the rain fly, it’s got eight point five millimeter aluminum pole gives these nice aluminum stakes got like fluorescent, marked guidelines, it comes with the gear storage loft, it comes with the footprint it comes with. The comes with the bag comes with a really nice poles and it’s like a one pole set up. So what I did was I set up the fly first. So that’s what that’s what you probably want to do if it’s raining when you’re setting up, and sometimes that happens, especially in the Boy Scouts, then you set the tent up underneath and your tent stays pretty dry and you don’t have to worry about rain.

Getting inside your tent while you’re setting up the fly, so you set the fly up. First, keep the tent the bag and then go ahead, set the tent up under the flight. Everything stays drier that way, it’s just a little a little trick, but it also gives the option. You really want to go. Ultralight you’re, not it’s not bug season. You can leave the tent at home and just set up the rain fly itself as a as a shelter to keep the rain off of you and you don’t have to carry the weight of the tent.

So it’s got several different weight options. Instead of me going over all that right now, I’ll put it in the description to this article below you’ll be linked to their websites, going to have all that information to steam, check their website or Amazon or have the price on them will be links in the Description so anyway, this cut to death. Show you how this thing sets up and I’ll do my kind of overdub fancy narration in the more wrap this thing up.

Okay, this is the highly professional voice-over portion of the article, and you can see they came in a nice little sack. What I’m going to do is put out the ground cloth. First then open up the poles. This tent features a single pole, design where everything is basically connected by shock cords. It’s got hubs in the center. I just want to put each of the poles into the corner of the footprint and I’ve got a little metal grommets and the poles just stick in the grommets.

Basically, then, in this case, when you get the rain fly out first unfold it out where it’s over the right place, you can see one on the pole across the top. That’s going to go on last there’s little pockets and the rain fly to catch that. But the ends of the poles have a long enough kind of a ferrule on them to catch all the grommets that you need to need to poke them. In so polka mean that’s a nice um technical term for tent set up.

Basically, just you want to put the top little little wing pole there out to kind of spread it out. You put it in the pockets. You can see me crawl around in there and you’ve got everything in the connected to the poles. Let’s go ahead, open up. The flap, so you can kind of see what I’m doing here, it’s kind of hard to tell on camera. But finally, we going to take the ten out, I’m going to put it inside and basically lift up the corners and just put the ends of the poles.

In the grommets on the corners of the tent so basically got all three. Both the footprint the rain fly on the tent stacked on the bottom of the tent poles. Then this just has clips that you clip it to the pole frame, so it’s kind of self-supporting. Once you get everything clipped up, then just fasten the top spreader bar to the tent and you’re pretty much good to go. You can see it comes with some very nice tent stakes.

I always set it up. First, it’s a little easier and then stake it out. You can do it either way once you get it all staked out and just kind of put tension on it, then it’s pretty much where you need it. It also has. It comes with like some little vents on either end with a little stiffeners. It’s kind of hold it out to give you a little bit of a little bit of a dormer effect there and then stake out.

The vestibule has a vestibule on both sides, along with doors on both sides, and it also comes with a pretty nice little cord that has its own tensioners with it. So you can, you can tie out the rain fly and really get it spread out. Even a little further see the tensioners there sort of, and then i’m basically you pull those out if you, if you want to, gives you a little more ventilation underneath the rain fly and kind of mr.

Pres it out a little more and you can use them Or not, but once those are done, the tent is pretty much done. Okay, so that was how the set up is. I like the fact that it’s a one call set up, so you don’t have to fiddle with a bunch of poles and if you don’t, you know how to lose the poles. Hopefully, you know you’re just going to actually the first time I went camping with my wife, we had the big old canvas tent.

I set it up and there was a pole missing. I wound up having to cut a branch off of a green branch whittled down a pole and craft. The pole. There was at least get us through the weekend. It rained on us took the tent down yeah. The pole was under the tent. So another story all entirely but bottom line. This is a one pole set up everything shockcord together, as you saw it’s pretty cool setup. I like the way that works.

I like the fact that it has YKK zippers I like to kind of glow in the dark lines and mornings and other glow of the dark features on it kind of helps. You find it at night when you’re in a flashlight going. I really like the aluminum tent stakes and I guess I’ll go ahead and tape this the secret thing that I really like I’ve never seen before it was called a pusher. It’s just a little aluminum disc with it where they hold in the middle of it.

It fits the top of these tent stakes allows you to push them in if you’ve never had to deal with that. These things can get pretty sharp you’re trying to push them in your hand, it really hurts. Sometimes you can find a rock to hit them with. Sometimes you can’t this thing: this planes works. It is absolutely it’s almost worth the cost of admission right there. For me, I this is, I don’t know who thought of this, but I wish I had thought of it.

It’s a really cool idea weighs hardly anything, and yet it just works, and also it’s got enough of the broom here you can kind of catch it and you can pull them out with it too, so that little secret a secret weapon. There is pretty cool. I, like the fact that it comes with a footprint, comes with a gear loft. It’s got four corner pockets. It’s got a bathtub floor, it’s um, you know it’s not super super ultra light tent, but it’s also it’s pretty decent for around the five five and a half pound range for the whole setup, and you got several different options.

If you want to go, lighter or go, you know with a kind of a scale down configuration, so I like it, it’s big enough. You sit up in it. It’s just a two doors entry. So if you got two people who you’re not climbing over each other, it’s just a very nice tent. So I think we’ve established it’s a pretty cool tent. It’s got some pretty cool features. One thing is really important about tents. The purpose for this whole shelter thing here is to keep you from getting wet if it rains pretty much so with that in mind, since it’s not raining yet, it looks like it’s going to, but I want to go ahead and wrap this up.

We’re going to do a Hollywood thing and manufacture a little rain. So, let’s see what happens, what do you think was that a decent test, let’s see if it’s dry inside okay, so we’re going to go, go ghetto with the camera and go hand hill here, let’s see we can figure out here. So obviously we got some water on the drain flat zipper. There look inside see if we got any water in your here, I’m thinking it’s probably pretty good.

I don’t see any any any water inside it’s completely completely bone dry, yeah, so pretty good there. So we’re just leave it up for a couple days, so there you go it’s a pretty dry inside there, so we’ll call that one pretty decent okay. Well, that’s the hiking box. Ayah on two-person team from the folks at hiking bike got South is a pretty good choice for a tent. I kind of like the bright fluorescent color, but they’re coming out with some other colors, so stay tuned to see what those look like again, thanks to the folks at hockey bike for sending me this all showed you as always thanks for reading survival on purpose, I Put out a brand new article, every Friday and every Saturday, very often random articles so out the week you check out a new one by clicking right over here and if you’re not subscribed to the blog.

Please click down on the corner right. There subscribe click that little bell icon thing. When you do, you can get notified. When I put out those random articles can be putting out more camping articles this year, camping gear, backpacking gear stuff, I hope so be sure to stay tuned. For that thanks so much for the support. Once again, my name is Brian you’re. Reading survival on purpose remember: survival is not an accident, so be prepared.

I’ll see you next time.

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